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Top 5 Fantasy Football Quartebacks In 2015


    Getting a top-tier quarterback in fantasy football is pretty important for most players. The very best can be counted on just about every single week, as they don’t have bad matchups like some of the others. They definitely come with a pretty high price tag, but here is a look at the top five to target in 2015.

    Aaron Rodgers
    The Green Bay Packers were able to talk Randall Cobb into staying in town, so that means Rodgers has a chance to pretty much play 2015 with his favor targets back. That is scary news for everyone else in the NFL. Rodgers will use Cobb and Jordy Nelson pretty frequently, but he will also look at his running back Eddie Lacy as well as other targets throughout the year. He is generally considered the best quarterback in the game right now, and his fantasy football numbers back that up.

    Andrew Luck
    Luck took a huge leap in 2014, as he officially entered the top tier of talent at the quarterback position. As we get ready for 2015, he could very well be even better. The Indianapolis Colts have done a very good job of rebuilding Luck1 their team on the fly. They now have some of the best receivers in the NFL, and veteran Andre Johnson in particular is going to be huge for Luck in fantasy football. Eventually, Luck is the guy most likely to take over for Rodgers as the best quarterback in the NFL.

    Peyton Manning
    It is pretty obvious that Manning is starting to slow down at quarterback. However, it just goes to show how dominant he is when he is still considered a top five fantasy football quarterback at such an advanced age. The Denver Broncos have done whatever possible to make sure he has sufficient targets to throw the ball to. He might be one hit away from a major injury, but his numbers can’t be denied.

    Russell Wilson
    People don’t really view him as a top-tier quarterback yet, but he has a chance to be pretty good in 2015 as far as fantasy football is concerned. He is somebody who works very hard at his craft, and he has a new weapon in Jimmy Graham to utilize this season at the tight end position. He enters the top five for the first time in his career.

    Drew Brees
    The man who just lost Jimmy Graham as a target still stays in the top five simply because he throws the ball so often. The New Orleans Saints are built around him, and he is going to get a chance to put up huge numbers. He is starting to get up there in age, but he is pretty significantly better in fantasy football compared to the like of Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and any other challenger for that No. 5 spot.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees image courtesy of Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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Super Bowl XLIX: Our Pick


    Seahawks 27-19.

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Winners & Losers



The Texans couldn’t pass on Jadeveon Clowney, the best player in the draft. For Johnny Football? Please. Cleveland made some interesting choices (a homeless guy told you all that, huh?) and we can’t wait to see if Blake Bortles is as good as advertised or maybe as overrated as his girlfriend. The rest of the story…

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Draft Predictions For Top 3 Quarterbacks



    Throughout the entire NFL Draft process, 3 quarerbacks have been rumored to be No. 1 overall picks at some point. Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater have plenty of hype around them, even if the Houston Texans decide to pass. With the draft about a week away, where will these guys have a chance to put up fantasy football numbers in the fall? Here are the final predictions.

    Johnny Manziel – Cleveland Browns
    With Brian Hoyer looking solid so far, Cleveland might be willing to take a chance on Manziel with the No. 4 pick. He is a risky pick, but the reward could be great. He is a hybrid quarterback, capable of creating plays with his arm or his legs. Cleveland has been searching for years to land a franchise quarterback, and Manziel might just be that guy. He’s a bit undersized, but his production at the college level is hard to argue.

    Blake Bortles – Minnesota Vikings
    Minnesota seems to be in love with the former UCF standout. They have the No. 8 pick in the draft, and they initially thought they would need to move up in order to grab him. He would have a very good shot at beating out Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder to start on Week 1. That would make him the safest pickup in fantasy football among rookie quarterbacks.

    Teddy Bridgewater – Houston Texans
    For some reason, Bridgewater continues to fall in mock drafts. In fact, many believe Derek Carr out of Fresno State will now go before him. If he falls completely out of the first round, it would be crazy to not think that the Houston Texans will consider him with the first pick in the second round. It would be pretty remarkable for the Texans to grab a former projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2nd round, but that just shows how his stock has plummeted. He figures to be a safe pick in the NFL, but the ceiling isn’t thought of as too high.


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Where Have We Heard This: Anti-Gay Measure Could Result In Super Bowl Loss


    Arizona’s Jan Brewer, 1 of the biggest nitwit governors in America along with Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin, has a huge decision to make between now and Saturday. Brewer needs to veto an anti-gay legislation passed by the ReThugliKKKan-dominated body or risk losing next year’s Super Bowl game.
    It isn’t the 1st time either. Arizona, you probably remember, lost a Super Bowl (and we ain’t taking about the game but the Cardinals dropped 1 of those too) in 1990 when it refused to approve a holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fortunately, we wonderful folks in Cali benefitted because the game was moved to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
    You’d think they wouldn’t let this happen again, particularly considering all of the money Super Bowl week pumps into a local economy, but Brewer and her ilk don’t play with a full deck.
    USA Today

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People Who Know More About Big Game

More Super Bowl predictions.
USA Today

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Head Games

    Though the documentary is excellent and must-viewing, ESPN’s curious decision to pull out of it raised some eyebrows and increased its visibility.
    N.Y. Times

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Nuts & Bolts

    The Chargers believe they can hang with Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Philly’s high-octane offense. They will get their chance Sunday.
    We cruised through Chargers’ Park today to get an early preview.
    USA Today

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Party Like A Rock Star

    The best thing about Super Bowl week is the non-stop partying. And since it is all in New Orleans, you know it is going to be off the charts.
    A quick-hitter of some of the best in the Big Easy.
    USA Today

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Sign Of The Times

    See Cowboy fans. It could be worst.

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