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Fraud Vs. Fraud

    Proof that love is blind.
    We couldn’t make this stuff up even if we tried.
    The Clippers, the epitome of fiction, and Mike Dunleavy are trading punches again, with the club accusing the former coach/general manager of fraud and Dunleavy doing much of the same. It all comes down to Donald Sterling performing his best Al Davis impersonation and refusing the pay the money it owes Dunleavy. Why the Clippers gave Dunleavy the ludicrous contract they did is just another lesson in their history of stupidity.
    L.A. Times

August 5, 2010   No Comments

For Clippers, This Is How You Spell Relief

    The Clippers fired Mike Dunleavy as GM today, about a month after it replaced him as head coach with Kim Hughes as the interim. Clipper fans will rejoice at this news. Dunleavy has been one of the biggest problems with the Clippers. He finally admitted he wasn’t effective as coach when he was replaced by Hughes, saying his message was no longer getting through to the players. You don’t say?
    Let the speculation game begin. There already have been rumors that Byron Scott might be in line to become the next coach, but the GM search will be just as significant since the Clippers are headed for another trip to lottery central.

March 9, 2010   No Comments

What Took So Long?

    Mike Dunleavy resigned today as coach of the Clippers, but he will remain in the front office as GM. Kim Hughes will take over as interim coach. We’re guessing the only reason Dunleavy retains his GM position is because of all the money Donald Sterling owes him. Think about it. If you’re the next head coach, do you want the guy who had the job looking over your shoulder or selecting who plays for you? And for the sake of Clipper fans, you might hold your breath that he doesn’t go out and do something stupid like trade for his son. A few years ago, Dunleavy was ready to ship out Corey Maggette for Dunleavy Jr. Ludicrous.

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February 4, 2010   No Comments