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People Who Know More About Big Game

More Super Bowl predictions.
USA Today

February 1, 2014   No Comments

Doing It With His Dez On

    ESPN has been milking the Dez Bryant controversy more than anyone. And not in a good way. But our good friend Michael Tillery has a different take. He’s taken the gloves off and throwing haymakers.
    The Starting Five

October 29, 2013   No Comments

Nuts & Bolts: Cowboys Receive A Jolt

    The Chargers blanked the Cowboys in the 2nd half and scored 20 unanswered points. Oh doctor.
    Our quick hitter.
    USA Today

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Head Hunters

    The violent hits continue on a weekly basis in the NFL. As Chargers’ wide receiver Malcom Floyd said to a group of reporters Monday, “It’s part of the game.”
    Unfortunately, it is. Football is a game of violence. Still, hits like the 1 Washington’s Brandon Meriweather delivered on Green Bay’s James Starks shouldn’t be tolerated. Anytime a player launches himself into another 1 helmet 1st he should pay for the repercussions, whether by suspension or a big hit to his wallet. For Meriweather and his stupidity, the blow cost him with his own concussion and he will be out for Week 3.
    Writers Erik Brady and Gary Mihoces deliver a thoughtful piece. I make some very small contributions with a few quotes from Floyd.
    USA Today

September 16, 2013   No Comments

No Shit Sherlock?

    Reminds me of my field and of course life in general for black folks.
    African American coaches rarely get a 2nd chance, unlike their white counterparts, to land gigs as head coaches or coordinators in the NFL after they are fired, according to a study. What else is new?
    USA Today

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Only In Vegas: Legend, Legends, Golf & More

What, no Charles Barkley?
John Legend will entertain during a private performance at Aria Resort & Casino in Vegas during the 12th Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Celebration on Friday. Legend will perform at an invite-only party.
Seeing that you probably can’t score that, maybe you might try getting a glimpse of the celebs and high rollers during the golf tournament, which runs Thursday through Sunday. A 2-day celebrity-amateur affair, which pairs 1 celebrity with 4 amateurs (they didn’t tell us what kind of “amateurs”), will tee off Thursday and Friday. The main event is a 36-hole scramble format tournament.
Among the celebs scheduled to attend: Marcus Allen; Anthony Anderson; Miles Austin; Brian Baumgartner; Jerome Bettis; Wayne Brady; Chevy Chase; Brandi Chastain; Chris Chelios; Roger Clemens; Vince Coleman; Brian Cushing; Richard Dent; Julius Erving; Josh Freeman; Dwight Freeney; Wayne Gretzky; Ken Griffey Jr.; Penny Hardaway; Brett Hull; Dan Jansen; Dustin Johnson; Janet Jones-Gretzky; Toni Kukoc; Mario Lemieux; Greg Maddux; Win McMurry; Christina Milian; Von Miller; DeMarco Murray; Kevin Nealon; Jonathan Ogden; Paul O’Neill; Jake Owen; Michael Phelps; Ahmad Rashad; Jerry Rice; Salli Richardson; Rob Riggle; Stuart Scott; Ozzie Smith; Jason Taylor; Alan Thicke; Winky Wright; and Adrian Young.
Daily general admission passes: $30/Thursday-Sunday; weekly general admission passes: $100/Thursday-Sunday; daily VIP passes: $150/Thursday-Sunday; and weekly VIP passes: $500/Thursday-Sunday.

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Norv Turner 2.0?

October 20, 2012   No Comments

Put A Star On It

    A Cowboys-Steelers Super Bowl? Now that’s an NFL prediction that surely will make Cowboy fans and their cheerleaders happy.

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Will Tiger (If He Hasn’t Already) Hit It?

    From SI’s Extra Mustard: sent out some newly offered prop bets Tuesday. You can actually bet on these things.
    Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend will be?
    Professional athlete: 1-2; professional actor: 2-1; professional musician: 3-1.
    If Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend is a professional athlete what sport will he play?
    Football: 1-2; baseball: 5-2; basketball: 7-2; soccer: 10-1; golf: 15-1; tennis: 20-1; hockey: 25-1.
    Will Kim Kardashian date Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher or Jessie James in 2011-2012?
    Yes: 20-1
    Extra Mustard

November 2, 2011   No Comments

Thug Nation

    Though they aren’t as ruthless and heartless as some of their good friends in the Republican Party, Roger Goodell and the NFL owners are close. Even before the players got a chance to see the proposed collective bargaining agreement, the owners paraded in front of the cameras to pat themselves on the back. Many in the media bought their line of crap and pressured the players to approve the deal.
    Not so fast.
    Oakland Tribune

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