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Bill Sharman: 1926-2013

    The legendary former player, coach and awesome basketball mind passed Friday. He suffered a stroke last week. Sharman, who guided the 71 Lakers of Hall of Famers Wilt, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich to an NBA record 33 consecutive wins and an NBA title, was 87.
    L.A. Times

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Flynn Robinson: 1941-2013

    His name probably doesn’t ring a bell with many but Robinson was a key piece of 1 of the greatest teams of all time, the 1971-72 Lakers, who not only won the NBA title that season but captured a still standing record 33 games in a row. Robinson passed Thursday from multiple myeloma. He was 72.
    N.Y. Times

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So Much For That GOAT Bullshit

    Of course we would have picked Wilt, but that’s not the point here.
    Phil Jackson has said plenty of things lately. He’s promoting a book. Still, we’ve always been fond of Phil’s commentary (and what he’s reading since his list of recommended books is always awesome). We can only imagine why the Lakers’ Jim Buss, a former horse trainer, and his henchmen aren’t.
    But as much as he’s promoting his new book, Phil made some interesting observations over the past week. The latest 1 being that if he had to start a team he would take Bill Russell instead of Michael Jordan. Imagine that.

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‘It Has Been A Great Ride’

    Some of you youngsters might not realize that Dr. Jack Ramsay engineered and coached the Portland Trail Blazers, with a redheaded center name Bill Walton dominating the paint (Memphis Coach Lionel Hollins also was on that club), to the NBA title in 1977 in an upset of Dr. J and the Philadelphia 76ers.
    No NBA announcer possesses the knowledge of Dr. Jack, who is famous for many things in the NBA, trading the greatest of all time, Wilt Chamberlain, being among them. And none is more easy on the ears than the 88-year-old wonder of the game, who apparently has announced his last game due to health reasons.
    As much as we like Hubie Brown, he’s no Dr. Jack. No one is. He will be sorely missed for his insight and commentary, particularly on radio, where he was at his best, on the greatest game in the world.
    Miami Herald

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Chit Chatting

    If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare, it’s a good interview with Phil, Jeanie, Shaq and Kurt Rambis.

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Old School Rules

    We imagine Jerry West is having a little bubbly tonight, but what about Pat Riley?
    Tip of the cap to the Heat. All the hate I’ve been reading on Twitter (and other outlets) makes me shake my head. Regardless of whether you hate them or not, you can’t deny their place in history, compiling 1 of the greatest streaks in sports. They also remain the favorite to win it all in June.
    Still, 33 in a row…

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    With a tip of the cap to The Hoop Doctors, a 15-year-old interview with the greatest of all time, Wilt Chamberlain, on the Roy Firestone show.
    The Hoop Doctors

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Like Wilt

    Cough, cough.
    Ever notice when some of those outrageous NBA records show up on the TV screen Wilt’s name is always shown? And some of you still believe Jordan was the greatest? You are so misinformed.
    We all know now how the Celtics gagged away Game 6 at home Thursday night, when LeBron James went off for 45 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists, the 1st time any player has achieved such greatest since Wilt did it in 1964 against the Hawks. We also know the Heat will seal the deal in Game 7 Saturday and face the Thunder for the NBA title starting Tuesday. Vegas has the Heat as an 8-point favorite over the Celtics, so it sounds like a done deal to us. No wonder they were dousing James with beer in Boston.
    We’ll let our good friends at The Starting Five take it to the stage from here.
    The Starting Five

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‘Elgin Was A God Around Here’

    It’s a good piece on Elgin Baylor, mostly about the former Laker great and how he put D.C. on the hoops map, and Wilt meeting on the playground, but the “Kappa Alpha Si” mars it. A good copy editor like me would have caught that, he said humbly.

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50 Years Ago

    The greatest player of all time, Wilt Chamberlain, was all the rage on the 50th anniversary of his 100-point game.
    USA Today

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