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Signs Of The Times

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Red Sox fans celebrated in the streets Wednesday night after Boston wrapped up the World Series with a 6-1 romp over the St. Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park. David Ortiz (was there any doubt?) was named MVP after a sizzling hitting exhibition.

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Dream Merchant

The Dream delivered a rooftop performance Saturday night at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at Paris Las Vegas. The hip-hop artist was 1 of many performing during Halloween festivities throughout the city. Also, Alex Rodriguez and his girl Torrie Wilson were spotted having a late lunch at Social House inside The Shops at Crystals.
Images courtesy of Bryan Steffy/WireImage

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Split Decision?

    Mike Scioscia and the Angels haven’t sniffed the post-season in 4 seasons. Strangely, he keeps his job. Don Mattingly? He led the Dodgers to within 2 wins of the World Series despite a ton of injuries and guided the club to 1 of the best regular-season runs in MLB history. Yet, L.A.’s finest hasn’t decided whether Mattingly will return? And Ned Colletti holds a news conference and says “we’ll talk about it?”
    That’s piss poor leadership at the top. It doesn’t get much worst than that.
    Furthermore, Mattingly was 1 of the most media friendly managers I covered this season. He frequently joked with writers and broadcasters during media sessions before games and usually answered practically any question he was asked.
    I know many Dodger fans, area writers and columnists believe he should be axed for making some questionable decisions during the season and in the playoffs. Just don’t count me as 1 of them. Considering the injury circumstances and what they had to overcome, Mattingly should be applauded for his efforts.

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What Are The Odds?

    The Red Sox are -135 compared to +115 for the Cardinals to capture the World Series. If you’re scoring at home (lucky you), the 2 clubs previously met 3 times in the World Series. The Cards won the 1946 and 1967 Series, while the Red Sox prevailed in 2004.
    Game 1 is Wednesday in Boston.

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Standing On The Verge

    If you’re a Cardinals’ fan, you’ve been here before. Like last year, when the Birds blew a 3-1 lead and lost to the Giants, who went on to win the World Series.
    Dodgers’ fans are hoping for a repeat of that farce. Game 5 is Wednesday afternoon at Dodger Stadium.
    Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Matt Holliday’s blast to land.

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Now That’s A Hands’ Job

    Juan Uribe electrified Dodger fans Monday night and provided 1 of those moments frozen in time.

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50 Years Later, Little Has Changed

    “As our country gets browner, the media gets whiter. … We’re actually losing diversity within media.” Those are the words of Dorothy Gilliam, the 1st black female reporter for the Washington Post. She was speaking with PBS’ Gwen Ifill comparing the coverage of the March on Washington 50 years ago to this week’s.
    Newsroom diversity hasn’t changed much in 50 years. And if you find us some editors who really give a shit I’ve got a bridge in Long Beach to sell you.
    Sports departments, particularly in Southern California, are the worst offenders. Not like we’re bitter or anything because we’re too old to care. We’re speaking for the young talent out there that is frequently ignored.
    Besides, I’m not here to pick on some of the good folks who work in my neck of the industry when you have so many red necks in radio. Find us a black sports radio personality (or Asian for that matter) who isn’t an ex-jock and my friend Stogie promises to deliver a pound of weed. Kidding of course.

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Big Boy Baseball

    The Pirates hit a rough patch recently. But it wasn’t anything they couldn’t solve, particularly against the lowly Padres.

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He Could Rest His Case With Low Jack

    Albert Pujols has nobody to blame but the players themselves.
    Pujols is upset that Jack Clark, a former major leaguer himself, called him out last week as a user of performance-enhancing drugs.
    The former slugger, now injured more than healthy, is even threatening to sue. He wants to make Clark pay for his words, not just eat them.
    Clark has already lost the radio show gig in which he took the shot at Pujols. Clark is also considering legal action against the radio station.
    This could be fun.
    Baseball’s past will be put on the witness stand again and early indications are somebody won’t be telling the truth.
    Pujols has always proclaimed he is clean. Some believe him, some don’t. Only he and his trainer know for sure.
    This is what baseball has left us all with. Players today are presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence.
    Maybe that is backwards, but more often than not there was fire where smoke was reported in the world of baseball and PEDs.
    It is hard to believe anybody in baseball when it comes to this issue.
    Nobody believed Jose Canseco when he blew the whistle on himself and other players and in a book. He was called every name under the sun and stars even said they would sue him.
    Not one lawsuit has been filed against Canseco and his book “Juiced” only scratched the surface. In the end, Canseco was right.
    Pujols’ dramatic drop off in production, as well as his recent injuries, leave folks to at least wonder.
    Of course, players want to be believed. However, that seems like years away.
    Pete Rose lied to us for years about his gambling habits, then finally came clean.
    Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro did the same thing when it came to steroids. Palmeiro even told congress he was clean, pointing his finger at the committee members for proof.
    In the end, he was proven to have lied.
    Baseball’s game plan has always been the same — deny, deny and deny until caught. Once caught, beg for forgiveness.
    See Ryan Braun if you don’t believe me.
    Players learned it from baseball officials themselves.
    As records were falling and players were growing, baseball execs turned a blind eye to the subject. There were rumors but nobody in baseball wanted to address the issue.
    Money was flowing, crowds were building and the game was as healthy as ever. Then came the steroid crash.
    It has left a bad taste in many mouths. The fact is a large number of players used PEDs in the past. Many got rich because of it.
    All originally denied it.
    Now Pujols wants to be believed, as does every other player. Fact is, we can’t believe anybody.
    Whether or not Pujols used anything to help his game hasn’t been a real issue for a long time.
    You can’t trust any numbers from the steroid era. It sounds great to say we believe that Pujols has always been clean but we can never know for sure.
    This is the burden for the clean players who didn’t speak up during the steroid era. That was the time when they should have screamed the loudest.
    Now is too late.
    For that, players like Pujols only have themselves to blame.
    Jim Gazzolo is managing sports editor of American Press in Lake Charles, La.

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When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

    The Dodgers are 38-8 over the past 46 games. No Major League club has been on a roll such as this 1. After sweeping the Rays over the weekend, the Dodgers prevailed again by rallying for a 4-2 victory over the Metropolitans.
    Imagine if they win it all Angels’ fans. I know, your worst nightmare. But the Angels have provided a huge assist by refusing to re-sign Zack Greinke and allowing him to go to the Dodgers. Instead, the Angels wasted their money on drama king Josh Hamilton. How’s that working out?

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