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    Is this what they mean by a 1-night stand?
    Ohio State over TCU and Baylor? No rhyme or reason for it. The Big Ten is 1 of the weakest major conferences in college football. The Big 12 is 1 of the best, no matter what the talking heads at ESPN say. So what are we missing here?
    And tell us again, what’s so great about Wisconsin? Oh, that’s right, Urban got his rocks off.

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Lonnie White: 1964-2014



We met 25 years ago. Didn’t get together as much as we should have, but when we did, we laughed something fierce.
Heartbroken. Lonnie was only 49. The cause of death is unknown at this point but, unfortunately, he had health problems for years. Some days suck more than others, but this 1 delivered 1 stiff punch to the gut.
L.A. Times


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Where Have We Heard This: Anti-Gay Measure Could Result In Super Bowl Loss


    Arizona’s Jan Brewer, 1 of the biggest nitwit governors in America along with Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin, has a huge decision to make between now and Saturday. Brewer needs to veto an anti-gay legislation passed by the ReThugliKKKan-dominated body or risk losing next year’s Super Bowl game.
    It isn’t the 1st time either. Arizona, you probably remember, lost a Super Bowl (and we ain’t taking about the game but the Cardinals dropped 1 of those too) in 1990 when it refused to approve a holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fortunately, we wonderful folks in Cali benefitted because the game was moved to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
    You’d think they wouldn’t let this happen again, particularly considering all of the money Super Bowl week pumps into a local economy, but Brewer and her ilk don’t play with a full deck.
    USA Today

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Poll Cats? Yes We Do

    It took us a few weeks to get our bearings (especially after we got a glimpse of this dude), but as our good friend Rasheed says, ball don’t lie. Ask Lane Kiffin.
    Without further adieu, our debut Top 15 college football poll.
    1. Alabama (4-0): Can’t wait to hear St. Nick rave about how big a challenge beating Georgia State will be.
    2. Stanford (4-0): It locks horns with an overrated Washington club Saturday.
    3. Oregon (4-0): Ask Cal what it feels like getting pissed on in the rain by a flock of Ducks.
    4. Ohio State (5-0): Mild test at Northwestern this weekend but Buckeyes should ace it.
    5. Clemson (4-0): Tigers always have a brain cramp. And we do mean always. It won’t occur against Syracuse but expect 1 before the end of the season.
    6. Louisville (4-0): Soft schedule might allow Cards to run the table. Still, we’re big fans of Teddy Ballgame.
    7. Florida State (4-0): Jury still out on ‘Noles.

      8. Georgia (3-1): For a change, Bulldogs didn’t gag 1 away in impressive win over LSU.
      9. UCLA (3-0): When you’ve got a good coach and score USC recruits, great things can happen.
      10. Texas A&M (4-1): Aggies play bye before venturing to Mississippi, where there are plenty of hurt feelings. Especially after having to listen to the dude above.
      11. Baylor (3-0): Bears will do what Okie State could not and poke West Virginia.
      12. LSU (4-1): We’re still in shock Tigers put up 41 points in loss to Georgia.
      13. Miami (4-0): Life is grand when you play in the ACC.
      14. Oklahoma (4-0): Tell us again why OU can’t find a quarterback that can hit a moving target?
      15. South Carolina (3-1): Because every poll loves a cock sucker.

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Bowling Alley

    Apologies, we’re extremely late getting around to this.
    You’ll just have to take our word about us getting the 1st 2 right. Utah State over Toledo was a no-brainer, but Arizona made us sweat in a come-from-behind victory over Nevada.
    The rest of the story.
    Poinsettia: San Diego State over BYU
    Beef O’Brady’s: Central Florida over Ball State
    New Orleans Bowl: Louisiana-Lafayette over East Carolina
    Las Vegas: Boise State over Washington
    Hawaii: Fresno State over SMU
    Little Caesars: Western Kentucky over Central Michigan
    Military: San Jose State over Bowling Green
    Belk: Cincinnati over Duke
    Holiday: UCLA over Baylor
    Independence: Louisiana-Monroe over Ohio
    Russell Athletic: Rutgers over Va Tech
    Meineke Car Care: Texas Tech over Minnesota
    Armed Forces: Air Force over Rice
    Pinstripe: West Virginia over Syracuse
    Kraft Fight Hunger: Arizona State over Navy (sorry Uncle Jack)
    Alamo: Oregon State over Texa$$
    Buffalo Wild Wings: TCU over Michigan State
    Music City: Vandy over NC State
    Sun: Georgia Tech over USC
    Liberty: Tulsa over Iowa State
    Chick-fil-A: LSU over Clemson
    Gator: Mississippi State over Northwestern
    Heart of Dallas: Okie State over Purdue
    Outback: South Carolina over Michigan
    Capital 1: Georgia over Nebraska
    Rose: Stanford over Wisconsin
    Orange: Florida State over Northern Illinois
    Sugar: Florida over Louisville
    Fiesta: Oregon over K-State
    Cotton: A&M over OU (keep the hate mail coming)
    BBVA Compass: Ole Miss over Pitt Kent State over Arkansas state
    BCS title game: Notre Dame 17, ‘Bama 14.

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Control Freaks

    Nick Saban is famous for it. So is Bob Stoops. But several Pac-12 coaches have taken it to a new level.
    There continues to be a growing feud between writers who cover the Pac-12 and coaches trying to control what they write. UCLA’s Jim Mora is the latest to blow a gasket, throwing the media out of the Bruins’ practice yesterday after becoming incensed because camera crews from ESPN and L.A.’s Channel 5 were too close to the field.
    Mora’s blowup is the just the latest. Last week, USC’s Lane Kiffin walked out of an interview with reporters after 1 of them had the audacity to ask about an injured player returning to practice. A week before that, Kiffin banned Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News after Wolf reported about USC’s kicker having surgery.
    Pac-12 coaches, among others, keep crying about a “competitive advantage” or disadvantage when writers report players who have been injured, particularly in practice.
    Saban recently chastised reporters covering Alabama about them not giving more ink to Western Kentucky. Western Kentucky, in our best Allen Iverson imitation. Imagine if those same reporters told Saban how to do his job.
    Stoops frequently has a stick up his rear about similar issues with the media. Pick 1. And if you question him about some of his questionable strategy, God help you. I’ve watched OU games on TV and observed a player getting hurt, then watch the Sooners surround the player so cameras can’t get a view of what’s going on. I think they call it protecting the state’s secrets?
    Coaches are well-known as control freaks. It just in their DNA. But if they don’t want the media in their practices, then ban them and be done with it.

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A Star Is Born

Terrelle Pryor picked the right place to shine. He also picked the right time. Without his clutch play, Ohio State doesn’t win the Rose Bowl despite a gritty effort from Oregon. Mr. Predictable, Coach Jim Tressel, mixed it up (must have been than Cali air that influenced him) and allowed his sophomore quarterback to throw the ball. And oh did he throw it. His numbers: 23 of 37 for 266 yards and two touchdowns. Nothing fantastic you might say, but for Pryor and the Buckeyes, they opened some holes on the Ducks’ defense. Pryor also ran for 72 yards and performed some stiff arms that surely will put him among the frontrunners for the Heisman next year. Overall, Ohio State rushed for 153 yards and 419 yards overall to only 260 for Oregon’s high-powered offense. And Pryor sparked an offense that converted 11 of 21 third downs (Oregon was two for 11) and controlled the ball for more than 40 minutes. Huge. When it’s speed vs. power, power usually prevails with a 2-to-1 possession edge. The big boys start to wear on the little fellas.

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Rose Bowl: SC 38, Penn State 24

Some things never change. The Trojans use a dominanting first half to roll past the Nittany Lions in Pasadena. QB Mark Sanchez (above left) throws 4 TDs and SC builds a big lead early to cruise. Turnovers and a sometimes stifling Trojan defense killed Penn State. And as usual, SC just mauls teams from the speed-challenged Big 10.
L.A. Times

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