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Death Takes A Toll In February


    Earl Lloyd got 4-5 paragraphs in the L.A. Times. Disgusting. But those are the times we live in.
    February has been a cruel month when it comes to deaths of icons and sports figures. Unfortunately, we add Anthony Mason to the list.
    The Sports Fan Journal

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Another Slam Dunk


    Byron Scott insists there is no rivalry between the Lakers and Clippers. Maybe not, but the Clippers own the Lakers right now, pounding them again Wednesday night in the latest meeting of the Staples Center co-tenants. How bad has it been for the Lakers? The Clippers have beaten them an average of more than 27 points per game in their last 5 meetings.
    The Sports Xchange

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He Still Has Only 5 Rings


    Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for 3rd on the all-time scoring list but you know Air reminds him he still has more rings.
    Lakers Nation

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Just In The Nick Of Time


    Whether it was a coincidence or not, the Lakers won their 2nd game in 10 outings in the return of the comical and quotable Nick Young. Swaggy scored 17 points, then delivered some classic lines after the game, anointing himself as the NBA’s greatest shooter. He’s kidding (we think) of course.
    L.A. Times

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Welcome To The Club


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Look Who Got A Dub


    Lakers 107, Hornets 92
    They dropped purple and gold streamers after the Lakers won their 1st game Sunday night. They always do after a Laker win. But really?
    Al Jefferson had some classic lines. “I think they were too easy for me. That’s why I couldn’t make my shots. What I mean by too easy is that they didn’t double team me. They just let me go one-on-one. I guess I’m just not used to that.”
    We aren’t either.
    The rest of the story…
    The Sports Xchange

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Draft Tier


    Plenty of NBA clubs have needs. Some more than others. The latter sreams you Laker fans.
    We’re on record as saying they’ll grab Marcus Smart, but the Mitch Kupchak in us says Aaron Gordon, if he’s around. Or will Joel Embiid fall into their lap?

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Dwight Howard Gets Last Laugh

NBA: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

    Dwight Howard, James Harden

The return of Dwight Howard for his 1st game against the Lakers in Staples Center since he became a Houston Rocket wasn’t even close. Howard and the Rockets’ starters were on the bench laughing for the entire 4th quarter.
“I thought we did the best thing we could possibly do and come out here and play well and get a win, and Dwight got us going early,” Chandler Parsons said put it mildly.

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Even The Odds Say They’re Fakers

    Everybody loves a train wreck, particularly when it’s the Lakers. Unless you’re a fan, folks around the country are wetting their pants and dying laughing at what’s become of L.A.’s finest. Remember when Vegas was giving 2-1 odds on the Lakers winning the NBA title? Now, according to, they are 12-1. Good luck betting on that.
    And if you’re scoring at home (lucky you), the Heat remain the favorites to repeat at 7-4, while the Thunder (3-1) and the Clippers (4-1) are the other best bets.
    The Lakers collapsed again tonight against James Harden and the Rockets, and Wednesday they visit the Spurs, who are getting 7-1 odds to win it all.
    Friday, it’s back to the Ponderosa, where they will host Kevin Durant and the Thunder.
    Some folks still believe they’ll right the ship and make the playoffs. Right now, we’re not 1 of them. Even if they do, they will be bounced in the 1st round. They can’t hide that awful bench. And they can’t hide those huge holes in their defense.

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    Questions always consume NBA fans on opening night. And they will have more as the season dribbles along. Can the Heat repeat as champs? Can the Lakers win the West? Can the Thunder continue to be the best in the West after trading James Harden? Or will the Nuggets emerge? In the East, can any club seriously challenge the Heat?
    We know this. LeBron and the Heat are the favorites (7-4) to win it all again, while the Lakers (2-1) are the No. 2 pick. The Thunder (7-2) are the No. 3 choice, but after that it gets dicey.
    Vegas Insider

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