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Odds To Win World Series

    Is that you Albert?
    In case you were wondering, your updated picks: Yankees (4-1); Nats and Reds (5-1); Tigers (5.5-1); A’s (6.5-1); Tigers (6-1); Giants (6.85 to 1); O’s and Cardinals (9 to 1).
    We’re leaning towards the Reds. But never count out our boys (Cards). Right Albert?
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Spin It

    With yesterday’s committment by Shabazz Muhammad and the recent one by Kyle Anderson, UCLA and its fans have high hopes of returning to the high life in college basketball. As much as we’d like to share in their enthusiasm, and we do to a certain extent, we’re still bummed Ben Howland is the Bruins coach. But blame Dan Guerrero for that 1 since both should have been shown the door after this past season’s fiasco and the circus-like atmosphere surrounding the program.
    The good news, though, is the pressure is on Howland to produce next season despite the pass he has received from the L.A. media. Obviously, if he doesn’t, you can bet the farm he’s history and maybe someone at UCLA will have the balls to boot Guerrero, too. Howland, who apparently went to the same school for offensive strategy as Mike Brown, has even promised to open up the offense. We’ll believe it when we see it. But for the players sake, let’s hope the Bruins are as fun to watch as the talent they have stockpiled. Maybe even Howland can’t screw that up.
    College Basketball Talk
    Jackie Robinson Day: Major League Baseball will celebrate the icon on Sunday.
    The day after: Fans (writers and broadcasters, too) are still stunned by the way the Lakers hammered the Spurs Wednesday night without Kobe.
    Money in the bank: With a big assist from David Stern, the Clippers deal for Chris Paul is paying off as well as any investment. Ask the Thunder.
    Will the NFL ever return to L.A.?: As fans, we could care less.
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Game Changer

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What, No Mark Grace?

    We watch plenty of baseball during the regular season and the best (and most entertaining) analyst is Mark Grace. Hands down in our book. No spot on the national stage during the playoffs? A.J. Pierzynski and no Grace? Please.

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