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World Series: What Are The Odds?


    According to, it’s even money on the Royals and Mets capturing the World Series. If we were betting, we’d take KC. That’s the ticket. Royals in 6.
    Besides, we’re rooting for our boy “Volky” (Edinson Volquez, pictured above), who we developed an excellent relationship with during his stint with the Padres.

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Wake Us When It’s Over


    No pitcher has been better than Zack Greinke over the past month. Greinke extended his scoreless string to 35 2/3 innings by dominating the punchless Phillies. Granted, it was the stinking Phillies, but…
    The Sports Xchange

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Signs Of The Times



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Let’s Get Drunk & Be Somebody

World Series Giants Royals Baseball

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To Borrow Page From Tommy, Couldn’t Hit Water (Or Kershaw) If They Fell Out A Boat


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Signs Of The Times

Who would have guessed Tony Gwynn would die 6 months after Jerry Coleman?

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The Odyssey Of Yasiel Puig



The Dodgers’ outfielder has been the focus of several stories about his escape from Cuba and some of the shady characters who supposedly assisted his efforts. Actually, that might be putting it mildly.
Here’s the initial story that created much of the discussion.
L.A. Magazine

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Jerry Coleman: 1924-2014


    The legendary Padres’ broadcaster, former major leaguer, war hero and wonderful person passed Sunday at age 89. Having covered the Padres last season and having the pleasure of occasionally interacting with Coleman, he was as sharp as a tack and had a sense of humor to boot. I was definitely saddened by the news.
    I frequently use the term “Oh doctor!” It’s a Coleman original (and now a tribute), one in which he would use after great plays.
    The official statement from the Padres: “The San Diego Padres are deeply saddened by the news today of the passing of Jerry Coleman. We send our heartfelt sympathy to the entire Coleman family, including his wife, Maggie, his children and grandchildren. On behalf of Padres’ fans everywhere, we mourn the loss of a Marine who was truly an American hero as well as a great man, a great friend and a great Padre.”
    RIP Jerry. My life has been enhanced immensely having crossed your great path.

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Big Boy Baseball

    The Pirates hit a rough patch recently. But it wasn’t anything they couldn’t solve, particularly against the lowly Padres.

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He Could Rest His Case With Low Jack

    Albert Pujols has nobody to blame but the players themselves.
    Pujols is upset that Jack Clark, a former major leaguer himself, called him out last week as a user of performance-enhancing drugs.
    The former slugger, now injured more than healthy, is even threatening to sue. He wants to make Clark pay for his words, not just eat them.
    Clark has already lost the radio show gig in which he took the shot at Pujols. Clark is also considering legal action against the radio station.
    This could be fun.
    Baseball’s past will be put on the witness stand again and early indications are somebody won’t be telling the truth.
    Pujols has always proclaimed he is clean. Some believe him, some don’t. Only he and his trainer know for sure.
    This is what baseball has left us all with. Players today are presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence.
    Maybe that is backwards, but more often than not there was fire where smoke was reported in the world of baseball and PEDs.
    It is hard to believe anybody in baseball when it comes to this issue.
    Nobody believed Jose Canseco when he blew the whistle on himself and other players and in a book. He was called every name under the sun and stars even said they would sue him.
    Not one lawsuit has been filed against Canseco and his book “Juiced” only scratched the surface. In the end, Canseco was right.
    Pujols’ dramatic drop off in production, as well as his recent injuries, leave folks to at least wonder.
    Of course, players want to be believed. However, that seems like years away.
    Pete Rose lied to us for years about his gambling habits, then finally came clean.
    Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro did the same thing when it came to steroids. Palmeiro even told congress he was clean, pointing his finger at the committee members for proof.
    In the end, he was proven to have lied.
    Baseball’s game plan has always been the same — deny, deny and deny until caught. Once caught, beg for forgiveness.
    See Ryan Braun if you don’t believe me.
    Players learned it from baseball officials themselves.
    As records were falling and players were growing, baseball execs turned a blind eye to the subject. There were rumors but nobody in baseball wanted to address the issue.
    Money was flowing, crowds were building and the game was as healthy as ever. Then came the steroid crash.
    It has left a bad taste in many mouths. The fact is a large number of players used PEDs in the past. Many got rich because of it.
    All originally denied it.
    Now Pujols wants to be believed, as does every other player. Fact is, we can’t believe anybody.
    Whether or not Pujols used anything to help his game hasn’t been a real issue for a long time.
    You can’t trust any numbers from the steroid era. It sounds great to say we believe that Pujols has always been clean but we can never know for sure.
    This is the burden for the clean players who didn’t speak up during the steroid era. That was the time when they should have screamed the loudest.
    Now is too late.
    For that, players like Pujols only have themselves to blame.
    Jim Gazzolo is managing sports editor of American Press in Lake Charles, La.

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