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Head Hunters

    The violent hits continue on a weekly basis in the NFL. As Chargers’ wide receiver Malcom Floyd said to a group of reporters Monday, “It’s part of the game.”
    Unfortunately, it is. Football is a game of violence. Still, hits like the 1 Washington’s Brandon Meriweather delivered on Green Bay’s James Starks shouldn’t be tolerated. Anytime a player launches himself into another 1 helmet 1st he should pay for the repercussions, whether by suspension or a big hit to his wallet. For Meriweather and his stupidity, the blow cost him with his own concussion and he will be out for Week 3.
    Writers Erik Brady and Gary Mihoces deliver a thoughtful piece. I make some very small contributions with a few quotes from Floyd.
    USA Today

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Can’t Steer Clear Of The Wrong Lane

    One of the challenges for new USC AD Pat Haden will be Lane Kiffin. How he handles Kiffin and his lack of good judgment will play a huge role in the future of the Trojans’ football program.
    Kiffin hired Kennedy Pola, an assistant with the Tennessee Titans, as his new offensive coordinator. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but Kiffin did so without making a courtesy call to Titans Coach Jeff Fisher, a former player at SC.
    But it’s typical behavior for Kiffin. He just can’t help himself.
    The Tennessean

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Sex, Lies And Nutrisystem

“I didn’t know…” — Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City”
Day 2. From now until his hearing on June 10, all kinds of stories about Lawrence Taylor and what happened at a Holiday Inn in New York will make the rounds. One of the stories circulating says the alleged pimp, a little dude named Rasheed Davis, told the 16-year-old girl to lie and say she was 19 or he would beat her.
Then there’s the one about a used condom being found in Taylor’s hotel room. Circumstantial, unless the popo and their lab techs can match it to the girl.
Now we understand why Taylor’s lawyer is calling this a setup, but his wife?
Oh, and in a stunning development, Nutrisystem has already decided to cut all ties with Taylor and replace him with (gulp)…Matt Stairs?
Taylor can always be a spokesman for Holiday Inn.
N.Y. Daily News

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