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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

    Jason lost all credibility when he threw Tony Soprano under the bus.
    What’s the saying, opinions are like assholes? Not like we’d know.
    Fox Sports

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Who Said Money Can’t Buy Love?

    Tip of the cap to the Big Lead.
    Chris “Birdman” Andersen strolls into the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas on Friday night with fiancĂ©e Tina Wiseman.

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It’s Good To Be King

    And you thought baseball was humbling? Also, anyone know what happens to those Spurs’ NBA champions hats and T-Shirts someone is holding?
    This series was over after Game 6. The brain cramps (and damage) of Gregg Popovich and the Spurs’ inability to close made sure of it. Granted, youth prevailed over guile and experience, but the experience of Game 6 doomed the Spurs in Game 7.
    They had their chances. But there was no way the Heat, who obviously didn’t play their best either, was going to let the Spurs walk away in South Beach with the NBA title.
    Manu Ginobili pretty much said it all. After saying how he was “devastated” after Game 6 (that must have really boosted the confidence of Spurs’ fans), he admitted after Game 7 that his “head was still in Game 6.”
    No shit Sherlock? If you ask us, Ginobili’s head wasn’t in Game 6 either.
    But give LeBron and the Heat credit. Winning back-to-backs is quite difficult, particularly when you carry the burden of the greatest player on the planet and his sidekick Dwyane Wade. They’ve got plenty of haters out there. We’re not 1 of them.
    But that doesn’t matter now. As the King said, “I got no worries.”
    In other words, let’s get drunk and be somebody.

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Regardless Of The Block Party You Side With, Game 6 Will Go Down As An Ultimate Classic

    We can’t recall watching an NBA game so many twists and turns and with so much on the line. Ray Allen can put his name, at least for 1 night, beside the exploits of “Big Shot” Robert Horry.
    We’ll let our good friend Evan Barnes preach the rest of the story.
    The EB Sports Report

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How Do You Spell Gag? P-O-P

    Now why is he flopping here like a fish out of water? Maybe that’s his man shooting?
    I figured Joey Crawford might dictate the outcome of Game 6, but I never would have guessed Gregg Popovich would be the 1 having brain cramps down the stretch. How dumb could you be sticking with Manu Ginobili when he had personally given the Heat life over and over again. Pop’s excuse probably is Boris Diaw doesn’t provide much offense, but neither did Ginobili. Check the box score coach. Manu finished with 9 points (4 of those free throws; only 2 field goals) but even more deadly for the Spurs were the 8 turnovers he committed, including some major ones in money time. He also was the only player on the floor who flopped as much as LeBron and Chris Bosh (the latter surely will be nailed with another fine for another beauty late in the game).

    Diaw, who defended LeBron almost as well as our boy Kawhi Leonard, finished with 7 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists in 23 minutes. He had no turnovers. And he deserved to be on the floor at the end. Furthermore, the Spurs were +1 with Diaw playing while they were -21 with Ginobili. I’m no math major, but…
    Pop also made another huge miscalculation. On the Heat’s final 2 possessions of regulation, he decided it would be brilliant to sit Tim Duncan to defend against the 3. Trouble with that was Bosh was still on the floor. And I’m betting a year of Mo 3’s check that Bosh ain’t taking a game-tying 3 with the NBA championship on the line. Pop got away with it once, but with the Spurs on the verge of clinching the NBA title, he foolishly did it again, only to see Bosh grab the rebound over Pop’s smaller lineup and hit Ray Allen with a pass for a 3 to force overtime. You know the rest of the story. From champagne to Boones Farm.
    Granted, Pop is a Hall of Famer. But even Hall of Famers gag under the bright lights.

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Game 7 Guaranteed

    Joey Crawford will be in the house tonight in Miami. It would be great if ABC replayed this classic, but we know David Stern wouldn’t have it. But hey, if you’re going to dish out bs, like Stern is doing assigning Crawford to such a pivotal game, you should be able to take, no?

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What Are The Odds?

    The Heat are 7-point favorites to win Game 6 when the NBA Finals resume Tuesday night im Miami. So we guess that means we’re going 7, just like we tried to tell Mr. Scobey. But again, for whatever reason, he wouldn’t listen.

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Talk Of The Town

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Tony, Tony, Tony

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Sign Of The Times

    Another trick using Photoshop. Still, it will get much play on the ‘Net.

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