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Word Of Mouth

rap brown

    Two writers offer different opinions regarding the use of the most discussed word in the English language.
    The Shadow League

February 25, 2014   No Comments

Poll Cats? Yes We Do

    It took us a few weeks to get our bearings (especially after we got a glimpse of this dude), but as our good friend Rasheed says, ball don’t lie. Ask Lane Kiffin.
    Without further adieu, our debut Top 15 college football poll.
    1. Alabama (4-0): Can’t wait to hear St. Nick rave about how big a challenge beating Georgia State will be.
    2. Stanford (4-0): It locks horns with an overrated Washington club Saturday.
    3. Oregon (4-0): Ask Cal what it feels like getting pissed on in the rain by a flock of Ducks.
    4. Ohio State (5-0): Mild test at Northwestern this weekend but Buckeyes should ace it.
    5. Clemson (4-0): Tigers always have a brain cramp. And we do mean always. It won’t occur against Syracuse but expect 1 before the end of the season.
    6. Louisville (4-0): Soft schedule might allow Cards to run the table. Still, we’re big fans of Teddy Ballgame.
    7. Florida State (4-0): Jury still out on ‘Noles.

      8. Georgia (3-1): For a change, Bulldogs didn’t gag 1 away in impressive win over LSU.
      9. UCLA (3-0): When you’ve got a good coach and score USC recruits, great things can happen.
      10. Texas A&M (4-1): Aggies play bye before venturing to Mississippi, where there are plenty of hurt feelings. Especially after having to listen to the dude above.
      11. Baylor (3-0): Bears will do what Okie State could not and poke West Virginia.
      12. LSU (4-1): We’re still in shock Tigers put up 41 points in loss to Georgia.
      13. Miami (4-0): Life is grand when you play in the ACC.
      14. Oklahoma (4-0): Tell us again why OU can’t find a quarterback that can hit a moving target?
      15. South Carolina (3-1): Because every poll loves a cock sucker.

September 30, 2013   No Comments

Progress? I Don’t Think So

    I laughed when a string of lily white sports-talk radio hosts recently raked former Colorado Coach Jon Embree over the coals for stating the obvious after he was fired as head coach.
    “We don’t get 2nd chances,” Embree said, speaking of black coaches. “We get bad jobs and no time to fix it.”
    Do you really have to be a black man to know Embree speaks the truth? Or is this another case of the white sports media being misinformed and burying its head in the sand again?
    It never ceases to amaze me the number of idiots preaching nonsense from the idiot box (is that you Jesse Palmer?) and even more so on talk radio. It seems the sports media isolates itself from reality and the rest of society. They seem to run with that crowd that repeats ad nauseum how we elected a black president to a 2nd term, so isn’t that proof racism is dead and gone?
    Uh, no.
    Sporting News

December 9, 2012   No Comments

USC’s Garrett Still Has 1 Huge Fan

    Though he has taken a beating in the media and got run out of his position as athletic director at USC, Mike Garrett still has fans in high places. From the popular letters section of the L.A. Times today:
    “There doesn’t seem to be much love shown for Mike Garrett and I would like to correct this if I may. I think in the future, the last 17 years will be known as 1 of the Golden Ages of USC sports. It is doubtful to me if we will ever win as many NCAA championships in such a short period of time as we have done under Mike. The football was fun; the basketball was fun; the track & field a glimmering of its past glory under impossible circumstances (the limitation of scholarships imposed on USC).
    I would also like to point out that for 50 years as a loyal Trojan, I prayed for someone with the ability, foresight and courage to attempt to build our own sports arena. This was accomplished by Mike Garrett even though there were numerous predecessors who attempted unsuccessfully to do the same thing.
    Let’s not kid ourselves — things were wonderful under Mike and although I hope things will be even better under Pat Haden, I think we owe Mr. Garrett a very deep debt of gratitude.”

    Jerry H. Buss
    El Segundo

July 24, 2010   No Comments

Backfield In Motion

    Pat Haden will take over as athletic director at USC, replacing Mike Garrett, who is retiring. At least that’s the story at SC and I’m sure officials are sticking to it. That isn’t the only change on the Trojan landscape.
    The school announced it is returning Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy and ordered on-campus murals of Bush and former SC basketball star O.J. Mayo to be removed.
    And your point is? Seriously.

July 20, 2010   No Comments

Letting His Guard Down

    He’s got a ton of critics, L.A. Times sportswriters being among the most consistent ones, but USC AD Mike Garrett also has plenty of supporters. They believe all the heat he gets from overzealous boosters and others is unfair and frequently unjustified. Despite the criticism, USC athletics have flourished since Garrett became AD in 1993. But now with the NCAA breathing down the school’s neck again for the Reggie Bush affair and the troubles surrounding O.J. Mayo, the critics are barking again and some would love to see his departure. Garrett gets the blame for all the problems SC encounters.
    L.A. Times

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February 13, 2010   No Comments