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Thieves In The Temple?


    According to a joint statement from DraftKings and FanDuel: “Nothing is more important” than the “integrity of the games we offer.”
    Right, right.
    N.Y. Times

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We Get Mail

Farrah Abraham

    Got this gem over the weekend. Is this what they meant about don’t ride the white horse? The email:
    Last night, “Teen Mom” reality star Farrah Abraham made a special appearance at SLS Las Vegas, where she hosted the 2015 AVN Awards pre-party for Topco. The 23-year-old sex symbol arrived at LiFE Nightclub around 12:30 a.m. with new boyfriend Simon Saran, where they were joined by the ladies of Penthouse for a wild night of partying inside the hottest new mega club on the Las Vegas Strip.
    The crowd immediately welcomed the duo as they entered the venue hand in hand. Abraham was seen wearing a corset, boy shorts and chaps as she carried her latest creation, the infamous “Blowup Doll Farrah,” into the club. They began the evening with specialty cocktails and sipped champagne while Michael Woods kicked off the first performance of his exclusive ‘Tequila Nites’ residency. Drinks flowed throughout the night and culminated in the arrival of the nightclub’s epic Champagne Horse, which Abraham rode through the club as she waved a brightly colored glowstick in the air. The young star then danced the night away atop one of the nightclub’s go go boxes. She was seen throughout the night kissing and flirting with Saran as they partied and took photos together.
    Abraham was in town this weekend for her first-ever appearance at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and will be presenting tonight at the AVN Awards.

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It’s Good To Be Kings


    Jeff Schultz, Drew Doughty, Jake Muzzin, Alec Martinez, Jarret Stoll, Trevor Lewis, Tanner Pearson and backup goaltender Martin Jones took the Stanley Cup to Las Vegas, where they passed it around and filled it with beverages at XS nightclub Thursday night.
    Images courtesy of Danny Mahoney/XS Las Vegas



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Stick Of Dynamite


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Cash Cows


    Guess who tops Forbes’ list of the top-paid athletes?

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Rally Kings


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Lonnie White: 1964-2014



We met 25 years ago. Didn’t get together as much as we should have, but when we did, we laughed something fierce.
Heartbroken. Lonnie was only 49. The cause of death is unknown at this point but, unfortunately, he had health problems for years. Some days suck more than others, but this 1 delivered 1 stiff punch to the gut.
L.A. Times


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Racism Is The Bigger Problem


    Just as Greg Howard eloquently writes in his piece about the word “nigger,” there is a bigger issue that American fails to address. But when it comes to using the word “nigger,” is it a generational issue or ignorance? And who has the right to be judge and jury and tell us when, where or if we can use the word?
    For the record, we believe the NFL considering making it a penalty in using the word during a game is totally misguided. It’s almost as bad as some folks who consider themselves politicians (looking at Teddy Cruz) or the thugs who run the Republican Party, reacting to some perceived slight and putting a bandaid on what is obviously a larger problem. But that major problem, a serious discussion about race in America, will never occur in my lifetime. We just look it in the face every day and go about our business. At least some of us do.

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That’s A 10 Spot


    The Anaheim Ducks handed the New York Islanders their 10 consecutive loss in a 5-2 romp Monday night at the palace formerly known as the Pond. We duck in again to fill our glasses with ice.
    The Sports Xchange

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Ice, Ice, Baby

    Best club in hockey right now resides in Anaheim. The Ducks are a frachise-record 6-0-0 at home and own the best record in the NHL. But it’s a long and grueling season and plenty of puck to be played.
    Our blow-by-blow of the Ducks 5-2 win over the Coyotes in a matchup of 2 of the Pacific Division at the palace formerly called the Pond Wednesday night.
    The Sports Xchange

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