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Despite Slipping Into Darkness, Super Bowl Will Shine Its Spotlight On New Orleans Again

Let’s face facts, this was not the 1st time somebody in New Orleans suffered a blackout.
On the French Quarter it is more than a nightly happening.
However, this 1 took center stage.
Maybe it was Beyonce’s halftime performance that sapped all the power out of the Superdome.
It doesn’t matter. To the rest of the world, it was another black eye for New Orleans.
But like with Katrina and the Bounty Gate mess, it is just another thing for the city to overcome.
It did, however, put a damper on what was otherwise a perfect show put on by the Big Easy. It is not likely to hurt any chance of the game coming back to town.
“The most important thing is that people understand this was a fantastic week here,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday. “This will not affect the view of the NFL about the success of the game here in New Orleans.
“We know they have an interest in future Super Bowls and we look forward to evaluating that. This will not have any effect at all. What I think is that this will be remembered as 1 of the great Super Bowl weeks and I fully expect we will be back here for future Super Bowls. We want to be back.”
For the people of New Orleans, Sunday’s final score didn’t matter. The winning team, relatively meaningless, unless you put next month’s mortgage on such things.
The real winner of Sunday’s Super Bowl was the city and the people who call it home, despite plunging a portion of the NFL into darkness for some 34 minutes.
The 47th edition of pro football’s ultimate game was perhaps the biggest in the history of this town.
Sure, you can argue that the 1 the Saints actually captured themselves was the biggest, helping to raise the Big Easy out of the funk that was Katrina.
And while that was a feel-good story, as the Saints finally gave New Orleans a winner, it was Sunday’s contest that will mean much more in the long run.
The economic boost from the Saints was just a blip on the radar screen compared to the last 2 weeks hosting the game has meant.
Hotels were filled, restaurants had waiting lines and bars overflowed onto streets even more than usual.
Sunday’s game closed out a year of resurrection for the city that was left for dead when Katrina filled its neighborhoods with water and threatened to kill the life out of New Orleans for good.
Some said the town would never recover.
And even if you count that lighting issue, which has happened in other stadiums but not at such an important time, the town has come back to life.
Those of us who have been there in recent years know this. But it was important to put a signature moment on such comebacks. Sunday was that moment and even gave people something to remember the game by.
In the past year, New Orleans has hosted college basketball’s Final Four, a BCS championship game and then finally the big financial bonanza that is the Super Bowl.
As money flowed through town like the liquor flowed through fans, and forgotten for at least a few days were the sights of a city underwater, where residents clung to their rooftops just to stay alive.
Gone were memories of the house of horrors that was the Superdome days after the storm. Instead, the old building has that new look as lights showed off its facelift.
And to many who take great pride in the Crescent City, the old dome never looked better, though they probably never tried to cover the game from the remodeled press box, which is less than perfect.
All this until the building became a punch line.

    Still, the week was a success because of 1 thing, no town knows how to throw a party quite like New Orleans. And from the moment fans set foot into the city’s limits, the party was on.
    Truth is, there is no better place for a Super Bowl to be held then New Orleans, lights or no lights. In fact, the city gets even crazier after dark.
    When you come to the Super Bowl in New Orleans, you are not as much a fan but a participant.
    No place in America is better suited for football’s gala event, or any gala event for that matter — power on or off.
    You may not want to live there, but you sure don’t mind hanging out in the city for at least a little while.
    But the NFL had not been back since 2002. Clearly, some of that had to do with Katrina. The league had to take a long, hard look at what was really going on in New Orleans before it could return its showcase event for the 10th time to the city.
    That is to be expected. You can’t hold a party when the house has already burned down.
    But rebuild the city, show it is back and the NFL will return.
    That’s what made this game so important. The NFL likes New Orleans, wants to come back but had to find out the city was ready.
    Well, the city proved it was not only ready but more than able to host the event. Just give us some time to get a little more power into the Superdome and we will be just fine.
    Now, you can expect New Orleans to be back in the rotation, getting its share of games with the likes of Miami and others.
    It seems fitting now. In fact, it feels right.
    No city needed this game more than New Orleans and none could have put on a better show.
    You may not be able to claim to have the best pro football team in America but winning back the hearts, and more importantly the wallets, of the NFL is far beneficial in the long run.
    Next time, we promise to have paid the electric bill.
    Jim Gazzolo, a frequent contributor, is managing sports editor of American Press in Lake Charles, La.

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What Are The Odds?

    Is it me or does that logo suck?
    The bubbly isn’t even dry in the Ravens’ lockeroom. Still, we know betting fans want to know who are the favorites to win Super Bowl XLVIII next year in New York.
    Favorites? The nasty-ass Patriots at 6-1; 49ers 8-1; Broncos and Packers 10-1; and Sea Chickens 12-1. The Ravens are 14-1.
    The rest of the odds.

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Purple Reign

    “Bartender…” Pete Carroll
    Ravens 34, 49ers 31.
    Didn’t see a Ravens’ jersey in the neighborhood for the past 2 weeks. 49ers? They were everywhere.
    We’ll have our eyeballs peeled for a 49ers 1 for the rest of the week. In the meantime…
    Couldn’t be happier for Ozzie Newsome and Jim Caldwell. Just speaks volumes of 2 of the NFL’s finest men.
    Oh, and did we mention Joe Flacco just robbed a bank? Didn’t think so.

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Halftime: Ravens 21, 49ers 6

    The Ravens dictated in the 1st half and clowned the Niners for much of it.

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Method To The Madness

Vegas dished up its usually tasty appetizer before Super Bowl Sunday on Saturday night, with UFC 156 providing the fireworks as Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva stuck all of his up the a$$ of Alistair Overeem.
On a lighter (and much more painless) note, Method Man delivered an incredible performance at LAX Nightclub at the Luxor Hotel & Casino on the Strip earlier this morning.
Also in the house: Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall and Nigerian lightweight mixed martial artist Anthony “The Assassin” Njokuani (yes, that would be them above); Brandon Bostick and Jarrett Boykin of the Green Bay Packers; and defensive back Eddie Whitley of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Images courtesy of Karl Larson/Powers Imagery, LLC

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Air Heads

    If we had a (French) quarter for all of the idiot reporters covering the Super Bowl…

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Pick Six

As much as I’d like to see the Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII, I just don’t see it. And I’m surely not among the crowd (is that you Mrs. Wes Welker?) hating on Ray Lewis for all the attention he’s generated from the media and all the attention he’s generated from many haters about a murder that occurred 13 years ago.

    The 49ers have just as many haters as Lewis. Being a Raiders’ fan, I don’t have any love for them either. But I love watching this unit perform. It has balance on both sides of the ball and an offense that can quickly put a good defense like the Ravens on the defensive. Further, this isn’t the lockdown Ravens’ defense of the past. It has holes in it.
    And as much attention as Colin Kaepernick will get from it, I believe Frank Gore will be the difference in this classic matchup. When Gore gets in beast mode, he is 1 of the toughest running backs in the NFL to corral.
    With Gore leading the way, the 49ers will be in select company. No other franchise has won 6 Super Bowls except the Steelers.
    49ers 27, Ravens 24.

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Sign Of The Times

    Guess the commissioner will be brown bagging it in New Orleans.

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Super Bowl Prop Bets

Each year, some of our favorite betting lines from the Super Bowl center around the proposition bets. Some are better than others. A few favorites: Will Alicia Keyes, who has vowed to add some spice to the national anthem, get booed? And will Jay-Z join his wife Beyonce on the stage during the halftime show? We’ll wager the farm on the latter. How could he pass up the opportunity?
Shutdown Corner

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In Vegas, They’re In League Of Their Own

    New Orleans isn’t the only place getting it on for Super Bowl XLVII. In Las Vegas, plenty of parties will highlight the big weekend and we will publicize as many as we can.
    For starters, Nikki Johnson and Cassandra Strickland of the Legends Football League will host a Super Bowl XLVII affair at Tabú, the stylish nightclub at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, on Saturday, Feb. 2.
    Table reservations and/or bottle service: 702.891.7129 or visit

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