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Category — MLB

Bob Welch: 1956-2014


    The former A’s and Dodgers’ pitcher, who won a Cy Young in 1990, passed Monday in Seal Beach of an apparent heart attack. He was only 57.
    Oakland Tribune

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Don Zimmer: 1931-2014



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The Odyssey Of Yasiel Puig



The Dodgers’ outfielder has been the focus of several stories about his escape from Cuba and some of the shady characters who supposedly assisted his efforts. Actually, that might be putting it mildly.
Here’s the initial story that created much of the discussion.
L.A. Magazine

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Lonnie White: 1964-2014



We met 25 years ago. Didn’t get together as much as we should have, but when we did, we laughed something fierce.
Heartbroken. Lonnie was only 49. The cause of death is unknown at this point but, unfortunately, he had health problems for years. Some days suck more than others, but this 1 delivered 1 stiff punch to the gut.
L.A. Times


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Frank Jobe: 1925-2014


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Racism Is The Bigger Problem


    Just as Greg Howard eloquently writes in his piece about the word “nigger,” there is a bigger issue that American fails to address. But when it comes to using the word “nigger,” is it a generational issue or ignorance? And who has the right to be judge and jury and tell us when, where or if we can use the word?
    For the record, we believe the NFL considering making it a penalty in using the word during a game is totally misguided. It’s almost as bad as some folks who consider themselves politicians (looking at Teddy Cruz) or the thugs who run the Republican Party, reacting to some perceived slight and putting a bandaid on what is obviously a larger problem. But that major problem, a serious discussion about race in America, will never occur in my lifetime. We just look it in the face every day and go about our business. At least some of us do.

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Word Of Mouth

rap brown

    Two writers offer different opinions regarding the use of the most discussed word in the English language.
    The Shadow League

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Jim Fregosi: 1942-2014

Jim Fregosi

    A good man with an awesome personality. Fregosi, a baseball lifer and former Angels manager, passed earlier Friday after suffering a series of strokes on Thursday. He was 71.
    An appreciation from Hall of Fame writer Ross Newhan.

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Ralph Kiner: 1922-2014


    The Hall of Famer passed Thursday at his home in Rancho Mirage (Calif.). He was 91.

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Fight’s Over, Dude


    Time for Alex Rodriguez to go.
    Time for him to take his bat, ball, glove and syringes and be gone.
    Just leave. You are no longer wanted around these parts.
    We will see you in a year if you are still healthy.
    Goodbye and good luck.
    Rodriguez won’t leave, of course.
    Having been sent to his room by Major League Baseball, Rodriguez refuses to go. Or at least go quietly.
    Instead, he is going kicking and screaming.
    Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz’s decision over the weekend was to reduce Rodriguez’s suspension from baseball to the upcoming year.
    But A-Rod vows we haven’t heard the last of him.
    He doesn’t get it. He fought the system and the system won.
    Time to move on. Rodriguez owes that to baseball.
    He owes it to the fans who have supported him, to the game he claims to love so much and made him so rich.
    He owes it to all of us who are tired of him and he might even owe it to himself.
    Sure it is hard to give up $25 million, but he has plenty of toys in his room to play with.
    Horowitz’s decision should bring the final curtain down on this sad saga A-Rod has brought upon himself.
    Once the best player in the game, he has become a clown in the performance-enhancing drug circus.
    He has lied, cheated and now is threatening to steal back the spotlight from the game itself.
    Time for him to go.
    This should not be the end of Rodriguez. He could still come back. American loves comeback stories.
    But 1st you have to be gone, and he just won’t leave.
    What he should do is go play baseball for fun. Show us how much he loves the game.
    Go become a volunteer high school coach back home. Get back to your roots.
    Teach the kids not only how to hit, but give them an education in what can be lost if you don’t play the game right.
    He could turn around his legacy just as quickly as he soured it.
    Then, in a year, try to get back into baseball.
    Come clean about what you have done and ask for forgiveness. Tell the Yankees you want to be part of their team again and then show them how hard you have worked to get back into shape.
    If they say no, check and see if anybody else would like you.
    You might even want to give back some of that money to a charity or two. That never looks bad.
    Earn the public’s respect before you try to play the game again.
    And those who think baseball came out clean, don’t. League officials are just as messy even after victory.
    They had to get in bed with Anthony Bosch, the founder of the Miami-based Biogenesis clinic who told “60 Minutes” Sunday he injected Rodriguez with PED’s.
    That’s like showering in sewage.
    Baseball paid off Bosch’s legal bills to get him to “come clean” on what he provided to players, including Rodriguez.
    The incident shows Major League Baseball is really trying to clean the game up. The league has been doing this for some time.
    However, that has come years after the game’s officials turned their heads as players abused steroids and other PEDs to set records and turn themselves into body builders more than baseball players.
    All the time, Baseball officials were cashing in on the game’s growing popularity.
    Rodriguez might be telling the truth when he takes shots at Baseball’s brass, but he’s still wrong to keep up a losing fight.
    A-Rod might be right, Baseball was after him as if it were on a witch hunt. Problem is, they caught a witch.
    Jim Gazzolo is managing sports editor at American Press in Lake Charles, La. He is a frequent contributor.

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