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Racism Is The Bigger Problem


    Just as Greg Howard eloquently writes in his piece about the word “nigger,” there is a bigger issue that American fails to address. But when it comes to using the word “nigger,” is it a generational issue or ignorance? And who has the right to be judge and jury and tell us when, where or if we can use the word?
    For the record, we believe the NFL considering making it a penalty in using the word during a game is totally misguided. It’s almost as bad as some folks who consider themselves politicians (looking at Teddy Cruz) or the thugs who run the Republican Party, reacting to some perceived slight and putting a bandaid on what is obviously a larger problem. But that major problem, a serious discussion about race in America, will never occur in my lifetime. We just look it in the face every day and go about our business. At least some of us do.

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Rising To The Occasion

    Like the NCAA Tournament, some NBA player makes a name for himself during the playoffs. Stephen Curry, 1 of the best shooters we’ve ever watched and 1 who almost helped the Warriors stun the Nuggets today in Denver, could be 1 of those players. Writer Shaun Powell compiles a good list of some who might emerge. Another name we would add to it is San Antonio forward Kawhi Leonard. He isn’t spectacular at anything but good at plenty of things.
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Making A Mockery Again Of Rooney Rule

    Much has been written (you’d be pressed though to find much, if any, in the L.A. media) about the Rooney Rule over the past week and how Seattle and Washington skirted it in hiring Pete Carroll and Mike Shanahan. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had no problem with the tactics used by either franchise during their searches. We’re guessing this didn’t generate as much interest with Mr. Goodell as Michael Vick. But both franchises violated the spirit of the rule, if not flat out ignored it. Take Seattle for instance. After the job was gift-wrapped for Pete Carroll to take from the start (news to Jim Mora, who hadn’t been fired yet), management had the gall to ask Leslie Frazier (above), Minnesota’s defensive coordinator, if he wanted a chance to talk about the job. Frazier politely turned down the request. In D.C., Jerry Gray, Washington’s defensive coordinator and another African American, interviewed for the head coaching position before Jim Zorn was fired though everyone and their mama knew Shanahan was getting the gig. So why bother?
    It’s unfortunate we’re even discussing the Rooney Rule in 2010. By now, you’d expect us all to be on an even playing field, but that isn’t the case no matter how many naive individuals frequently point to President Obama as proof. The problem is with NFL owners, many of them old and crusty white dudes, who rarely think twice about hiring a minority as a coach or general manager until the Rooney Rule is brought up. Even then, it’s how can we circumvent it? Minority coaches are only asking for equal consideration. That’s all any of us ask. But if the man says it’s OK to skirt the rule, as an unfortunate as that might be, he sends a disturbing message and implies he isn’t enforcing the Rooney Rule when it comes to some owners. If that’s the case, then do away with it. Spare us patronizing, Mr. Goodell. Some of us aren’t buying your message anyway.

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