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Getting Dogged Out Again

    Forbes trots out its most disliked athletes poll again. The only white dick on the list is Kurt Busch. Don’t think this has anything to do with race do you? Didn’t think so.

February 8, 2012   2 Comments

Bills 49, Bengals 31

    That’s one ugly mother…
    T.O. will find a way to blame Donovan McNabb for this bungle by the Bengals.
    Cincinnati Enquirer

November 21, 2010   No Comments

Dude Likes Purple, But Stripes Are His New Color Of Choice As T.O. Becomes A Bengal

    It surely didn’t hurt Terrell Owens’ cause when Carson Palmer started lobbying for him. Ochocinco is one thing, but when the clubhouse leader of the Bengals gave his approval, the deal was on.
    As we mentioned over the weekend, the Rams were just a pawn in this matter. The Jets became a late suitor, but the Bengals were the favorites all along.
    Still, as my good friend Jason, a big-time Ravens’ fan, told me today, they’re excited about seeing T.O. twice this season. Remember, T.O. flipped off the Ravens years ago. They still haven’t forgotten it.
    Cincinnati Enquirer

July 27, 2010   No Comments

Bradford To T.O.?

    The Rams could use Terrell Owens, particularly since they have such a young group of receivers and rookie QB Sam Bradford. But are they serious?
    The Bengals supposedly are hot for Owens too and we believe he and his scumbag agent Drew Rosenhaus are using the Rams for a deal with Cincy. It’s doubtful Owens seriously wants to play for the youthful Rams, but with the Bengals, he enhances their chances of doing major damage in the AFC.

July 24, 2010   No Comments

Operator, Can You Help Me Place This Call

July 15, 2010   No Comments