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Mets-Dodgers Game 5 NLDS 10-15-15

    Game 5. NLDS. Dodger Stadium from our vantage point. Mets 3, Dodgers 2 F.

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Odds To Win World Series

    Is that you Albert?
    In case you were wondering, your updated picks: Yankees (4-1); Nats and Reds (5-1); Tigers (5.5-1); A’s (6.5-1); Tigers (6-1); Giants (6.85 to 1); O’s and Cardinals (9 to 1).
    We’re leaning towards the Reds. But never count out our boys (Cards). Right Albert?
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We Know Now Who Runs This Club

Washington Post columnist Mike Wise plays defense attorney, boldly defending agent Scott Boras for ordering the Nats to shut down pitcher Stephen Strasburg because of health concerns. Really Mike? We understand not risking Strasburg’s arm over a pennant race and a possible World Series bid. But Dan Patrick pitched a theory earlier this week that I am in complete agreement with and makes all of the sense in the world. Why didn’t the club wait a few weeks into the season and let Strasburg start it late so he wouldn’t top the magic number of innings pitched? Wouldn’t that have been the smart think to do instead of having your ass in a sling now and pissing off your fan base?
Sorry, this excuse Wise presents with Boras just doesn’t wash. Listening to Wise defend Boras is ass kissing at its highest form. Worst, you get a grasp of how much influence Boras has on this club and that’s a pretty sad comment in itself.
Washington Post

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Again, What Are The Odds?

    The Phillies (7-2) are the favorite to capture the World Series, according to the odds at Santa Fe Station in Las Vegas. The Cardinals, who shocked the world and the Phillies in last season’s playoffs, are 16-1, down from 18-1. Among the others: Yankees (9-2); Red Sox (7-1); Angels (5-1); Dodgers (28-1); Rangers (4-1); Tigers (5-1); Giants (12-1); Braves (16-1); punk-ass Cubs (35-1); White Sox (50-1); Padres (155-1); and A’s (100-1).

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Strasburg Show Attracts President

    President Obama was among the 40,000 fans who attended Stephen Strasburg’s latest outing in D.C. today against the White Sox. For the 3rd time this season, Strasburg was more than worth the admission. He struck out 10 and pitched a 4-hitter in 7 innings, but didn’t earn a decision. The Nats lost in extra innings, 2-1.
    Obama, who brought along his daughters Sasha and Malia, sipped beer then ducked out in the 9th when the contest was tied.
    Meanwhile, Strasburg, who continued his string of impressive performances, broke J.R. Richard’s 39-year record for the most strikeouts in 3 starts. He has 32. He also dropped his ERA to 1.86.
    Washington Post

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Even Stephen

    Stephen Strasburg wasn’t lights out like he was in his Major League debut earlier this week against the Pirates, but the rookie pitcher was quite effective in his 2nd start against the Tribe in Cleveland. Strasburg struck out 8 and only gave up 2 hits, but he walked 5 in 5 1/3 innings Sunday. Still, he got the victory as the Nats pounded Cleveland on Sunday.
    Washington Post

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Kid Dynamite

    Stephen Strasburg knows how to make an entrance. The 21-year-old San Diego native baffled the Pirates with an array of pitches, including a blazing fastball, to pick up his first big-league victory in a 4-2 victory by the Nationals.
    Strasburg struck out 14 in 7 innings and retired the final 10 hitters he faced.
    For the Nats, the phenom’s debut created a playoff atmosphere for a baseball club that has produced little excitement.
    “For us, this is as big as it gets,” Nats’ President Stan Kasten said. “We’ve got a World Series-sized media contingent here for a Tuesday game against the Pirates.”
    Washington Post

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Welcome Nats

They take Bryce Harper with the top pick in today’s Major League Baseball draft. The sky is the limit for the 17-year-old Nevada star, but critics have focused on his attitude as possibly standing in the way of stardom. The Nats don’t think so.
On Tuesday, standout pitcher Stephen Strasburg makes his big-league debut against the Pirates. You can catch the game on the MLB Network at 4 p.m. (PT).
Washington Post

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Money Is The Root Of Much Evil

    Despite dominating in his first 12 innings, including a no-hitter tonight in 6 innings at Triple A, Stephen Strasburg seems to be handling all of the attention well. That says plenty because he’s obviously getting screwed. Many believe he should already be pitching in the Majors, but those wacky arbitration rules are why the Nats won’t bring him up until June. Isn’t that like telling your fans to kiss your ass? OK, close.
    Washington Post

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Speaking Of The Next ‘It’…

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