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NBA All-Star Snubs


    Doesn’t get any bigger than Run DMC. Damian Lillard will probably take Kobe’s spot which will cure 1 wrong but the DMC omission is just criminal. Tim Duncan? Seriously?
    USA Today

January 30, 2015   No Comments

James Gang Blows Through Lakers


    As much as we love Nick Young, he might benefit from avoiding ducking out when things don’t go his way. Jordan Hill would never do that. Did we mention the Clippers could seriously use Hill? Didn’t think so.
    Denzel and Norm Nixon sat side-by-side and watched James Harden, 1 of the greatest of all time to come out of nearby Artesia High (Calif.), smoothly guide the Rockets by the Lakers. The hotline for the NBA’s leading scorer: 37 points, 8 boards and 5 assists.
    The rest of the story…
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January 26, 2015   No Comments

Gangs Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight

Heat Lakers

    The Lakers shot 31.5 percent but had a chance to take the Miami Heat to overtime until Kobe Bryant bricked a 3-pointer with 1.9 seconds left. Such is life in the NBA for these 2 franchises.
    The good news, though, is LeBron will be in town for 2 games on Thursday and Friday.

January 14, 2015   No Comments

Another Slam Dunk


    Byron Scott insists there is no rivalry between the Lakers and Clippers. Maybe not, but the Clippers own the Lakers right now, pounding them again Wednesday night in the latest meeting of the Staples Center co-tenants. How bad has it been for the Lakers? The Clippers have beaten them an average of more than 27 points per game in their last 5 meetings.
    The Sports Xchange

January 8, 2015   No Comments

Win, Win For Thunder


    Despite getting their asses kicked in Oakland Monday night, the Thunder made a helluva deal before the game. We’re big fans of Dion Waiters and his game and we believe he fits perfectly paired with KD and Russell Westbrook. Only question is can Scotty not screw this up? Did we mention we’re fans of Anthony Morrow too? Didn’t think so.

January 6, 2015   No Comments

Nothing But Net

    It’s why we love the NBA. On any given night…
    Best part of Laker-Warriorts game (OK, almost) was Vlade Divac sinking a half-court shot for $90,000 going to charity. Who says this isn’t season for giving?
    Oh, and about that basketball game.
    The Sports Xchange

December 24, 2014   No Comments

Lakers’ Fans Would Hit Their Knees Every Night If They Thought They Had A Prayer


    Did we mention they renew acquaintances Friday night in L.A.?
    Kevin Durant to the Lakers when he becomes a free agent? And tell us again why he would be coming here? We’ll have what they’re smoking.
    Durant, though, with high praise again for Kobe Bryant (ask on a rainy day why we have this theory Durant called Dwight a “pussy”), made Lakers’ fan believe, maybe for a day or 2, their club would actually have a shot at him.

    USA Today

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King Pin?


December 17, 2014   No Comments

Shots Fired


    Add Rudy Gay to Kendrick Perkins’ Christmas list. First, it was Mo Speights of the Warriors, but Gay and Perkins have turned up the heat with each other. Gotta love a good pissing match.

December 16, 2014   No Comments

He Still Has Only 5 Rings


    Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for 3rd on the all-time scoring list but you know Air reminds him he still has more rings.
    Lakers Nation

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December 15, 2014   No Comments