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What Are The Odds?

Boston Celtics v Sacramento Kings

    NBA coaches expected to get the shaft 1st? Byron Scott and Derek Fisher are high on the list but George Karl has the starring role.

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13 Years Ago

    1 of the greatest of all times.

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Draft Tier


    Plenty of NBA clubs have needs. Some more than others. The latter sreams you Laker fans.
    We’re on record as saying they’ll grab Marcus Smart, but the Mitch Kupchak in us says Aaron Gordon, if he’s around. Or will Joel Embiid fall into their lap?

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NBA Playoffs: Shot Of Crown With Dat



We keep going back and forth on our pick to win the NBA title. Guess that means we’re as shaky as a $3 bill. Still, unlike last year, when we were within a Gregg Popovich brain cramp from cashing our little meager ticket in Vegas, we believe we’ve got a winner this time.
Three teams could win it all in our book, but none of them are named Thunder, Clippers, Rockets or Lakers. Oops, sorry Laker fans. What were we thinking?
Anyway, without further adieu.
Eastern Conference
Pacers over Hawks in 6; Bulls over Wizards in 7; Nets over Raptors in 7; and Heat over Bobcats in 5.
Pacers over Bulls in 6 and Heat over Nets in 6.
Heat over Pacers in 7.
Western Conference
Thunder over Grizzlies in 7; Clippers over Warriors in 6; Rockets over Blazers in 6; and Spurs over Mavs in 5.
Clippers over Thunder in 7 and Spurs over Rockets in 6.
Spurs over Clippers in 6.
NBA Finals
Spurs over Heat in 6.

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Now And Zen


    Phil Jackson sits for a Q&A with writer Sam Amick. Don’t hold your breath Laker fans. He’s not coming back as coach.
    USA Today

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Taking The 5th

Lamar Odom Flips Out On Photographers In Los Angeles


You reading this Lamar? Want your old job? Didn’t think so.
The Sixers came to L.A. looking for some thrills. As luck would have it (every squirrel gets a nut) Philly found its thrills beating the Lakers for only their 2nd road win this season. Philly caught Cleveland to tie for the worst road mark at 2-13. How about that? The banged-up Lakers were in a giving mood, dropping their 5th straight.
Other lowlights: Mike D’Antoni got a little testy with a reporter before the game after the scribe asked why Laker reserve point guard Kendall Marshall wasn’t playing. “He’s not as good as ‘X,’” D’Antoni said, referring to Xavier Henry. “He’s got to be better than the point guard we have out there. And ‘X’ right now is doing a pretty good job. The other thing going against him is I don’t know him. I’ve maybe seen him play two minutes. I don’t think we’re at the point to experiment. He’s trying to find his way in the league. Hasn’t established that yet.”
Lo and behold Marshall spelled Henry when the latter strained his knee, then played 16 minutes and scored 8 points and handed out 3 assists. The rest of the story…
The Sports Xchange

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Buss A Nut

    Doesn’t this photo say think twice before you sign this guy? Didn’t think so.
    Proof the world (or Jimmy Buss) has gone mad: The Lakers are considering waiving bye-bye to World Peace but signing Chris Kaman. Can’t make this shit up. Who would have guessed? Did someone mention Lamar Odom is on the horizon?

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

    Jason lost all credibility when he threw Tony Soprano under the bus.
    What’s the saying, opinions are like assholes? Not like we’d know.
    Fox Sports

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Sign Of The Times

    Maybe the Lakers will bring back Andrew Bynum after Dwight tells them he just can’t stomach Mike D’Antoni.
    Is this the best the Lakers can do? I can still remember when players used to beg to come to L.A. They still do but now they want to be Clippers.
    Handing the keys of a Ferrari (yep, I’m looking at you Jim Buss) to a kid who’s used to driving a Pinto is only asking for big trouble. If I were you Laker fans, I’d stock up the liquor cabinet.

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Let Me Guess: Keyshawn Left Him Tickets?

      Did we mention the Heat are a 6-point favorite in Game 1? Didn’t think so.
      We’ve already told you the 5-letter word on our betting slip in what could be an epic series. Here’s a link to the schedule too when you forget where yours is or too drunk to find it.
      USA Today

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