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Series Over?



Somewhere Bill Standford is shouting “I told you guys, you’ve got to beat the officials too!”
A few sportswriters, we of course not among them (right, right), would love to see this thing end Thursday in San Antonio, unless it’s a nooner and Bloody Marys on Saturday at Staples, to watch some big fight that night.
But back to the matter at hand, in our best Snoop impersonation. As entertaining as Doc Rivers is, he’s still 1 of the biggest whiners in the NBA. And it’s why his Clippers led the NBA in T’s during the regular season. Do you see a pattern here? Do they get hosed by the officials sometimes against the Spurs? Yes. But who doesn’t?
Our play-by-play.
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Did You Really Think Joey Took A Side Door?

Egotistical referee Joey Crawford, letting everyone at Staples Center know the sheriff was in town, shuffles in before Game 2 of the NBA playoffs on April 22. Spurs vs. Clippers. Just another reason we love The Association.

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Blake’s World


    This is the light show that accompanies the pregame introduction of the Clippers’ All-Star. We were playing around with a camera recently and liked the result.

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Eyes Have It

Byron & Me 4-5-15

    Photo courtesy of Eric Geller

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Can’t Take The Leeds Out Of Charles


    Some folks are a product of their environment. Take Charles Barkley and his hometown of Leeds, Ala.
    Excellent piece by Jesse Washington, who will be 1 of the featured writers for ESPN’s, a site focusing on African American themes. No shit Sherlock.
    Still, as much as we’ve been Barkley’s biggest critics (and will continue to do so) because he doesn’t do his homework, and he needs to read more, this is good work and offers some insight.

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Numbers Racket

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    We’re only halfway through the regular season, but Stephen Curry definitely has a case. He proved it again tonight.
    On tap: Warriors at Hawks on Friday.

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Welcome Mat And Polaroid Moment For Pau Before Lakers Suffer Meltdown, Say Cheese


Pau Gasol

    Pau Gasol played against his old team Thursday night. Started well but didn’t end that way for the Spaniard and the Bulls. Derrick Rose wasn’t on the top of his game, and like we always say, a little extra time in L.A. can sometimes be a distraction.
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NBA All-Star Snubs


    Doesn’t get any bigger than Run DMC. Damian Lillard will probably take Kobe’s spot which will cure 1 wrong but the DMC omission is just criminal. Tim Duncan? Seriously?
    USA Today

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James Gang Blows Through Lakers


    As much as we love Nick Young, he might benefit from avoiding ducking out when things don’t go his way. Jordan Hill would never do that. Did we mention the Clippers could seriously use Hill? Didn’t think so.
    Denzel and Norm Nixon sat side-by-side and watched James Harden, 1 of the greatest of all time to come out of nearby Artesia High (Calif.), smoothly guide the Rockets by the Lakers. The hotline for the NBA’s leading scorer: 37 points, 8 boards and 5 assists.
    The rest of the story…
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