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Sign Of The Times


June 24, 2014   No Comments

West Coast Fantasy


    How come Deron Williams gets to hug the 1st Lady and all LeBron gets is a handshake from the President?
    LeBron James to the Clippers? Why not? Chris Paul. Blake Griffin. DeAndre Jordan. Doc Rivers. Hey, the King could piss off Kobe by pissing in his castle (the 1 that Shaq built) at Staples like the Clippers did all season in their beatdowns of the Lakers.
    Remember, the Clippers were 1 of the finalists for LeBron when he made “The Decision” and hitched up with the Heat. With a broken down D-Wade, maybe he’s looking to get hitched on the West Coast.

June 19, 2014   No Comments

Another Heat Wave


    The Heat are early favorites to win the 2015 NBA title. If Rihanna says it’s so, it must be true.

June 17, 2014   No Comments

A Happy Father’s Day

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs - 2014 NBA Finals Game Five

Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi Leonard’s father was murdered at the Compton car wash he owned in 2008. Six years later, Leonard captured the much-deserved MVP of the NBA Final after the San Antonio Spurs dispatched the Miami Heat on Sunday.
    L.A. Times

June 16, 2014   No Comments

Standing On The Verge



Another blowout put the San Antonio Spurs on the brink of knocking off the defending champion Miami Heat in the NBA Final. The Heat look like a punch-drunk fighter, moving slow, taking blow after blow after blow and their defense is about as atrocious of any top-level club.
As much as we believed the Spurs would win the series, we never guessed Boris Diaw would be pushing Kawhi Leonard for MVP.
Game 5 is Sunday in San Antonio.
USA Today

June 13, 2014   No Comments

For 1 Day, New Sheriffs In Town

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors - Game Six

    You obviously know how much we’ve touted Kawhi Leonard’s game. He rose up again tonight and put some serious star shine on his name in Game 3. Patty Mills is a favorite too. Like Leonard, they’ve done plenty of damage in Cali, where Kawhi did his at San Diego State and Mills up north at St. Mary’s.
    Game 4 is Thursday in Miami.

June 11, 2014   No Comments

That’s A Wrap



We’ll take a couple of hits from the homies, particularly since the 1 team we didn’t get right in the Final 4 is of course the Thunder. Can you find in your hearts to forgive us? Didn’t think so. We’ve still got 3 poles in the water though.
They lost Serge Ibaka in the 3rd quarter and didn’t miss a beat. MVP Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, with a big assist from Reggie Jackson and Steven Adams, showed again how lethal their 2-man game can be. Durant carried the Thunder when it mattered most.
The Clippers? They crumbled under the weight of OKC and all the other shit, but the Thunder were clearly the better club.
Now’s its a showdown of the Best in the West: Thunder vs. Spurs.
The Sports Xchange

May 16, 2014   No Comments

Crown Him


    Kevin Durant is officially awarded with an honor we knew was his at the midpoint of the season.

May 6, 2014   No Comments

Classic Series

doc2 mark jackson

    doc-mark jackson

Doc Rivers and Mark Jackson spoke for a few minutes privately after Game 7. We don’t know what was said. It could have had something to do with some verbal confrontations between several Clippers and Warriors after the game. But Rivers and Jackson hugged and praised each other immensely during the post-game interviews. Nothing but love there.
This was a wonderful series and an exciting Game 7. And the Warriors were able to take it to 7 despite playing without Andrew Bogut and Jermaine O’Neal, who played 3 minutes in the first half but was clearly unable to be effective because of a bone bruise he suffered in Game 6.
Tells you plenty about Jackson. Yeah, he panders to the cameras sometimes, but dude can coach. And he’s got a wonderful gift of gab.

May 4, 2014   No Comments

Silver Bullet Cans Donald Sterling


    You can’t change a person’s heart, but you can take away his power.
    NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was right to put the hammer down on Clippers Owner Donald Sterling.
    The lifetime ban, heavy fine and attempt to ultimately force him to lose his team were not only well within Silver’s powers, but also in the best interest of the league.
    Let’s face it though, this was an easy call for Silver.
    Sterling teed him up for the big hit by spewing his racial venom.
    The only way Silver didn’t gain total support was to do not enough.
    However, Silver set the right tone with his voice, stating not only his professional but personal outrage toward Sterling.
    Of all our professional sports leagues, race plays out largest in the NBA. It is a league that for the most part was built on the dollars of rich, older white males and the sweat of young black men.
    That alone leads to trust issues.

      Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

    But that was the old NBA, 1 that had more Sterlings leading teams then we would ever like to admit.
    Granted, not all of them are gone, but the younger owners and wiser players have filled voids left by some of the old guard who have seen their time pass.
    That’s why it was important that Silver not only hand down punishment but also send a loud message clear to all — that the NBA is not going back in time but rather continuing to move forward.
    This is not a black and white issue. This is a right and wrong issue.
    Sterling was wrong. Silver got it right.
    Then again Silver had to do this.
    He had to send a message to the players that he was on their side. He had to send a message to the sponsors that he is going to hear their cries.
    Sterling will get his money when the team is finally sold. The rich always get richer. But it is important to note that the rest of the league is a winner.
    The ironic thing in all this is that more than any team in Los Angeles, the Clippers reflected the face of the city.
    Having covered sports in L.A. for 2 decades, I can tell you no team had a more diverse crowd than the Clippers.
    The very people Sterling violated with his vomit are the ones that made him rich.
    Now comes the tough questions: Are we going to hold all parties up to such standards?
    Kobe Bryant was only fined for his anti-gay slur last year during a game. Could he now be banned for a lifetime since the precedent has been set?
    If the NBA is going to become the moral sports leader he must next time.
    But that is a different story for a different time.
    Now we know that Adam Silver understands what is right and what is wrong. He understood that allowing Sterling to stay would set the league back at least 35-40 years.
    We all know times have changed, the world has changed and the games we play have changed.
    It is good to see that Silver understands that and is willing to make sure his league is really ready to change.
    No, you can’t change the hatred one spews from his mouth, but you sure can take away his microphone.
    Sterling’s silence will be golden.

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April 29, 2014   No Comments