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Thieves In The Temple?


    According to a joint statement from DraftKings and FanDuel: “Nothing is more important” than the “integrity of the games we offer.”
    Right, right.
    N.Y. Times

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Haven’t Totally Crashed & Burned, But…

TaShawn Thomas


Did we mention our UCLA friends said Doug Gottlieb could fuck himself? Didn’t think so.
Lost a finalist (Virginia, what were we thinking?) and another Final 4 pick (Iowa State). We drank the Kool-Aid on these 2. Shame on us, Mayor Fred Hoiberg, and what’s this about Tony Bennett being the Coach of the Year again?
Wichita State, though, has really done our brackets proud. And don’t get us started on our Sooners. Had them in the Sweet 16 but its all gravy now. Jeff Goodman picked them for his Final 4, and we knew he was smoking better shit than us.

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Sign Of The Times


    1 of our all-time favorite photos.

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Bracket Powered By Gator Aid


Great minds think alike: Me and Lakers backup center Robert Sacre have the same final verdict.
Florida over Albany; Colorado over Pitt; VCU over Stephen F. Austin; UCLA over Tulsa; Ohio State over Dayton; Syracuse over Western Michigan; New Mexico over Stanford; and Kansas over Eastern Kentucky.
Florida over Colorado; UCLA over VCU; Syracuse over Ohio State; and Kansas over New Mexico.
Florida over UCLA; Syracuse over Kansas; and Florida over Syracuse for Final 4.

    Virginia over Coastal Carolina; Memphis over Geo Washington; Harvard over Cincy; Michigan State over Delaware; North Carolina over Providence; Iowa State over North Carolina Central; St. Joe’s over UConn; and Villanova over Milwaukee.
    Virginia over Memphis; Michigan State over Harvard; Iowa State over North Carolina; and Villanova over St. Joe’s.
    Michigan State over Virginia; Iowa State over Villanova; and Iowa State over Michigan State for Final 4.

Arizona over Weber State; OSU over Gonzaga (sorry Robert); OU over North Dakota State; San Diego State over New Mexico State; Baylor over Nebraska; Creighton over Louisiana Lafayette; Oregon over BYU; and Wisconsin over American.
Arizona over OSU; OU over San Diego State; Baylor over Creighton; and Oregon over Wisconsin.
Arizona over OU; Baylor over Oregon; and Arizona over Baylor for Final 4.

    Wichita State over Cal Poly; Kentucky over K-State; NC State over St. Louis; Louisville over Manhattan; UMass over Tennessee; Duke over Mercer; ASU over TexAss; and Michigan over Wofford.
    Wichita State over Kentucky; Louisville over NC State; Duke over UMass; and Michigan over ASU.
    Louisville over Wichita State; Michigan over Duke; and Louisville over Michigan for Final 4.

Final 4
Florida over Iowa State and Arizona over Louisville.

    Florida 84, Arizona 81

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What Are The Odds?

Stanford v UCLA

    According to
    FLORIDA 4/1
    ARIZONA 6/1
    KANSAS 8/1
    WICHITA ST 15/1
    VIRGINIA 15/1
    DUKE 15/1
    SYRACUSE 15/1
    WISCONSIN 20/1
    MICHIGAN 25/1
    VILLANOVA 25/1
    CREIGHTON 25/1
    IOWA ST 35/1
    UCLA 35/1
    KENTUCKY 40/1
    OHIO ST 60/1
    OKLAHOMA ST 60/1
    SAN DIEGO ST 75/1
    VCU 75/1
    ST LOUIS 100/1
    BAYLOR 100/1
    CINCINNATI 100/1
    OKLAHOMA 100/1
    U CONN 100/1
    OREGON 100/1
    NEW MEXICO 100/1
    TEXAS 100/1
    GONZAGA 100/1
    MEMPHIS 100/1
    PITTSBURGH 100/1
    IOWA 100/1
    TENNESSEE 100/1
    U MASS 200/1
    STANFORD 200/1
    PROVIDENCE 200/1
    KANSAS ST 300/1
    ST JOE’S 300/1
    ARIZONA ST 300/1
    XAVIER 500/1
    COLORADO 500/1
    BYU 500/1
    NEBRASKA 500/1
    DAYTON 500/1
    NC STATE 1000/1
    HARVARD 1000/1
    NORTH DAKOTA ST 1000/1

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Crown ‘Em

Louisville 82, Michigan 76
Worst officiated game of the tournament, but even that couldn’t distract from a superb contest. And the point was proven again that guards run the world.
Now what happened with that Fab 5 reunion?

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‘The White Elephant In The Room…’

    Come on Chris.
    Jalen Rose makes some choice observations about why the Fab 5 has been mostly the Fab 4 since Chris Webber left the group, so to speak. We’re hoping though that Webber puts aside his differences with the Univ. of Michigan and join his brothers Monday night in Atlanta, where Michigan, with its talented freshmen and Trey Burke, will try to upset 4-point favorite Louisville for the national championship.
    Hit the link, scroll down and listen to the video. It’s a little more than 5 minutes but well worth your time.

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Youth Is Served

      We became a big Mitch McGary fan today.
      Louisville already is a 3 1/2 to 4 1/2-point favorite. Should be a good 1 to watch.

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Sense Of Humor Despite Breaks Of Game

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Trojan Man: Now That’s A Lube Job

    Wonder if USC AD Pat Haden ever heard of Andy Enfield before the NCAA Tournament began? Regardless, despite the diss of a ton of L.A. coaches equally qualified for the gig, the Trojans made a bigger splash with this hire than UCLA’s lame move to to bring in Steve Alford.
    Daily News

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