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Family Horse


    Everybody rides.
    Nick Young stormed out of a TV interview. Nick Young? No. Kobe Bryant wasn’t happy after a beatdown by Anthony Davis and the Pelicans on Sunday night in Staples Center.
    “Guys need to come in with their thinking caps on, that’s really important,” Bryant said. “We can’t afford to make this many mental mistakes.”
    Mental mistakes?
    “It wasn’t a problem on the defensive end. It’s just mental mistakes, not paying attention to the game plan.”
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Sign Of The Times


    Chris Paul, who is president of the NBA Players’ Union, had no idea Derrick Rose took this stand Saturday until I told him after the Clippers beat the Pelicans at Staples. This is what he told me:
    “It’s something that we all got to pay attention to,” Paul said regarding the protests and fallout after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and the choking death of Garner, whose death was ruled a homicide by a New York coroner. “We talk and stuff like that. We haven’t had a chance to have an executive (committee conference) call because everyone has been playing. But it’s something we’re definitely going to talk about.”
    Let’s hope they do more than just talk.

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1 Of A Kind


    Nobody in the NBA but Kobe Bryant has scored more than 30,000 points and dished out 6,000 assists.
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Ugly Basketball At Its Finest


    Fourth quarter stats: Lakers shoot 17.4 percent (4 of 23) and Nuggets manage 23.8 (5 of 21). Both teams bricked 3s, with the Nuggets missing 7 of 8 and the Lakers missing all 7 of theirs.
    Oh doctor.
    Nuggets, somehow, prevail in OT.
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Just In The Nick Of Time


    Whether it was a coincidence or not, the Lakers won their 2nd game in 10 outings in the return of the comical and quotable Nick Young. Swaggy scored 17 points, then delivered some classic lines after the game, anointing himself as the NBA’s greatest shooter. He’s kidding (we think) of course.
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Daddy’s In The House But Its Warriors’ Big Men Who Play Splash Brothers In His Pool


    We needed an excuse to bring out 1 of our favorite Shaq and Kobe Kodak moments.
    Staples is Shaq’s house in our book. So of course we were pleased to see the Daddy back in his house Sunday night to watch the “Splash Brothers” light up the joint (inside joke about a friend who always wanted to test the copy editors by sending his story with shit like “Roche lit up the joint…” See where we’re going here? OK, maybe next time. Anyway…
    Fans were begging Shaq to suit up. Sad times in Lakerland.
    Stephen Curry (ain’t he fun to watch?) scored 30 points and handed out 15 dimes in 3 quarters, but it was the Warriors who cashed in with big men Mo Speights and Andrew Bogut. They really hammered the Lakers.
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Shaq 11-16-14

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Welcome To The Club


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Stacked Deck For OKC Without Aces


    In the last few years, fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder have pretty much always been able to rely on their 2 superstars. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were basically iron men up until last year when Westbrook had a few knee issues that plagued him throughout the season. They were both able to put up huge numbers in fantasy basketball, and they entered this upcoming season as potential NBA championship contenders. That has certainly been derailed thanks to injuries to both players. In fact, some are panicking and feeling like Oklahoma City might not even make the playoffs in the loaded Western Conference.
    After the 1st few weeks of the regular season, the Thunder are just 3-6. They are one of the worst teams in the NBA in points per game, and that is pretty much to be expected when a bunch of players have to step up in the absence of 2 All-Stars. Reggie Jackson has done an admirable job leading the team offensively, and the good news is that it should give him more confidence once the 2 best players returned.
    Westbrook’s broken hand is not really all that worrisome since it should be a fairly easy thing to bounce back from. More people are worried about Durant, though, and his fractured right foot at this point. It is something that other NBA players have gone through, and it could be a nagging injury for the rest of his career if not dealt with correctly. He is probably going to miss more time than Westbrook, and it is definitely concerning for the reigning MVP.
    The Western Conference might be loaded, Oklahoma City has shown that it is not terrible without their 2 best players. If they can play around .500 basketball or even a little below that, they will be in fine shape through Christmas. It all really depends on when their 2 best players come back, but Oklahoma City falling out of playoff contention due to a slow start might be wishful thinking by other teams instead of a realistic outcome. The crazy thing is, the team might actually be better with more confident role players thanks to this brutal stretch. People in fantasy basketball are certainly happy with the production of Reggie Jackson and Steven Adams, to name a couple.

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Look Who Got A Dub


    Lakers 107, Hornets 92
    They dropped purple and gold streamers after the Lakers won their 1st game Sunday night. They always do after a Laker win. But really?
    Al Jefferson had some classic lines. “I think they were too easy for me. That’s why I couldn’t make my shots. What I mean by too easy is that they didn’t double team me. They just let me go one-on-one. I guess I’m just not used to that.”
    We aren’t either.
    The rest of the story…
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Green Acres

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers


The Lakers cut Gerald Green 3 seasons ago. That was during the Mike Brown era. Green hasn’t forgotten it. After he torched Byron Scott, Kobe and the winless Lakers’ crew Monday night, I asked Green what happened in his short stint in L.A. “You’d have to ask (Lakers GM Mitch) Kupchak. I don’t know.”
Know this. Green likes to light it up in Staples. He came off the bench for 26 points, a nice ally-oop slam and Phoenix held off the Lakers.
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