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Draft Predictions For Top 3 Quarterbacks



    Throughout the entire NFL Draft process, 3 quarerbacks have been rumored to be No. 1 overall picks at some point. Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater have plenty of hype around them, even if the Houston Texans decide to pass. With the draft about a week away, where will these guys have a chance to put up fantasy football numbers in the fall? Here are the final predictions.

    Johnny Manziel – Cleveland Browns
    With Brian Hoyer looking solid so far, Cleveland might be willing to take a chance on Manziel with the No. 4 pick. He is a risky pick, but the reward could be great. He is a hybrid quarterback, capable of creating plays with his arm or his legs. Cleveland has been searching for years to land a franchise quarterback, and Manziel might just be that guy. He’s a bit undersized, but his production at the college level is hard to argue.

    Blake Bortles – Minnesota Vikings
    Minnesota seems to be in love with the former UCF standout. They have the No. 8 pick in the draft, and they initially thought they would need to move up in order to grab him. He would have a very good shot at beating out Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder to start on Week 1. That would make him the safest pickup in fantasy football among rookie quarterbacks.

    Teddy Bridgewater – Houston Texans
    For some reason, Bridgewater continues to fall in mock drafts. In fact, many believe Derek Carr out of Fresno State will now go before him. If he falls completely out of the first round, it would be crazy to not think that the Houston Texans will consider him with the first pick in the second round. It would be pretty remarkable for the Texans to grab a former projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2nd round, but that just shows how his stock has plummeted. He figures to be a safe pick in the NFL, but the ceiling isn’t thought of as too high.


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Get Over It Already

    A survey by Forbes lists Michael Vick as the most “disliked” NFL player. Doggone. And is any coincidence that 3 of the top 10 are former USC players? Didn’t think so.

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Head Hunters

    The violent hits continue on a weekly basis in the NFL. As Chargers’ wide receiver Malcom Floyd said to a group of reporters Monday, “It’s part of the game.”
    Unfortunately, it is. Football is a game of violence. Still, hits like the 1 Washington’s Brandon Meriweather delivered on Green Bay’s James Starks shouldn’t be tolerated. Anytime a player launches himself into another 1 helmet 1st he should pay for the repercussions, whether by suspension or a big hit to his wallet. For Meriweather and his stupidity, the blow cost him with his own concussion and he will be out for Week 3.
    Writers Erik Brady and Gary Mihoces deliver a thoughtful piece. I make some very small contributions with a few quotes from Floyd.
    USA Today

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Going Tat Crazy

    The NFL is considering whether to use some popo experts to determine if tattoos on some players represent gang affiliations. Seriously. The players who like to ink up can thank alleged killer Aaron Hernandez. But, as Dave Zirin astutely points out, the no-fun league would rather examine tattoos than violence against women.
    The Nation

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Sign Of The Times

    See Cowboy fans. It could be worst.

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Fat Meat’s Greasy

    Wouldn’t we exactly call him a Po Boy, but…
    Rex Ryan, who has shed more than 100 pounds, was voted this week as the most overrated coach in the NFL. Another fat man of note, Andy Reid, finished 3rd. Bill Belichick was sandwiched between the pair.
    Sporting News

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Spread ‘Em

    Got your bets in for Week 4? It frequently looks like a jigsaw puzzle when looking at the spread and picking the winners before the weekend’s NFL games. Then, everyone is a genius by Monday morning.
    Our pick of the week: We like the 49ers to bounce back and cover against the Jets. I mean how good could the Jets’ secondary be with Joe McKnight earning a spot?
    CBS Sports

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Enough Already

    It will take much more than Joe Flacco crying about the officiating.
    You know Roger Goodell isn’t going to do anything about the replacement refs until 1 of them cost Jerry Jones or some influential owner a game. Then, all hell will break loose and the muzzle the commissioner imposed will be tossed like a bad habit.
    These scabs are blowing big calls on a weekly basis. The lack of holding penalties called on offensive linemen is off the charts.
    What gives, Roger?

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Promises, Promises

    One man’s predictions on Week 1 of the NFL season. We’re in agreement with most, but we believe the Chiefs will ground the Falcons and the Bills will upend Mark Sanchez and the Jets. Is that you Tebow?

September 6, 2012   No Comments

Green Monster?

    No question the Jets could use Maurice Jones-Drew. But so could plenty of NFL clubs. Now that the Jaguars are considering trading him, though, some believe Gang Green could be in his future. At least it’s a rumor some are starting to float.
    Would it mean the end of the Tim Tebow experiment in New York? We hope not. We love Tebow looking over the shoulder of numb nuts Mark Sanchez.
    But we all know Tebow fills the seats if he plays in Jacksonville. With or without MJD, they won’t fill anything else except the loss column.
    Rant Sports

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