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    Finally got around to watching the Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson fight, which Peterson won Saturday, but he received a major assist from referee Joe Cooper. Cooper foolishly took away 2 points from Khan for “pushing.” Those 2 points cost Khan the fight.
    This also might have screwed up the plans for Floyd Mayweather Jr., who we believed was banking on Khan for a fight next year instead of Manny Pacquiao.

December 13, 2011   1 Comment

Fight’s Over Bob

    For what? Seriously.
    Just as we’ve suspected, Bob Arum continues to hold up the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight. He hasn’t been the only problem, but he’s become the biggest 1. Remember, he hates Mayweather.
    As Oscar De La Hoya says, for the sake of boxing Bob, step aside and let saner heads prevail.

November 18, 2011   No Comments

Mustard Fell Off The Hot Dog

    Though Pac Man won the 3rd fight between these 2, his star dimmed a bit.
    Manny Pacquaio is taking more of a beating outside the ring than he did inside it Saturday against Juan Manuel Marquez. Despite earning a majority decision, it seems a majority of writers and fight fans believes Marquez won the fight. Interestingly, Pacquiao threw and landed more punches than Marquez, but that hasn’t stopped many to claim Marquez was robbed.
    But a 4th fight between the 2? I don’t think so.

November 13, 2011   No Comments


    Many folks believe Juan Manuel Marquez won his latest battle with Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas Saturday night, but others believe Marquez didn’t do enough to beat the champ. Regardless, will this be enough for Pacquiao to lure Floyd Mayweather? Plenty of boxing fans believe after this performance, Pac Man is made to order for Mayweather. Best counterpuncher in the business, they say, meaning Pacquiao doesn’t have a chance. It seems curious that all of a sudden Mayweather would drop Manny like a bad habit.
    So why does he keep running?
    Bad Left Hook

November 13, 2011   No Comments

It Won’t Go The Distance This Time

    Much was made of a buffed Juan Manuel Marquez at today’s weight-in in Las Vegas. Doesn’t matter. Manny Pacquiao will drop him like a sack of potatoes since Marquez insists he won the 2 previous bouts. Just another notch in Pacquiao’s belt.
    Pac Man in 5.
    N.Y. Daily News

November 11, 2011   No Comments

Pacquiao-Mayweather: When Michael Buffer Starts Singing ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble…’

    Wake us.
    We should be talking about a trilogy here, but again we’re fantasizing about the 1st time. Boxing. It’s like being in love with a whore sometimes.
    Speaking of whores, Bob Arum, in an interview today with ESPN radio in L.A., wants to raise those pay-per-view prices for Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. to at least $70 or more.

November 3, 2011   2 Comments

Will Floyd Ever Come Out To Play?

    As Manny Pacquiao prepares for his Nov. 12 bout against Juan Manuel Marquez in Vegas, much of the talk continues to center around whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. will find the balls to fight him. Bob Arum says the fight will never happen, but we believe Mayweather, like he frequently does, will duck the Filipino wonder until he ages another year or so. Mayweather rarely fights another quality boxer in his prime.
    Regardless, the “People’s Champ” gets the Playboy treatment in a good read by Kevin Cook.

October 27, 2011   No Comments

Protect Yourself At All Times

    That means you too Larry Merchant. While some believe Floyd Mayweather Jr. was unfairly harsh on the HBO boxing analyst Saturday night, we believe he was on the mark as he was with his punches that dropped Victor Ortiz.
    Yahoo Sports

September 18, 2011   No Comments

An Interesting Theory: Mayweather Loss To Ortiz Could Produce Big Fight With Pacquiao

    Writer Eric Raskin believes a huge upset by underdog Victor Ortiz over Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday in Las Vegas might eventually lead to a bout with Manny Pacquiao. By Raskin’s logic, and he offers some compelling reasons, Mayweather’s obsession with his unbeaten record (and a possible ass kicking) is why he keeps running from Pacquiao.

September 16, 2011   No Comments

Playmaker: Mayweather Must Quit Running

    Now don’t drop that brother card with fellow U alum Warren Sapp.
    Michael Irvin was on his best behavior, but he disses Floyd Mayweather Jr. and says he’s making brothers look bad by “running” from Manny Pacquiao.
    Larry Brown Sports

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August 9, 2011   No Comments