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Thieves In The Temple?


    According to a joint statement from DraftKings and FanDuel: “Nothing is more important” than the “integrity of the games we offer.”
    Right, right.
    N.Y. Times

October 6, 2015   No Comments

Cash Cows


    Guess who tops Forbes’ list of the top-paid athletes?

June 11, 2014   No Comments

They Get Around



Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki were making the rounds.
USA Today

June 1, 2014   No Comments

Racism Is The Bigger Problem


    Just as Greg Howard eloquently writes in his piece about the word “nigger,” there is a bigger issue that American fails to address. But when it comes to using the word “nigger,” is it a generational issue or ignorance? And who has the right to be judge and jury and tell us when, where or if we can use the word?
    For the record, we believe the NFL considering making it a penalty in using the word during a game is totally misguided. It’s almost as bad as some folks who consider themselves politicians (looking at Teddy Cruz) or the thugs who run the Republican Party, reacting to some perceived slight and putting a bandaid on what is obviously a larger problem. But that major problem, a serious discussion about race in America, will never occur in my lifetime. We just look it in the face every day and go about our business. At least some of us do.

February 25, 2014   No Comments

Star Is Born

    Victoria Duval became the talk of the U.S. Open in New York on Tuesday, when she scored the biggest upset of the tennis tournament by upsetting 11th-seeded Samantha Stosur, a former Open champ. Already, speculation is brewing about whether the 17-year-old Haitian-American is the next rising star on the competitive women’s circuit.

August 28, 2013   No Comments

No 6th Sense For Serena

    Just when we were about to crown Serena Williams with her 6th Wimbledon championship, along comes Sabine Lisicki. You know the rest of the story.
    The Guardian

July 1, 2013   No Comments

Anyone Up To The Task?

Despite the rash of upsets that characterized the opening rounds of Wimbledon, Serena Williams hasn’t fallen victim to 1.

June 29, 2013   No Comments

8th Wonder

    Did you know no player has won a Slam event as many times as Raffy Nadal? Nadal’s straight sets victory Sunday over David Ferrer of Spain allowed him to capture the French Open for the 8th time.
    USA Today

June 9, 2013   No Comments

Sweet 16 Comes With French Kiss

Serena Williams is 43-2 in matches this year, winning her last 31. Maria Sharapova knows the routine. The French Open was Williams’ 16th Major. Critics still debate whether she’s the greatest of all time in women’s tennis. Duh.

June 8, 2013   No Comments

Rocket Man

    Tennis legend “Rocket” Rod Laver made the rounds before Sunday’s Diamondbacks-Padres encounter in San Diego. Even the sometimes grumpy Kirk Gibson loosened up. Below, Laver poses with Arizona GM Kevin Towers and Gibby.

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