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Where Have We Heard This: Anti-Gay Measure Could Result In Super Bowl Loss


    Arizona’s Jan Brewer, 1 of the biggest nitwit governors in America along with Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin, has a huge decision to make between now and Saturday. Brewer needs to veto an anti-gay legislation passed by the ReThugliKKKan-dominated body or risk losing next year’s Super Bowl game.
    It isn’t the 1st time either. Arizona, you probably remember, lost a Super Bowl (and we ain’t taking about the game but the Cardinals dropped 1 of those too) in 1990 when it refused to approve a holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fortunately, we wonderful folks in Cali benefitted because the game was moved to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
    You’d think they wouldn’t let this happen again, particularly considering all of the money Super Bowl week pumps into a local economy, but Brewer and her ilk don’t play with a full deck.
    USA Today

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Sign Of The Times


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People Who Know More About Big Game

More Super Bowl predictions.
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Orange Sunshine


    We’ve got no horse in this race, which will make it a much more enjoyable event to watch. But we’re riding the 1 in Denver. We keep hearing defense wins championships and that’s why the Sea Chickens will prevail. But I come from the school that offense is the best defense.
    Broncos 27, Sea Chickens 16

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Prop It Up

Bruno Mars

    The most popular bets during Super Bowl Sunday are the wild prop bets. There are always plenty, ranging from who will score the game’s 1st TD to what kind of hat Bruno Mars will wear.

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Comic Strip


    The numbers of idiots attending media day each year during Super Bowl week increase much faster than the IQs some of them exhibit. Trust me. It’s the biggest freak show of the week.
    Richard Sherman handled it the way he batted away Colin Kaepernick’s pass into the end zone to secure Seattle’s trip to New York. A drum roll please.
    USA Today

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Sign Of The Times


    Tip of the cap to BustedCoverage.

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Tickets To Ride At Weedeater Bowl


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As a colleague suggested, the mayors of Denver and Seattle should bet a pound of kush on the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII? And is kickoff really at 4:20? The weed jokes will make the rounds until the Broncos and Sea Chickens clash Feb. 2. The early lines favor the Broncos by a point or more. We’ll bet Mr. Scobey’s paycheck they cover.

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Our Picks



We like the Broncos (gag us) and the 49ers.

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What Are The Odds?


    As we creep deeper into the NFL campaign, the Broncos and Seahawks remain the favorites to win Super Bowl XLVIII. Other notables: Pats 6-1; Saints 8-1; Panthers 12-1; and 49ers 20-1. The rest of the story…

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