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Ripping Him A New One

Jeff Ireland, the Fins GM (that would be the little tuna to the left above if you’re scoring at home) who had the gall to ask Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute, has gotten a free pass from the mainstream media. One boot-licking columnist for the Miami Herald said Ireland had every right to ask Bryant the outrageous question. Obviously, he too has lost his freaking mind. But he isn’t the only one. Many other empty wagons have defended Ireland’s conduct, who of course had to be condoned by Bill Parcells, when it indefensible.
But our friends at Sports On My Mind frequently write some of the most thought-provoking pieces of any website we ever visit. Simply, they deliver some good shit. They didn’t disappoint on this one either. Actually, it’s one of the all-time favorites I’ve read at the site. Without further adieu…
Sports On My Mind

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‘Is Your Mom A Whore?’

    What would Tebow do?
    I know there are many NFL executives, coaches and scouts who are some classless idiots, but this one takes the cake.
    Miami GM Jeff Ireland issued a half-ass apology after word leaked out he asked Cowboys’ first-round pick Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute during an earlier interview with the Dolphins. Yahoo Sports had reported last week that Bryant had mentioned a high-level NFL executive had asked him such a question. An advisor to Bryant confirmed today it was Ireland.
    Even after the fact, Ireland’s statement excuses his behavior: “My job is to find out as much information as possible about a player that I’m considering drafting. Sometimes that leads to asking in-depth questions.”
    No shit Sherlock?
    ESPN Dallas

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