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Like A Sex Machine

    Can’t wait for the book.
    I’m minding my business a few nights ago when the significant other tosses me a softball: “Babe, is it really an addiction?” Steve Phillips had been singing like a canary, so women were talking again about the dogs in us. You got questions too? Oh yeah, like I know, sweetie? It’s not an addiction, honey, I astutely pointed out, because rich people are the only ones who “suffer” from sexual addiction. They’ve got health care to cover it too.
    Phillips’ confessions on the “Today Show” brought more attention to the freaky habits of the rich and famous (and the people who supposedly treat them now; got stock?), particularly since Tiger ain’t talking about his. Phillips has always been a nitwit, but now more than ever. Must have been tough being GM of the Mets. What else could it be?

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February 11, 2010   No Comments