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‘We’ve Got To Win Another 1′

    Despite all of their injuries last season, the Packers emerged as Super Bowl champs with Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews leading the way. This year they’ve got all of the pieces back, including tight end Jermichael Finley, but many experts like the Falcons and Eagles, among others, to fly high in the NFC.
    The Packers open their repeat bid Thursday when they host the Saints in a 5:30 p.m. (PT) matchup on NBC.

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Seat Music Strikes Chord With Me, Too

Jackie Randle El is the woman on the right.
Steeler safety Ryan Clark’s blast today of Jerry Jones and the NFL screwing fans out of their high-priced seats at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas reminded me of a story.
Almost immediately after I entered the Jerry Dome for the Steelers-Packers clash, a lovely black women begged for my attention.
“Excuse me,” she said, “could you tell me who I could complain to about my seats?”
My first thought was why me, but later I guessed she approached me because I was the only guy within spitting distance (sorry Tiger) decked out in a suit. As much as I would like to tell you it was my good looks that attracted her, I knew better. She must have thought I was someone.
“I wish I could help you Miss, but…” she cut me off.
“I didn’t come here to sit this far from the field, particularly with my son playing,” she said.
That’s when I noticed her black and gold sweater with No. 82 on it. A mild case of panic hit because for the life of me I couldn’t think of who wore No. 82.
Embarrassed, I finally asked “Who’s your son?”
“Antwaan Randle El.”
I couldn’t resist. “He’s your son?”
“Forgive me, and I know I’m not supposed to ask, but how old are you?” I asked.
“Almost 50,” she said with a grin.
“Damn, you don’t look a day over 30,” I responded.
“People ask me all the time if I’m his sister,” she said, not missing a beat.
Finally, I told her she could lodge a complaint with the NFL via the Steelers. I wasn’t sure if that was the right course, but since we’d crossed paths and she wanted some direction, I figured that might be a start. I had no clue though what to tell her. For the game, she wasn’t going to get any satisfaction. That much I knew.
“This is Dallas,” I said matter-of-factly. “They don’t want Steeler fans here anyway, particularly for the Super Bowl.”
She agreed, thanked me and headed back to her seat.
I went searching for one.

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Super Folks Who Love Irrelevant Affairs

Ed Fitch, husband of Melanie Salata Fitch, CEO of Irrelevant Week, takes a break from his equally red cup to pose with Eric Sense (yep, there goes that man again) and Jay Paris, a columnist for the North County Times, during some Super Bowl Eve festivities in Dallas.
Irrelevant Week is a “high-spirited celebration” in Orange County bestowed annually on the last pick of the NFL Draft. Irrelevant Week, the brainchild of the wonderful Paul Salata, started in 1976 when Kelvin Kirk, an unknown wide receiver from Dayton, was the last player picked.
You can read more about the Irrelevant celebration here:
Oh, the other image is of Bob Lilly and Leigh Steinberg at Steinberg’s party. Nothing irrelevant about them.

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Field Of Dreams

    At least it was for Packer fans.

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Leaders Of The Pack

      Packer fans were all grins before and after the big game. Of course no Super Bowl is worth its weight in salt without a few costume characters passing the good times away, like the “Terry Bradshaw” one strolling the streets outside the Jerry Dome less than an hour before kickoff. The gentlemen flanking him are 2 of Orange County’s finest characters, Eric Sense and Kevin Smith.

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Super Bowl XLV: Picture This 2

      The party came to a halt when the great Earl Campbell walked in. Campbell doesn’t move quite as fast as he once did, with knee and hip problems slowing him as he matures. But that didn’t hurt his spirit or the energy he produced during his appearance. How about the Miami Vice look?
      Just like when he walked into the joint, all eyes were on Campbell when he spoke during his induction of the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame at Leigh Steinberg’s party on Saturday in Dallas.
      Steinberg always the gracious host, shown above with our good friend Kevin Smith.

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Super Bowl XLV: Picture This

      Her eyes? It’s that gleam people get when they see me.
      Now that we’ve sobered up from Big D, we can finally share some images. Actually, we needed to return to the LBC, which didn’t occur until Wednesday night, because our roadie equipment isn’t the greatest for posting quality material. And you know, we just don’t like posting shit we can’t see, you know? Notice there aren’t images of me?:) But seriously…
      These are from Leigh Steinberg’s 25th annual Super Bowl party at Eddie Deen’s Ranch near downtown Dallas on Saturday. Serena Williams might have been the biggest name to pass through, but several Hall of Famers held court, including Earl Campbell, Bob Lilly and Rayfield Wright. How about them Cowboys?
      There also were inductions for the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame during the event, which included Campbell, Lilly, Wright, Tim Brown, Spencer Haywood and Richard Lapchick, the outstanding and thoughtful sports activist.
      Images: Serena Williams (top) and my good friend Eric Sense and Wright (bottom).

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Super Bowl XLVI: Best Bets has posted odds for Super Bowl XLVI in Indy. The favorites? The Packers open at 7-1, while the Patriots are at 15-2. The Steelers are at 10-1. Other notables: Chargers (12-1); Jets (14-1); Saints (14-1); Ravens (14-1); and the Cowboys (16-1).

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Super Day For Bettors

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Ring Bay

    Packers 31, Steelers 25.
    We’re still partying in Dallas and oh what a party it has been. We’ll share images and stories later this week.
    Condolences Steeler fans, especially to Mr. Scobey and son-in-law Nate.
    To my Packer friends, props. You’ve got the corkscrew.

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