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Golden (State) Time Of Day

1975 Golden State Warriors team photo


It’s been 40 years since these misfits captured an NBA title. I remember it. The old age in me is trying to decide if that’s a good thing or bad?
The fact that Charles Barkley is betting against them is reason enough to pick the Warriors, no?

    West 1st Round
    Warriors over Hornets in 5; Rockets over Mavericks in 6; Spurs over Clippers in 6; and Grizzlies over Blazers in 5.

    East 1st Round
    Hawks over Nets in 4; Cavs over Celtics in 6; Bulls over Bucks in 5; and Raptors over Wizards in 7.

    West Semis
    Warriors over Grizzlies in 6; Rockets over Spurs in 7

    East Semis
    Hawks over Raptors in 6; Cavs over Bulls in 7

    Conference Finals
    Warriors over Rockets in 6; Cavs over Hawks in 5

    Warriors over Cavs in 6

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Stacked Deck For OKC Without Aces


    In the last few years, fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder have pretty much always been able to rely on their 2 superstars. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were basically iron men up until last year when Westbrook had a few knee issues that plagued him throughout the season. They were both able to put up huge numbers in fantasy basketball, and they entered this upcoming season as potential NBA championship contenders. That has certainly been derailed thanks to injuries to both players. In fact, some are panicking and feeling like Oklahoma City might not even make the playoffs in the loaded Western Conference.
    After the 1st few weeks of the regular season, the Thunder are just 3-6. They are one of the worst teams in the NBA in points per game, and that is pretty much to be expected when a bunch of players have to step up in the absence of 2 All-Stars. Reggie Jackson has done an admirable job leading the team offensively, and the good news is that it should give him more confidence once the 2 best players returned.
    Westbrook’s broken hand is not really all that worrisome since it should be a fairly easy thing to bounce back from. More people are worried about Durant, though, and his fractured right foot at this point. It is something that other NBA players have gone through, and it could be a nagging injury for the rest of his career if not dealt with correctly. He is probably going to miss more time than Westbrook, and it is definitely concerning for the reigning MVP.
    The Western Conference might be loaded, Oklahoma City has shown that it is not terrible without their 2 best players. If they can play around .500 basketball or even a little below that, they will be in fine shape through Christmas. It all really depends on when their 2 best players come back, but Oklahoma City falling out of playoff contention due to a slow start might be wishful thinking by other teams instead of a realistic outcome. The crazy thing is, the team might actually be better with more confident role players thanks to this brutal stretch. People in fantasy basketball are certainly happy with the production of Reggie Jackson and Steven Adams, to name a couple.

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We Could Always Rely On Good Old Dr. Buss To Play Games, But Not These Empty Suits

    It’s bad enough we can’t get the Pac-12 Network. Now this.
    Taking a page out of the Phil Jackson playbook, this is like 2 bad-ass kids who can’t get along in the sandbox.
    Less than a week before the NBA season tips off, Time Warner Cable and DirectTV continue their standoff. What it means for Laker fans is we can’t see games locally, unless they’re carried by TNT (hell, I wish TNT carried all of the Laker games), ABC or ESPN. So far, most of us haven’t been able to watch a preseason game because these 2 can’t work out a deal. It’s not only DirectTV subscribers being screwed by this. If you subscribe to the Dish Network, Charter, Cox, Verizon, AT&T and some of the other cable systems you’re not getting the games either. This blackout also includes many bars in the L.A. area.
    Here’s where you can lodge complaints: At DirectTV, call or email Robert Mercer at (310) 964-4683 or You can call Time Warner Cable at 888.488.3368. Ask for Mark Shuken.

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Another Sonic Boom

With the Thunder playing in the NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Times is the latest publication to provide a platform for disgruntled Seattle NBA fans still whining over the loss of the SuperSonics. We realize it’s a touchy subject, but it always seemed to us that everyone saw this coming 2,000-miles away (distance between Seattle and Oklahoma City) a year before it happened. Everyone that is except Seattle fans. When a big shot like Howard Schultz couldn’t secure a new arena in the city, then sold the franchise to Clay Bennett and Co., you knew the Sonics were headed to OKC. Even Lil Wayne could have figured that out. The success of the Hornets, who relocated for 2 seasons to OKC from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, only paved the way.
The Thunder’s road to the NBA Finals has rejuvenated talk of the NBA returning to the Emerald City. The Sacramento Kings appear to be the frontrunner since arena problems (where have we heard this before?) between the Maloofs and the city have put the 2 parties at a stalemate. How about the irony of that?
L.A. Times

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Billy Goat

    Billy Hunter is making the NBA players executive committee look like buffoons, particularly Mo Evans. Evans, once a teammate with Derek Fisher with the Lakers, has been the most vocal committee member about forcing Fisher out as president despite the union paying almost $5 million to Hunter’s family for union-related “work.” Please.
    The committee went as far as dropping the name of Chris Paul, who also is a member of the committee and voted for Fisher’s ouster, as a possible successor to Fisher. Wonder where that came from?
    Seriously, the stench is becoming unbearable.
    Rick Fox was a guest on the “Petros & Money” show this afternoon on Fox Radio in L.A. Fox said the wackiness is just beginning. And though he didn’t elaborate, it’s a good guess more skeletons will be falling out of Hunter’s closet.

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Favorite Sons

    Do the Clippers vote David Stern a share of playoff coin if they win it all?
    In a poll of 30 ESPN writers and personalities, 25 of them picked the Heat to win this season’s NBA title. Three of them picked the Bulls and 2 predicted the Thunder would win it all.
    Us? As much as Miami is the safe pick, we’re rolling with our homies (Thunder). Now beam us up Scottie.

December 23, 2011   1 Comment

Season’s Greeting

    The NBA lockout has come to an end, with the players and the owners agreeing to a tentative deal early this morning. The season will tip off Christmas Day with a tripleheader, including Derrick Rose and the Bulls visiting the Lakers.
    N.Y. Times

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A House Divided

    Eventually, we all knew it would come to this, NBA players caving before opening night. Or at least it sounds like there is some cracking inside the NBA Players’ Union, with the fussing and fighting intensifying. The superstars can afford to miss a few paychecks, but many of the rank-and-file members not so much. In addition, there has been talk of some players questioning the loyalty of Derek Fisher. Now, Billy Hunter is under the microscope.
    The owners aren’t the picture of solidarity either, the comments by Heat owner Mickey Arison the latest example. But they’ve got money. And they’ve got the little dictator (David Stern) leading the charge.
    A deal by the end of the week? We think so. The worst being next week, no?
    If not, we’ve got college hoops tipping off. That will stop a little bleeding for us hoop junkies.
    Yahoo Sports

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Who Blinks 1st

    “Go fuck yourself.”
    This is going nowhere. Maybe saner heads like Mark Cuban will prevail? Didn’t think so.

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Labor Pains Continue

    An email sent out by Players Union Prez Derek Fisher is generating much interest. The reason? NBA owners are not on the same page about settling the lockout. No shit Sherlock?
    We’d wager the farm that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is 1 of the owners playing hardball.

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