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Broom Temperature

    Still want the Spurs Laker fans? Whaddya say again Magic?

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Chatter Box

    This gem from Dave McMenamin, who covers the Lakers for ESPN/LA.
    Metta World Peace was doing a postgame interview. Robert Sacre interrupted him. Here’s what happened.
    World Peace: “Sometimes you just got to give credit to the other team…”
    Sacre: (Coming over to collect the name placard above World Peace’s locker as part of his rookie duties) “Ron Artest’s new album, coming in stores! Walmart, baby!”
    World Peace: “Don’t listen to this guy, please. Whatever you do in your life, don’t listen to him.”
    Sacre: “Walmart! Ron Artest’s album!”
    World Peace: “Walmart …”
    Reporter: “His name’s Metta …”
    Sacre: “Oh, word?”
    World Peace: “Yo, what the hell? Respect, rookie.”
    Sacre: “My bad.”
    World Peace: “My goodness.”
    Sacre: “You know what (the album’s) going to be called? St. John’s.” (World Peace went to St. John’s).
    World Peace: “Gonzaga.” (Sacre went to Gonzaga).
    Sacre: “Oh, it should.”
    World Peace: “I’m going to come up with a song called, ‘Gonzaga.'”
    Reporter: “Did you fill out your bracket today?”
    World Peace: “No, this loser (gestures towards Sacre) still didn’t give me my bracket.”
    Sacre: “It’s right there, do you want me to hand it to you?”
    World Peace: “Yes. Give me my bracket.”

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What Are The Odds?

    We’re trolling around in our 2nd home, the always entertaining Las Vegas. Hit the over (202.5) for the Spurs-Clips blowout, but due to a brief case of blindness at the betting window, we bet the Clips instead of the Spurs. And the old lady wondered why I was cussing?
    Your favorites for the NBA championship? The Heat (+165) and the Thunder (+280) are the picks now, but we all know how quickly that can change. The rest: Spurs (5-1); Clippers (6-1); Lakers (13-1); Knicks (12-1); Bulls (14-1); Warriors (16-1); Pacers (25-1); Celtics and Nuggets (35-1); and Rockets (60-1).
    Us? We like the Spurs. That could change too. If we’re wrong, we’ll plead another case of blindness. Seriously.

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Give Him A Break

    All of these yahoos hollering about Pau Gasol needs to shut up and accept his role coming off the bench for the Lakers need to get a clue. Seriously. The Lakers have treated Gasol worst than any player on the team. So for him to bitch and moan about misguided Mike D’Antoni’s inconsistent rotation and who he plays in the 4th quarter is Gasol’s right.
    The Lakers traded Gasol last year. For the past 2 years or more, he has frequently been the most mentioned Laker when the trade winds blow. Still, despite how he’s been treated, Gasol has been as professional as any Laker or any player in the NBA. Just bizness, right?
    Further, how about some of the L.A. media quit kissing Mike D’Antoni’s ass. Though we’ve always sucked at math, how many rings does Gasol have? D’Antoni?

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Even The Odds Say They’re Fakers

    Everybody loves a train wreck, particularly when it’s the Lakers. Unless you’re a fan, folks around the country are wetting their pants and dying laughing at what’s become of L.A.’s finest. Remember when Vegas was giving 2-1 odds on the Lakers winning the NBA title? Now, according to, they are 12-1. Good luck betting on that.
    And if you’re scoring at home (lucky you), the Heat remain the favorites to repeat at 7-4, while the Thunder (3-1) and the Clippers (4-1) are the other best bets.
    The Lakers collapsed again tonight against James Harden and the Rockets, and Wednesday they visit the Spurs, who are getting 7-1 odds to win it all.
    Friday, it’s back to the Ponderosa, where they will host Kevin Durant and the Thunder.
    Some folks still believe they’ll right the ship and make the playoffs. Right now, we’re not 1 of them. Even if they do, they will be bounced in the 1st round. They can’t hide that awful bench. And they can’t hide those huge holes in their defense.

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New York, New York

    If you’re scoring at home (lucky you), the Knicks are a 5-1/2 point favorite over the Lakers in their much-talked about clash tonight at Madison Square Garden.

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Speaking Of D’Antoni…

    Steve Nash is making a strong case for MVP.
    When it rains, it pours. The Lakers coach got a little testy when the loveable T.J. Simers of the former world champion (that would be the L.A. Times, if you’re scoring at home) started pressing the action after tonight’s debacle in Cleveland.

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It’s All About Joey Again

    Tip of the cap to Black Sports Online.
    The Lakers can’t blame last night’s fiasco and loss to the Pacers on the infamous Joey Crawford (Dwight Howard would surely object though). Regardless, the NBA ref, as he’s prone to do, made some curious calls during the contest. And since Joey always likes to be a centerpiece of any game he calls, it’s no surprise he had his dancing shoes on in L.A.

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    Did we mention Brian Shaw, the No. 2 man on the Pacers bench to Coach Frank Vogel since last season, has won on both trips to Staples since Jim Buss thumbed his nose at him? Didn’t think so.

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Any Takers?

    Maybe the Lakers can fleece Philly for Andrew Bynum? Kidding of course. But someone’s going to eventually bite on a deal for Pau Gasol, no? Is that you Atlanta?
    Hoops World

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