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    Steve Fisher, 1 of our favorite coaches, sets San Diego State record for most wins. Aztecs beat Pitt for his 317th and he passes George Ziegenfuss, who won 316 games from 1948-69. For his SDSU career, Fisher is 317-176.

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Rebel With A Cause

Gotta go to work.
Jay Bilas, ladies and gentlemen. Recommended reading.
Washington Post

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Tony Gwynn: 1960-2014


    Didn’t know Mr. Gywnn well but was fortunate enough to engage him in small talk several times last season in San Diego. During 1 of our last conversations, I proudly mentioned I lived in the LBC, about 7 minutes from his beloved Long Beach Poly, where he was better known as a hooper. He lit up. “Gotta get back up there,” he said.
    He never did.
    Life’s a bitch and then you die. For Aztecs fans, they went from the high of Kawhi Leonard to the cruel reality Gwynn was dead less than 24 hours later. That sucks.
    One of the best pieces I’ve read today on Mr. Padre.

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Homey Don’t Play That

    Home on the brain. Again.
    Mr. Scobey was bitching and moaning about the poll cats tabbing OU at No. 15 last week. “And you’ve got OSU in front of us?!!!”
    Silly us. Strangely, Fresno State didn’t bother him.
    I mentioned the beatdown OU will receive at Baylor on Thursday night. “Hasn’t happened yet,” Mr. Scobey barked.
    Give it 2 days or wake us when the Sooners pull off the shocker of the season.
    1. Alabama (8-0): So-called experts are already penciling in Tide-Oregon (or Florida State) national championship in their brackets. “Les Miles on Line 1 Mr. Lee.”
    2. Oregon (8-0): Ducks running back extraordinary DeAnthony Thomas says his team will hang 40 on Stanford Thursday night. Duly noted.
    3. Ohio State (9-0): Tempted to bump Florida State past Buckeyes but we’ll let sleeping dogs lie for now.
    4. Florida State (8-0): ‘Noles bust a cap in the U’s a$$ and swear they’re the best team in the country.
    5. Baylor (7-0): Bad News Bears are 2-touchdown favorites to ground and pound “Big Game” Bob and Co. We’re betting they cover.
    6. Stanford (7-1): Defense wins championships and Cardinal are wagering on theirs to slow Oregon and eventually capture Pac-12 crown again.
    7. Clemson (8-1): Tigers get the weekend off (no arrests yet as we write this) before facing Georgia Tech on Nov. 14.
    8. Auburn (8-1): Tigers showed fat meat is definitely greasy by devouring Razorbacks. They visit an unpredictable Tennessee bunch Saturday.
    9. Missouri (8-1): Who says a Big 12 team can’t bust some heads in the SEC?
    10. LSU (7-2): Les must mean more offense if Tigers want to earn their stripes at ‘Bama. “Les Miles on Line 1 again Mr. Lee.”
    11. Oklahoma State (7-1): Cowboys are starting to hit stride offensively, meaning they too will bust a cap in OU’s ass in a few weeks. But don’t tell Mr. Scobey.
    12. Michigan State (8-1): Sparty employs a nasty defense as Michigan can attest.
    13. Louisville (7-1): All quiet at the Ville last weekend. Cardinals visit Connecticut on Friday.
    14. Oklahoma (7-1): To be continued (or discontinued) on Thursday night.
    15. Fresno State (7-0): Bulldogs need to show more bite at Wyoming on Saturday or we will pull the plug on them too.

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Is This What They Call A Wet Dream?

    Didn’t think so. Regardless, we extend the dreams of 15.
    1. Alabama (8-0): Imagine the expression on St. Nick’s face if a trick-or-treater showed up in an LSU jersey and a Les Miles mask. He’ll have plenty of time to get over it with a week off before showdown with LSU.
    2. Oregon (8-0): Ducks took 3 quarters to shake UCLA but then they shook them like…well a Polaroid picture.
    3. Ohio State (8-0): Buckeyes continue to rule the ACC North.
    4. Florida State (7-0): Hurricane warning for Miami fans: Jameis Winston and ‘Noles are forces to be deal with. Run for cover.
    5. Baylor (7-0): Bears get the weekend off before tracking and smacking “Big Game” Bob in a Thursday night (Nov. 7) special.
    6. Stanford (7-1): Capable of slowing Oregon? Must-see TV. Nov. 7.
    7. Miami (7-0): Good luck with that Florida State outing.
    8. Clemson (7-1): By process of elimination.
    9. Auburn (7-1): With Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema crying again, expect the Tigers to feast on Hogs.
    10. Missouri (7-1): We like our Tigers all in a row.
    11. LSU (6-2): Now Les Miles would exhibit a sense of humor if someone showed up at his house dressed as St. Nick. He might bust his balls, but still…
    12. Oklahoma State (6-1): Miles’ old U might encounter some turbulence from an upset Red Raiders bunch Saturday at Texas Tech. Still, delivering a beatdown at Iowa State was definitely impressive.
    13. Louisville (7-1): Whatever happened to Teddy Ballgame?
    14. Fresno State (6-0): We’ll excuse Bulldogs for taking a half to show up against San Diego State.
    15. Oklahoma (7-1): Since Texas Tech wasn’t available and OU is keeping this spot warm for someone else…

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Rising To The Occasion

    Like the NCAA Tournament, some NBA player makes a name for himself during the playoffs. Stephen Curry, 1 of the best shooters we’ve ever watched and 1 who almost helped the Warriors stun the Nuggets today in Denver, could be 1 of those players. Writer Shaun Powell compiles a good list of some who might emerge. Another name we would add to it is San Antonio forward Kawhi Leonard. He isn’t spectacular at anything but good at plenty of things.
    Sports On Earth

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It’s Great Being Big Fish In Small Pond

Plenty of good reasons why quality coaches such as Shaka Smart, Gregg Marshall and Brad Stevens refuse to bolt their humble surroundings for high-profile jobs like UCLA. Besides, would you really want to work for Dan Guerrero?
The SportsFan Journal

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Rounds On Us: Bartender, Hurricanes

    Bottoms up:
    Gonzaga over Southern; Wichita St. over Pitt; Wisconsin over Ole Miss; K-State over play-in winner; Arizona over Belmont; New Mexico over Harvard; Iowa St. over Notre Dame; Ohio St. over Iona; Iowa St. over Ohio St.; New Mexico over Arizona; Wisconsin over K-State; Gonzaga over Wichita St.
    Gonzaga over Wisconsin; New Mexico over Iowa St.; Gonzaga over New Mexico for Final 4.
    Louisville over NC A&T; Colorado St. over Missouri; Oregon over Okie St.; St. Louis over New Mexico St.; Memphis over St. Mary’s; Michigan St. over Valparaiso; Cincinnati over Creighton; Duke over Albany; Duke over Cincy; Michigan St. over Memphis; St. Louis over Oregon; Louisville over Colorado St.
    Louisville over St. Louis; Duke over Michigan St.; Duke over Louisville for Final 4.
    Kansas over Western Kentucky; North Carolina over Villanova; VCU over Akron; Michigan over South Dakota St.; UCLA over Minnesota; Florida over Northwestern St.; Oklahoma over San Diego St.; Georgetown over Florida Gulf Coast; Georgetown over Oklahoma; Florida over UCLA; VCU over Michigan; Kansas over North Carolina.
    Kansas over VCU; Georgetown over Florida; Georgetown over Kansas for Final 4.
    Indiana over play-in winner; NC St. over Temple; UNLV over Cal; Syracuse over Montana; Butler over Bucknell; Marquette over Davidson; Colorado over Illinois; Miami over Pacific; Miami over Colorado; Marquette over Butler; UNLV over Syracuse; Indiana over NC State.
    Indiana over UNLV; Miami over Marquette; Miami over Indiana for Final 4.
    Final 4
    Miami over Georgetown; Duke over Gonzaga.
    Miami 78, Duke 74.

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Indiana Jones

    Like everyone else and their mammas, President Obama likes Indiana to defeat Louisville for the national championship. He also likes Ohio State and Florida to reach the Final 4.

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Familiar Foes

    OU’s scouting report will prominently mention Jamaal Franklin.
    I’ve watched San Diego State more than any college basketball team. Five games in person; almost all of the other 27 via the tube. Doesn’t make me an expert, but makes me believe the Aztecs-OU matchup is a toss up. Vegas has SDSU as 1.5 points favorite, so there is my witness.
    A little FYI: For starters, Steve Fisher is 13-5 overall and has won the last 5 games against a Lon Kruger-coached team. Those all came when Kruger was at UNLV.
    Further, isn’t the winner just a Sunday feast for Georgetown?
    We’ll give our tourney picks later in the week after the play-in games. We just can’t get into the play-in games until the play-in games are actually played. These used to be NIT (Not in Tournament) back in our heyday.

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