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Straw That Broke Cuban’s Back

Maybe Lamar Odom, as he mentioned earlier this season, should have taken a year off from the NBA after an off-season filled with tragedy. We feel bad for the dude, but at some point you have to be a professional, like Derek Fisher. Regardless, Odom has plenty of “me time” to think about how the past few months turned into a train wreck, resulting in the frustrated Mavs cutting ties with him Monday.
A heated exchange between Odom and Mark Cuban at halftime of the Mavericks-Grizzlies game Saturday night precipitated his release. After backing him all season despite his horrible play, Cuban’s patience ran out. Can’t blame him.
ESPN Dallas

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Spin It

    Grounded: Lamar Odom and wife Khloe can work on making babies 24/7 after the Mavs cut their losses today.
    Dallas Morning News
    No Kobe: The Lakers star, who didn’t speak to reporters again, will miss his 2nd consecutive game tonight because of a painful shin injury.
    Can’t bear the load: Dwight Howard will sit out the next 2 games because of back spasms. Guess he’s weary of carying all of that baggage between him and Stan Van Gundy.
    Orlando Sentinel
    General soreness: Can we just put Bobby Knight out to pasture?
    USA Today
    Pitching a bitch: John Paul Morosi says there are good reasons the Yankees and Red Sox are off to 0-3 starts.
    Fox Sports
    I’m sorry: Nutcase Ozzie Guillen will return to Miami after today’s game in Philly and apologize for his love of all things Fidel Castro.
    Miami Herald
    Well duh: Kansas forward Thomas Robinson will skip his senior season and enter the NBA draft.
    Kansas City Star
    All eyes on Yu: The Rangers pitcher will make his debut tonight against the M’s.
    Blair Kiel dead at 50: The former Notre Dame quarterback reportedly died of natural causes.

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Letter Perfect

    What’s that saying about a picture being worth a 1,000 words?
    From Scott Grieve of Carpinteria in today’s letters to the editor section of the L.A. Times:
    “As I surveyed the wreckage from the Sunday night Lakers meltdown in Phoenix, I formulated a 5-point plan to put them on track to contend for the world title.
    1. Hire Derek Fisher as head coach under the condition that he retires as a player. He’s intelligent, experienced, competitive and a true leader. He played under some of the best basketball minds in the game. He is respected by all NBA players, something that Mike Brown can only dream about. Besides, I am tired of seeing people blow by him like he was a greeter at Walmart. Derek, think legacy.
    2. Annul the Lamar Odom trade. Everyone knows that Kardashian arrangements last only 72 days and we just passed that number since this ill-conceived trade. Lamar, just tell the Mavericks that you are vastly different people and that you want different things in life. Or have Khloe tell them.
    3. Hire Mike Brown as your video coordinator. That way he and Ron Peace can sit around and discuss stats before every game.
    4. Trade Jimmy Buss to the Warriors for Jerry West or any other person from West Virginia that has actually played in or coached a basketball game.
    5. Trade Stu Lantz to another NBA team. There must be someone out there that hasn’t heard Stu’s clichés … over and over again. “The goal is to win the game” … really Stu?
    It’s just my opinion, but the status quo won’t get it done.”

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Getting Dogged Out Again

    Forbes trots out its most disliked athletes poll again. The only white dick on the list is Kurt Busch. Don’t think this has anything to do with race do you? Didn’t think so.

February 8, 2012   2 Comments

A Different World

The always entertaining Tom Hoffarth educates us on the huge differences between Laker and Clipper fans.
Daily News

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Reality Shows This Isn’t Going Very Well

    Folks are getting a bit impatient in Dallas.
    Jilted lover Lamar Odom is averaging a disappointing 6.6 points and 4.7 rebounds per game with the Mavericks. On Monday, Odom returns to L.A. to play the Lakers for the 1st time since they dumped him.

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Promises, Promises

    Some 2012 predictions, including Phil Jackson returning to coaching just in the Knick of time.

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2011: Calling Cards

    There also is a tale about Super Bowl Sunday in Dallas last February, but that’s a story best told on a rainy day.
    Nothing could have been sweeter for the Dallas Mavericks than capturing their 1st NBA title, particularly by beating the Miami Heat, but a close second was Dirk and his mates wiping out the Lakers in a sweep that still resonates in L.A.
    For me though, nothing in 2011 compares to Game 6 of the World Series in St. Louis, where the Rangers were a strike away from claiming their 1st championship before David Freese drilled a fastball to right over the head of Nelson Cruz and the Cardinals, who were on life support just to make the playoffs a month before (not everyone thought such though), began a seemingly impossible rally in extra innings that resulted in the club winning its 11th banner.
    Hours before Game 7, which was practically an afterthought as far as Cards fans were concerned, I strolled up to a betting window in 1 of my favorite sportsbooks (Santa Fe Station in Vegas) like the cocky young fella I used to be, decked out in a classic power blue Cards’ jersey (think the ’80s and the “White Rat”) with the Wizard’s name and number in red letters on the back and flashing the biggest and shittiest grin 1 could imagine. Even the betting clerk couldn’t resist smirking.
    “You know why I’m here,” I said sarcastically, confident as I’ve ever been before wagering a bet.
    “Good luck,” he said.
    I didn’t need it. I knew my money was as good as gold.

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Another Round At Cousin Sal’s

    Even noted ladies man Luke Walton couldn’t resist an upclose look at that hand job.
    Line of the week: “Is it a coincidence that Kobe’s wrist injury coincided with the release date of Lindsay Lohan’s nude Playboy pictorial?”

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Speaking Of The Kardashians…

    What’s worst, being dumped by Kim Kardashian after 72 days of marriage or being traded for Eduardo Najera?
    We can rest easy now that the Nets have taken Kris Humphries off the market again.
    N.Y. Post

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