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What Did I Tell You?

    We’re not sure (and neither are they) who the Trojans will hire to replace Lane Kiffin but they surely don’t deserve Kevin Sumlin. Just saying.

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Poll Cats? Yes We Do

    It took us a few weeks to get our bearings (especially after we got a glimpse of this dude), but as our good friend Rasheed says, ball don’t lie. Ask Lane Kiffin.
    Without further adieu, our debut Top 15 college football poll.
    1. Alabama (4-0): Can’t wait to hear St. Nick rave about how big a challenge beating Georgia State will be.
    2. Stanford (4-0): It locks horns with an overrated Washington club Saturday.
    3. Oregon (4-0): Ask Cal what it feels like getting pissed on in the rain by a flock of Ducks.
    4. Ohio State (5-0): Mild test at Northwestern this weekend but Buckeyes should ace it.
    5. Clemson (4-0): Tigers always have a brain cramp. And we do mean always. It won’t occur against Syracuse but expect 1 before the end of the season.
    6. Louisville (4-0): Soft schedule might allow Cards to run the table. Still, we’re big fans of Teddy Ballgame.
    7. Florida State (4-0): Jury still out on ‘Noles.

      8. Georgia (3-1): For a change, Bulldogs didn’t gag 1 away in impressive win over LSU.
      9. UCLA (3-0): When you’ve got a good coach and score USC recruits, great things can happen.
      10. Texas A&M (4-1): Aggies play bye before venturing to Mississippi, where there are plenty of hurt feelings. Especially after having to listen to the dude above.
      11. Baylor (3-0): Bears will do what Okie State could not and poke West Virginia.
      12. LSU (4-1): We’re still in shock Tigers put up 41 points in loss to Georgia.
      13. Miami (4-0): Life is grand when you play in the ACC.
      14. Oklahoma (4-0): Tell us again why OU can’t find a quarterback that can hit a moving target?
      15. South Carolina (3-1): Because every poll loves a cock sucker.

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What Took So Long?

    USC finally pulled the plug on the Kevin O’Neill era. O’Neill was in his 4th season as head coach, compiling a 7-10 mark so far. Overall, he was 48-65 at USC.
    We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. USC AD Pat Haden apparently looked the other way, at least until today, regarding O’Neill’s lengthy history of verbally abusing his players, his legendary outbursts and his occasional clashes with fans. In 2011, an altercation with an Arizona fan at a bar during the Pac-10 Tournament earned O’Neill a 1-game suspension.
    So it’s our guess that something else must have triggered O’Neill’s dismissal instead of his inability to coach.
    Many Trojan fans, though, believe Haden fired the wrong coach. They’re still screaming for Lane Kiffin’s head to be delivered on a platter.

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He’s Gone Soft On Us Again

Unlike a lot of folks, I sometimes appreciate the sarcastic style of L.A. Times columnist T.J. Simers. After all, for almost $200,000 a year, what’s better than investing in a writer who makes a living tearing sports figures to shreds?
Still, I’m trying to grasp why Simers decided to hold hands and watch last night’s BCS train wreck with embattled SC Coach Lane Kiffin, more than a week after Kiffin was labeled the “Unabomber” with that hoodie and forgettable performance in a loss to a horrible Georgia Tech team in the Sun Bowl. Come on T.J., you going soft on us again?
Simers doesn’t even ask Kiffin about the recent wave of recruits who have decommitted to USC. All we get is another tearjerker about how Kiffin is sorry he screwed up the Trojans, college football’s preseason No. 1. Try telling that to many of the SC faithful who are calling for his head.
It’s also hilarious that the 2 most divisive figures on the L.A. sports scene, Kiffin and misguided Lakers’ owner Jimmy Buss, get the softball treatment from the hardest hitting columnist in L.A.
What’s up with that dude?

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It’s A Wash: Poll Cats Rinse With Tide

    Spotting Notre Dame 10 points was kind of the oddsmakers.
    Maybe we should let the SEC settle the national championship in its title game. Or maybe the powers that be should have scheduled a ‘Bama-A&M rematch and we wouldn’t have been subjected to the beatdown we witnessed Monday night.
    Oh well. Some of us thought it would be a great game before the end of the 1st quarter.
    Our final top 15. Read ‘em leap.
    1. Alabama (13-1): St. Nick is 4-0 in national championship games. Any questions?
    2. Texas A&M (11-2): Despite not winning it all, Johnny Heisman and Aggies indulged in a little bubbly after national title game.
    3. Stanford (11-2): Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit kept pitching Oregon’s case, but maybe they missed the Cardinal-Ducks outcome.
    4. Georgia (11-2): Suicide hotline.
    5. Ohio State (11-0): We won’t kiss Urban’s rings like Brent and Herby, but it would have been interesting to see how Buckeyes would have fared.
    6. Notre Dame (12-1): Bartender, another round and double the Irish whiskey.
    7. Oregon (12-1): At least it got its coach to return.
    8. South Carolina (11-2): How about we hand the Heisman to Mr. Clowney now?
    9. Louisville (11-2): Dee Dee Bridgwater only 1 better than Teddy.
    10. Kansas State (11-2): Baylor fans might object, but…
    11. Clemson (11-2): Les Miles found out orange sunshine is more powerful than grass.
    12. Florida (11-2): “Only the Strong Survives.”
    13. LSU (10-3): Pretenders.
    14. Florida State (12-2): Still trying to figure out how a horrible Georgia Tech team can within 6 of the ‘Noles. Northern Illinois would like to know too.
    15. Boise State (11-2): A little Bronco Billy for our cowboy friends.

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Spread ‘Em

    The college football bowl season is upon us and what better source for your gambling needs than our good friend Jason Feirman (aka the Sports Prophet1). We’ll unleash our picks before week’s end, but if you need to put your money down…

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L.A.: Land Of Awful Coaches

    Did we mention Lane Kiffin? Didn’t think so.
    Mike D’Antoni is taking a beating and you know well what we think of “Has” Ben Howland. Vinny Del Negro isn’t the greatest either, but sometimes good teams cover their inefficiencies on the bench.
    Which brings us to USC’s Kevin O’Neill, the worst of them all. And that’s saying something considering how bad Howland is.
    But we won’t waste our breath on O’Neill. Fortunately, the wonderful Evan Barnes blew him out of the water.
    Rant Sports

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Progress? I Don’t Think So

    I laughed when a string of lily white sports-talk radio hosts recently raked former Colorado Coach Jon Embree over the coals for stating the obvious after he was fired as head coach.
    “We don’t get 2nd chances,” Embree said, speaking of black coaches. “We get bad jobs and no time to fix it.”
    Do you really have to be a black man to know Embree speaks the truth? Or is this another case of the white sports media being misinformed and burying its head in the sand again?
    It never ceases to amaze me the number of idiots preaching nonsense from the idiot box (is that you Jesse Palmer?) and even more so on talk radio. It seems the sports media isolates itself from reality and the rest of society. They seem to run with that crowd that repeats ad nauseum how we elected a black president to a 2nd term, so isn’t that proof racism is dead and gone?
    Uh, no.
    Sporting News

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A Sign Of Things To Come?

    We’ll see.
    With an assist from the awful play-calling of Lane Kiffin, Notre Dame strolled into the BCS national championship game after its win at USC on Saturday night. The irony of it is the Trojans, who stumbled to 7-5, were the preseason favorite to play for all the marbles, while the Irish, who capped their unbeaten regular-season run at 12-0, were an after-thought at best.
    That’s why we play the games.
    They will meet the Georgia-Alabama winner on Jan. 7. We’ll be weary of all the hype, particularly if its ‘Bama, by the time they play.
    Regardless, this week’s wacky top 15. Read ‘em and leap.
    1. Notre Dame (12-0): Plenty of folks will be rooting against them, but Irish have the best shot of ending the SEC’s string of 6 consecutive national titles.
    2. Alabama (11-1): Tide favored by a touchdown over ‘Dawgs in SEC showdown.
    3. Georgia (11-1): We believe Oregon is better, but we’ll give these crybabies the benefit of the doubt. ‘Bama won’t be as kind.
    4. Stanford (10-2): If they hadn’t made a pair of slips, Cardinal would be in the mix for the big game.
    5. Oregon (11-1): Thrill is gone.
    6. Ohio State (12-0): Unlike all the drooling ESPN types performed about Urban Meyer as Coach of the Year, we can’t resist giving some serious love to Stanford’s Dennis Shaw.
    7. Kansas State (11-1): Beat Texas and ‘Cats own the Big 12.
    8. Florida (11-1): We beg your pardon in our best Gil Scott Heron imitation. What were we thinking?
    9. LSU (10-2): This is the type of consolation prize they hand out in the SEC.
    10. South Carolina (10-2): In addition to handling in-state rival Clemson, these guys put a 28-point beatdown on Georgia earlier this season.
    11. Texas A&M (10-2): Kevin Sumlin is another coach deserving postseason honors. Tell us again he was Bob Stoops’ assistant instead of the other way around?
    12. Oklahoma (9-2): Will Sooners suffer a flat tire at TCU after flattening Okie State in 1 of the weekend’s best games?
    13. Florida State ( 10-2): Maybe Jumbo Fisher will let his team’s play do the talking instead of the coach doing it all next time.
    14. Nebraska (10-2): Big Ten champs doesn’t have much of a ring to it. Sorry Prall.
    15. Clemson (10-2): Still cockeyed over loss to South Carolina.

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No Way SC Beats Notre Dame, Right?

    Didn’t think so.
    South Bend Tribune

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