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Royal Flush

Think they might be a good bet in an even year? Nah, we didn’t think so.

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Oscar Taveras: 1992-2014



To take a page from the wonderful Warren Hill, when no words are spoken. RIP.

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To Borrow Page From Tommy, Couldn’t Hit Water (Or Kershaw) If They Fell Out A Boat


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Signs Of The Times

Who would have guessed Tony Gwynn would die 6 months after Jerry Coleman?

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Tony Gwynn: 1960-2014


    Didn’t know Mr. Gywnn well but was fortunate enough to engage him in small talk several times last season in San Diego. During 1 of our last conversations, I proudly mentioned I lived in the LBC, about 7 minutes from his beloved Long Beach Poly, where he was better known as a hooper. He lit up. “Gotta get back up there,” he said.
    He never did.
    Life’s a bitch and then you die. For Aztecs fans, they went from the high of Kawhi Leonard to the cruel reality Gwynn was dead less than 24 hours later. That sucks.
    One of the best pieces I’ve read today on Mr. Padre.

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Cash Cows


    Guess who tops Forbes’ list of the top-paid athletes?

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Armed Robbery

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Bob Welch: 1956-2014


    The former A’s and Dodgers’ pitcher, who won a Cy Young in 1990, passed Monday in Seal Beach of an apparent heart attack. He was only 57.
    Oakland Tribune

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Don Zimmer: 1931-2014



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The Odyssey Of Yasiel Puig



The Dodgers’ outfielder has been the focus of several stories about his escape from Cuba and some of the shady characters who supposedly assisted his efforts. Actually, that might be putting it mildly.
Here’s the initial story that created much of the discussion.
L.A. Magazine

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