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Signs Of The Times

Oklahoma Fraternity Racist Video

March 10, 2015   No Comments

Whatever Happened To ‘Big Game’ Bob?


    The natives are restless. We’ve been weary of Stoops Since Paul Thompson. Any chance we can get Kevin Sumlin back? Didn’t think so.
    Tulsa World

November 10, 2014   No Comments

Vegas: Sights & Seen


    Big-time OU fan Toby Keith dined earlier this week at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino’s famed Italian restaurant Martorano’s in Las Vegas.
    Image courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

April 13, 2014   No Comments

Long Odds On Short Horns Gig


    Vegas says the betting money is on Charlie Strong to be the next head coach at Texas despite the Louisville coach telling 1 writer today he has “no interest” in the job. Probably waiting for that Florida gig to open up, where Strong enhanced his reputation as the defensive coordinator for Urban Meyer before working his magic with the Cardinals. We know he won’t be staying at Louisville forever, so…
    Art Briles is running 2nd. We’re wagering our money though on Mike Gundy.

December 17, 2013   No Comments

Shirt Tales


    Would $10 million be out of the question for Nick Saban to bolt Alabama and haul ass to Texas? Horns’ fans surely believe he will.
    The Big Lead

December 12, 2013   No Comments

Poll Cats: Top Of The Morning



Auburn has to be a team of destiny, no? Charles Barkley’s Tigers blew past Missouri like Diddy blows through a trial. They escaped with a stunner in equally stunning fashion against Alabama a week ago and received a prayer before that against the Dawgs that don’t hunt — Georgia.
Poll Cats back in the house. The final version, spiked with Bourbon and Egg Nog, before we soak up the bowl season.
1. Florida State 13-0: National championship and a Heisman for Jameis Winston? Winston gets our Heisman vote but Auburn is the pick in Pasadena.
2. Auburn 12-1: We were tempted to put Tigers in top spot but we’ll let the ‘Noles keep it warm until January.
3. Alabama 11-1: Imagine the hard-on St. Nick got when he realized he and the Tide were getting a sniff of “Big Game Bob” and Oklahoma.
4. Michigan State 12-1: We’re already plotting how to crash Magic’s party when the Spartans come west for the Rose Bowl.
5. Stanford 11-2: Because, like the Spartans, we believe Cardinal would be Ohio State.
6. Ohio State 12-1: Thanks for playing.
7. Baylor 11-1: Old boys creeping back up the charts as quietly as I creeped in Boley back in the day.
8. South Carolina 10-2: Just idling this week and still move up.
9. Missouri 11-2: Tigers still get props from us. They just ran into what might be the hottest team in the nation.
10. Oregon 10-2: See South Carolina.
11. Oklahoma 10-2: Surprise, surprise, surprise. Still the worst 10-2 OU team in memory. And the door prize for that huge victory over Zero State is ‘Bama. Good luck with that.
12. Oklahoma State 10-2: Hurts something fierce, huh? Another bitter loss to OU. But as an OU alum, Stillwater has always been a hot spot for Sooners. Trust me.
13. Louisville 11-1: Yawn.
14. Clemson 10-2: An Orange Bowl date with our former jilted lover Ohio State. Tigers are a 5-point dog.
15. Central Florida 11-1: Keeping the last seat warm on the Poll Cats’ bus until Baylor lights da a$$ up in the Fiesta.

December 10, 2013   No Comments

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture


    No texts from Mr. Scobey? He’ll sober up and check in tomorrow.
    ‘Horns fans rooting for OU should have been my 1st clue. That’s why the ground shook. But we’ll give Bob Stoops a little credit. He will always have Zero State. Almost like the sun coming up.

December 7, 2013   No Comments

Getting To The Good Part

Ohio State's Dontre Wilson (1) is held back by Michigan defensive back Delano Hill (44) as the two teams scuffle during the second quarter of an NCAA college football game in Ann Arbor, Mich., Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013.  The third-ranked Buckeyes lost starting right guard Marcus Hall and kick returner Dontre Wilson and the Wolverines lost backup linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone to ejections. All three players were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and had to leave the field after a skirmish. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) ORG XMIT: AAS117

    It’s a wonderful Herbie Hancock tune.
    He doesn’t make $5 million but “Big Game” Mike Gundy has been the best football coach in Oklahoma the past 3 years.
    Did you hear the 1 about SC reaching out to Nick Saban? Careful. Texas will start snitching and then it’s probation again.
    Another edition of poll cats.
    1. Ohio State 12-0: Hard to argue their unbeaten run. Michigan State will test it though.
    2. Florida State 12-0: The last time a prosecuting attorney was the biggest player in a national championship? At least 1 we know about?
    3. Auburn 11-1: Tiger fans forget they lost 1 despite reeling in the king fish. Right, right.
    4. Missouri 11-1: Tigers get our vote for an Academy Award.
    5. Alabama 11-1: After the run its had, do you too wonder why Tide fans are crying? Me neither.
    6. Oklahoma State 10-1: Cowboys have had plenty of time to sober up from that Baylor celebration. And they’re a 10-point favorite over OU.
    7. Michigan State 11-1: Like we’ve said before, if Spartans had an offense…they’re giving up a touchdown to Ohio State.
    8. Stanford 10-2: Cardinal are 3-point dogs at Arizona State.
    9. Baylor 10-1: Yawn.
    10. Arizona State 10-2: Devils would really piss off Stanford by sealing a Rose Bowl trip.
    11. South Carolina 10-2: Steve Superior eats Orange Sunshine for breakfast.
    12. Oregon 10-2: Nothing to report. Like some of the fishing reports I’d take on the sports desk. Nothing to report? Not the watering hole I want to visit.
    13. Louisville 10-1: Cardinals could slip at Cincinnati.
    14. Northern Illinois 12-0: This week’s Fresno State.
    15. Clemson 10-2: Y’all better run next time you see South Carolina coming.

December 4, 2013   No Comments

Is This What They Mean By Tit Bits?


    No wonder Baylor couldn’t see straight.
    1. Alabama (11-0): Tide is a 10-point favorite to knock off Auburn. Or as the thought process of ‘Bama fans goes, three more wins and another national title.
    2. Ohio State (11-0): Michigan doesn’t have enough in the tank for the Buckeyes on Saturday, but a rough-and-tumble Michigan State bunch awaits in the Big Ten title game.
    3. Florida State (11-0): ‘Noles wouldn’t slip against Florida would they? Didn’t think so.
    4. Auburn (10-1): Tigers could make their Christmas jolly by smacking St. Nick.
    5. Clemson (10-1): Hmmm. As much as we like Tajh Boyd, we’re picking South Carolina in an upset.
    6. Missouri (10-1): Victory over A&M vaults Tigers into SEC Championship game. Who would have guessed.
    7. Oklahoma State (10-1): Tell us again how Cowboys lost to West Virginia?
    8. Michigan State (10-1): Sparty should have little trouble tuning up on Minnesota on Saturday before showdown with Ohio State.
    9. Baylor (9-1): Bears should be able to answer the bell Saturday at TCU despite knockout punch by OSU. But the unbeaten campaign went up in smoke last weekend in Stillwater.
    10. Stanford (9-2): Cardinal took out their frustrations and hammered Cal by 50 but that isn’t the door prize they wanted.
    11. Oregon (9-2): Again, Duck Dynasty my ass.
    12. Arizona State (9-2): We’re guessing that Arizona team the ‘Cats face Saturday will still be drunk on Ducks’ rout.
    13. South Carolina (9-2): Make us look good Steve Superior.
    14. Louisville (10-1): With the Cardinals hoops’ squad running the yard, football team became second city again.
    15. Fresno State (10-0): Bulldogs hang 69 on New Mexico but still drop in the poll. Poll cats are a tough crowd.

November 26, 2013   No Comments

Dog Gone


    Ricardo Louis will never have to buy a drink at Auburn again.
    1. Alabama (10-0): Must-needed tuneup at Chattanooga this weekend before showdown with Auburn. Seriously, Chattanooga, in our best AI imitation, this late in the season?
    2. Ohio State (10-0): How do Buckeyes give up 35 to Illini and then Urban Meyer whines about the system? Never mind, we can answer that.
    3. Florida State (10-0): Idaho?
    4. Baylor (9-0): Track meet at Okie State.
    5. Oregon (9-1): Ducks creep back into the chase.
    6. Auburn (10-1): When I left home, it was 37-17. By the time I got to downtown L.A., listening to it on the radio, Georgia led. You know the rest of the story.
    7. Clemson (8-1): Tigers play The Citadel. Yawn.
    8. Missouri (9-1): James Franklin returns as Tigers visit Mississippi.
    9. Oklahoma State (9-1): All eyes on Stillwater on Saturday.
    10. Stanford (8-2): As we mentioned last week, trap game and Cardinal got the trap door. Thanks for playing.
    11. Michigan State (9-1): If they had a big-time offense, Spartans too could have been a contender.
    12. Louisville (9-1): Yawn.
    13. A&M (8-2): Les Miles & Co. could be looking at at least a 4-loss season. Imagine that.
    14. Fresno State (9-0): Cali love.
    15. Arizona State (8-2): Cats’ cradle threatened with Saturday trip to the Rose Bowl to meet UCLA.

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November 18, 2013   No Comments