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    Our favorite Clippers beat writer Ben Bolch, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with, called Blake Griffin and the Clip Joint in 7. We could see it possibly happening, but we figured they’d result to their old habits and Spurs would win in 6. Ain’t happening, dawg. But who knew, particularly after the way the Clippers bombed twice at home and lost in crushing fashion, Game 5 being the worst. Now it’s the Spurs on the ropes, and it doesn’t look for good them. I’m paying $100 (like a few other people I know) to TIVO the fight. But we ain’t mad. It’s Game 7 in the Wild, Wild West.
    L.A. Times

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Series Over?



Somewhere Bill Standford is shouting “I told you guys, you’ve got to beat the officials too!”
A few sportswriters, we of course not among them (right, right), would love to see this thing end Thursday in San Antonio, unless it’s a nooner and Bloody Marys on Saturday at Staples, to watch some big fight that night.
But back to the matter at hand, in our best Snoop impersonation. As entertaining as Doc Rivers is, he’s still 1 of the biggest whiners in the NBA. And it’s why his Clippers led the NBA in T’s during the regular season. Do you see a pattern here? Do they get hosed by the officials sometimes against the Spurs? Yes. But who doesn’t?
Our play-by-play.
The Sports Xchange

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The Curious Case Of Scott Brooks


    As likeable as Scott Brooks is, he never developed a solid reputation as a great head coach. Sam Presti, who we hold in high regard, had to know this from Brooks’ numerous mistakes in past seasons and several this season. Brooks’ firing comes at a curious time, but even more crucial is who the club will pick as his replacement, particularly with the upcoming free agency of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

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Signs Of The Times

Oklahoma Fraternity Racist Video

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Stating His Case

Los Angeles Clippers v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Two

    Russell Westbrook has plenty of folks singing his name as the NBA’s MVP. That chorus grew louder Wednesday night when Westbrook produced his 4th triple-double in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s overtime win over the lowly Philadelphia 76ers.
    Washington Post

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Got A Little Pep In His Step


    Russell Westbrook dances in front of the Washington Wizards bench after hitting the game-winning bucket in Wednesday’s 105-103 overtime win by the Oklahonma City Thunder.

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The Executioner

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Win, Win For Thunder


    Despite getting their asses kicked in Oakland Monday night, the Thunder made a helluva deal before the game. We’re big fans of Dion Waiters and his game and we believe he fits perfectly paired with KD and Russell Westbrook. Only question is can Scotty not screw this up? Did we mention we’re fans of Anthony Morrow too? Didn’t think so.

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When It Rains, It Pours


    All is not well in the usually harmonious Thunder locker room. Injuries (2 more Monday night) have put a serious damper on it and now some head scratching play and comments by Reggie Jackson seem to have added a little edge. The losses are starting to pile up, and with no Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook in the immediate future, OKC’s outlook is starting to look shakier than a $3 bill.
    Still early though. We know this. But like Kendrick Perkins said when the Thunder were facing the Clippers in L.A.: Play .500 ball, or close to it, and Durant and Westbrook will bail them out.
    They better hope so.

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Draft Tier


    Plenty of NBA clubs have needs. Some more than others. The latter sreams you Laker fans.
    We’re on record as saying they’ll grab Marcus Smart, but the Mitch Kupchak in us says Aaron Gordon, if he’s around. Or will Joel Embiid fall into their lap?

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