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Is This What They Call A Wet Dream?

    Didn’t think so. Regardless, we extend the dreams of 15.
    1. Alabama (8-0): Imagine the expression on St. Nick’s face if a trick-or-treater showed up in an LSU jersey and a Les Miles mask. He’ll have plenty of time to get over it with a week off before showdown with LSU.
    2. Oregon (8-0): Ducks took 3 quarters to shake UCLA but then they shook them like…well a Polaroid picture.
    3. Ohio State (8-0): Buckeyes continue to rule the ACC North.
    4. Florida State (7-0): Hurricane warning for Miami fans: Jameis Winston and ‘Noles are forces to be deal with. Run for cover.
    5. Baylor (7-0): Bears get the weekend off before tracking and smacking “Big Game” Bob in a Thursday night (Nov. 7) special.
    6. Stanford (7-1): Capable of slowing Oregon? Must-see TV. Nov. 7.
    7. Miami (7-0): Good luck with that Florida State outing.
    8. Clemson (7-1): By process of elimination.
    9. Auburn (7-1): With Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema crying again, expect the Tigers to feast on Hogs.
    10. Missouri (7-1): We like our Tigers all in a row.
    11. LSU (6-2): Now Les Miles would exhibit a sense of humor if someone showed up at his house dressed as St. Nick. He might bust his balls, but still…
    12. Oklahoma State (6-1): Miles’ old U might encounter some turbulence from an upset Red Raiders bunch Saturday at Texas Tech. Still, delivering a beatdown at Iowa State was definitely impressive.
    13. Louisville (7-1): Whatever happened to Teddy Ballgame?
    14. Fresno State (6-0): We’ll excuse Bulldogs for taking a half to show up against San Diego State.
    15. Oklahoma (7-1): Since Texas Tech wasn’t available and OU is keeping this spot warm for someone else…

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Poll Cats? Yes We Do

    It took us a few weeks to get our bearings (especially after we got a glimpse of this dude), but as our good friend Rasheed says, ball don’t lie. Ask Lane Kiffin.
    Without further adieu, our debut Top 15 college football poll.
    1. Alabama (4-0): Can’t wait to hear St. Nick rave about how big a challenge beating Georgia State will be.
    2. Stanford (4-0): It locks horns with an overrated Washington club Saturday.
    3. Oregon (4-0): Ask Cal what it feels like getting pissed on in the rain by a flock of Ducks.
    4. Ohio State (5-0): Mild test at Northwestern this weekend but Buckeyes should ace it.
    5. Clemson (4-0): Tigers always have a brain cramp. And we do mean always. It won’t occur against Syracuse but expect 1 before the end of the season.
    6. Louisville (4-0): Soft schedule might allow Cards to run the table. Still, we’re big fans of Teddy Ballgame.
    7. Florida State (4-0): Jury still out on ‘Noles.

      8. Georgia (3-1): For a change, Bulldogs didn’t gag 1 away in impressive win over LSU.
      9. UCLA (3-0): When you’ve got a good coach and score USC recruits, great things can happen.
      10. Texas A&M (4-1): Aggies play bye before venturing to Mississippi, where there are plenty of hurt feelings. Especially after having to listen to the dude above.
      11. Baylor (3-0): Bears will do what Okie State could not and poke West Virginia.
      12. LSU (4-1): We’re still in shock Tigers put up 41 points in loss to Georgia.
      13. Miami (4-0): Life is grand when you play in the ACC.
      14. Oklahoma (4-0): Tell us again why OU can’t find a quarterback that can hit a moving target?
      15. South Carolina (3-1): Because every poll loves a cock sucker.

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Open Mike

    A chat with Washington State Coach Mike Leach at the Pac-12 Media Day festivities Friday at the Sony Studios Lot in Culver City was the highlight of my day. He didn’t know where Boley was, but when I started giving him nearby towns and cities he asked “over by Seminole?” in his country drawl. Yeah, that’s close Coach.
    The rest of the story.

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12 Pac Comes With Cardinal Rules

In case you were wondering, that’s UCLA Coach Jim Mora flanked by Xavier Su’a Filo and Anthony Barr (aka Billy Bad Ass) and 1 of our favorite wide receivers, USC’s Marqise Lee. Coach David Shaw is below
Oregon is the favorite to capture the 2013 Pac-12 football title, according to a preseason poll released Friday of media members who cover the conference.
Our pick: Stanford. Hands down. No Pac-12 team has talent like Coach Shaw’s Cardinal. They rock and should compete for a national championship.
Still, Oregon is the choice in the North Division by 14 of the 25 voters (we don’t qualify as 1 but you knew that) for a total of 139 points. Thirteen of those pollsters predicted the Ducks also would win the Pac-12 title game.
Stanford finished second in the poll in the North, garnering 11 first-place votes in the division race. The Cardinal also got eight votes to three for UCLA to be the team to lose to Oregon in the conference championship game.
Did we mention we were picking Stanford? Oh.
Speaking of O’s, Oregon State (91 points) and Washington (81 points) were selected as the No. 3 and No. 4 teams in the North, while Cal (45 points) got the nod to finish ahead of Wazzu for last place in the division. We’ll go out on a limb and say Cal sinks to the bottom below Wazzu (that’s Washington State for you geographically challenged fans or ones who have trouble following the lingo).
UCLA was rightfully tabbed the favorite in the South Division, receiving 130 points and 12 first-place votes. Arizona State, which earned nine first-place votes, collected 124 points and was picked to finish second in the South. USC, which tanked like a fat lady in a 2-piece bikini, finished third with four first-place votes and 113 points.
Arizona (73 points) and Utah (58 points) were the No. 4 and No. 5 choices in the South, with Colorado landing only 27 points and the favorite to finish in the cellar of the division. Who knows with these 3.
If you’re scoring at home (lucky you), the media has hit 28 of 52 of their picks, 11 of the last 13. Last year, our colleagues picked Oregon. The Ducks and Cardinal finished with 8-1 conference marks but Shaw’s redemption occurred because his crew punked Oregon in Eugene.

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Progress? I Don’t Think So

    I laughed when a string of lily white sports-talk radio hosts recently raked former Colorado Coach Jon Embree over the coals for stating the obvious after he was fired as head coach.
    “We don’t get 2nd chances,” Embree said, speaking of black coaches. “We get bad jobs and no time to fix it.”
    Do you really have to be a black man to know Embree speaks the truth? Or is this another case of the white sports media being misinformed and burying its head in the sand again?
    It never ceases to amaze me the number of idiots preaching nonsense from the idiot box (is that you Jesse Palmer?) and even more so on talk radio. It seems the sports media isolates itself from reality and the rest of society. They seem to run with that crowd that repeats ad nauseum how we elected a black president to a 2nd term, so isn’t that proof racism is dead and gone?
    Uh, no.
    Sporting News

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What Do You Mean We’re 3rd In BCS?

    Are there any teams better than Alabama and Oregon?
    I imagine Kansas State and Notre Dame (sit down Louisville) will object, but neither can dispute the way the Tide and Ducks rose to the occasion this weekend.
    The mighty Ducks, who rolled through Monte Kiffin’s USC defense so fast there is smoke still rising from the Coliseum, are in class by themselves offensively. Defensively, ‘Bama is as good as anyone. But it was the Tide’s offense that bailed them out against LSU.
    This week’s wacky 15. Read ‘em and leap.
    1. Alabama (9-0): Could it suffer a letdown against A&M?
    2. Oregon (9-0): By hammering SC, UCLA is ranked higher in the BCS standings than the Trojans for the 1st time in more than a decade.
    3. Kansas State (9-0): ‘Cats run the table and they probably will play for a BCS national championship. You reading this Bob Stoops?
    4. Notre Dame (9-0): Irish benefit from Pitt’s coaching incompetence.
    5. Ohio State (10-0): It must suck that this run doesn’t count for much.
    6. Georgia (8-1): ‘Dawgs might get a chance to play for something if they don’t gag before the SEC championship.
    7. Florida State (8-1): Louisville is ranked higher in the BCS rankings. What’s up with that?
    8. Florida (8-1): Will give Gators benefit of the doubt for being drunk and disorderly and beating Missouri by only 7.
    9. LSU (7-2): Instead of shaking up the rankings, Tigers can do little else except take their frustrations out Saturday on Mississippi State.
    10. Clemson (8-1): Tigers have circled Nov. 24, when they face South Carolina.
    11. South Carolina (7-2): Before ‘Cocks face Clemson, they try to poke Hogs on Saturday before a tune-up against Wofford. Yep, you read that right.
    12. Louisville (9-0): Cards’ unbeaten season could come down to a pivotal meeting at Rutgers on Nov. 29.
    13. Oklahoma (6-2): I’m almost hoping Sooners clash with SC in the Holiday Bowl. Could happen.
    14. Oregon State (7-1): We should get a clue about Beavers on Saturday, when they Stanford.
    15. Texas A&M (7-2): Did we mention we’re big Kevin Sumlin fans? He will be huge in Aggieville if he can pull off an upset of ‘Bama.

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Eye Opener

    Wait until Lane Kiffin gets wind of this.
    The Old Ball Coach is at it again. Steve Superior, aka Steve Spurrier, and columnist Ron Morris of the State newspaper in Columbia, S.C., have been feuding for years. Spurrier gets his panties tied in a bunch over some of the columns Morris writes. Last season, Spurrier refused to speak to the media for 2 days over a column Morris wrote. Dude, lighten up.
    Kill the messenger? You bet. Many college football coaches are starting to believe that’s the answer to everything.
    In Spurrier’s case, he wants Morris fired. And some believe he will get his way.

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Not Bruin His Magic In Westwood

    Make me (Don) King for a day and I’d do UCLA a big favor by hauling out all of the junk in its program, starting with AD Dan Guerrero.
    Washington State wasted no time hiring the man who would have turned the Bruins program around. And he’ll probably land a few quality California quarterbacks, who for some strange reason avoid UCLA at all costs, to run his system.
    SB Nation

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Case Closed

    Houston 38, UCLA 34
    Just another reason UCLA needs Mike Leach. Or hell, why not Kevin Sumlin?
    Or maybe we’re wrong since the Bruins and Slick Rick seem to be a favorite of a few people to do well this season. What’s do well, 7-4? Holiday Bowl as my man Bernie Mac likes to say?
    Daily News

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Still On The Outside Looking In

    Instead of preparing a college football team for the upcoming season, Mike Leach is still seeking another head coaching job. Leach has been traveling the country signing his book, “Swing Your Sword,” which details some of the controversy that led to his dismissal at Texas Tech.
    We’ve been begging UCLA to hire him. Maybe when Richard Gerald Neuheisel (yes, that would be Slick Rick) falls on his face again this season, the Bruins will seriously consider hiring Leach. Imagine the jolt he’d give the program and imagine the large number of talented kids, particularly here in Southern California, that would knock down his door to play for him. Makes too much sense, no?

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