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Arm And Hammer

The legendary Sandy Koufax and Dodger Manager Joe Torre shared a stage with Times’ columnist T.J. Simers, who everyone loves to hate, Saturday night at the Nokia Theatre in downtown L.A. More than 7,000 attended the event. Koufax was on his game (Torre gave him a scouting report; not like Sandy would need one), returning Simers’ fire as well as Ron Artest does.
This was a wonderful event despite T.J. wanting to make it all about him at times. Celebrities in attendance: “Sweet” Lou Johnson; Peter O’Malley; Artie Moreno; Penny Marshall; Ron Howard; and Jon Lovitz.
The event raised more than $750,000 for Torre’s domestic violence foundation, Safe at Home. And if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check out L.A. Live. The scenery is outstanding.
Koufax looks like a spring chicken at 74. Or as I joked to a friend, you can tell who had managed and who hadn’t.
Tons of highlights from the evening, from Koufax telling how he wasn’t welcomed in the Dodger clubhouse during his rookie year; his relationships with Jackie Robinson and Gil Hodges; the classic story of Tommy Lasorda getting cut to make room for him; and Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw coming on stage and comparing his hands to the legend (Kershaw’s fingers were 3 to 4 inches shorter). Koufax and Torre also were candid about some intimate details of their personal lives.
Just a great show to make a long story short.

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