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Rare Air: Remembering Steve McNair

    It’s been 2 years since the mistress of the former NFL great shot him to death in a Nashville condo. Five days after his death, I wrote this brief appreciation.
    Fans once flocked in droves to little Alcorn State in the early ’90s to watch the grace of the amazingly talented Steve McNair. For some, it was a surreal encounter. For others, it was all so familiar. Country roads. Folks passing the time on porches, watching you pass on those dusty country roads, waving though they might not have a clue who the hell you are. Churches. Lots of them. Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound. God-fearing and common people who live life by simple means, but could recite extraordinary philosophy that would make Socrates cry.
    You listening boy?
    Greasy spoons with food that’s never tasted better. Buckets and dive joints, where it doesn’t get any better, with classic blues, soul and R&B blasting tunes from a little jukebox in the corner. Juneteenth. A Langston homecoming. The Boley Rodeo. Fred Ramsey selling bootleg whiskey 24/7. “Howdy boys,” he’d say appreciatively no matter the hour. “Another half-pint of W.L. Weller’s?”
    You following me? I’m all over the map, but…
    Just plain old folks. Folks who easily relate and refuse to judge the life of McNair, who could care less of how he died, but more concerned that he gets a proper sendoff. They just want to remember the boy before he left for the bright city lights. Shawn Archer, a teammate of McNair’s at Alcorn State, looks back and sums it up as well as anyone.
    “Regardless to how much good he did, it’s going to always lead up to this not-so-good end,” Archer said. “I can get past it. People here in Mississippi can get past it. But other people, who didn’t know the guy he was or the type of family he came from, they might never let go of that.”

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Temptations Sing Loud and Clear

Infidelity among athletes is nothing new. Though many of the general public are shocked by the so-called “transgressions” that Tiger Woods committed, it should come as no surprise. The temptations professional athletes face are tremendous and difficult. I’m fond of telling friends, ‘If you’d like to see some of finest women in L.A., check out the honeys waiting for the Lakers to exit Staples.’ The lineup is incredible. The Laker Girls are put to shame.
Despite the unfortunate death of Steve McNair and the circumstances surrounding it, cheating among NFL players remains a dicey game they continue to play. Writer Mike Freeman spoke with several NFL players about the temptations and women falling at their feet and how (or if) they avoid the pitfalls. For some, like former Charger wide receiver Chris Chambers, now with the Chiefs, getting caught can cost you plenty.
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Doubts Raised Again In McNair Murder

Armen Keteyian has been doing an investigative piece on whether Sahel Kazemi, Steve McNair’s mistress, actually killed him and herself. One of the most troubling aspects of the case, which Keteyian has brought to light, are the numerous texts and calls between Kazemi and Adrian Gilliam Jr., who supposedly sold Kazemi the gun found at the murder scene. According to the cellphone records Keteyian uncovered, Gilliam and Kazemi exchanged texts and at least one phone call hours before she and McNair were found dead in his Nashville condo on July 4.
Many in the blogsphere don’t buy into the conclusion from police that Kazemi shot McNair four times before turning the gun on herself. I’m not one of those buying into the conspiracy theory that someone else committed the murders. I still believe she went off the deep end after finding out McNair wasn’t leaving his wife and kids for her. She also knew McNair was supposedly involved with a third woman (who Kazemi followed home once), and obviously this, combined with her screwed up mental state, could sent her over the edge. Friends and family swear she was fine up until the tragedy, but more evidence has emerged (her text messages being the biggest proof) that she snapped and took McNair with her. Granted, the Gilliam revelations are disturbing, but until I see further proof, I accept much of what police have revealed. And even police aren’t going to tell us everything that happened, particularly in a high-profile case such as this one. But continuing to make Kazemi as some martyr is pretty creepy.

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