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It’s Good Being Lee

    President Clinton was the star tonight at the Garden. He was helping to raise more funds for Haiti. Again, the president was in his element and at his best. For more, go here.
    For whatever reason, the Bricks didn’t want David Lee back before the season. They practically told him to go away, then tried to nickle and dime him, but eventually gave him $7 million to play. Go figure. They’re getting more than their money’s worth because Lee is playing like an All-Star (we’d guess he’ll get a spot, no?). Kobe acknowledged as much in an post-game interview. Against the Lakers tonight, he played the part. Lee dropped 31 and 17 plus 4 assists on Pau Gasol or whoever wasn’t keeping up. During one possession, Lee beat Gasol down the court for an easy layup, forcing an irate Phil Jackson to immediately call a time out and bark at the Spaniard as he headed for the bench. Lee came into the game averaging a double-double (19.1 points and 11.2 rebounds), but he’s been better than that for a club 8 games under .500.
    Of course they couldn’t overcome a balanced attack from the Lakers, who had six players score in double figures with Kobe leading the with 27. Gasol bounced back from his mediocre night against Cleveland by scoring 20, grabbing 8 board and recording 4 blocks. Andrew Bynum also played much better, scoring 19 and hauling down 6 rebounds. Still, this is the Knicks.

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‘Pat Robertson Can Suck A Big One’

    Same goes for Rush Limbaugh.
    Former NBA player Olden Polynice delivered an appropriate response to comments by the nitwit Robertson about the tragedy of Haiti being the work of “Satan.” Fortunately, unlike Robertson and Limbaugh, the NBA and sports community have reached out in droves. The league donated $1 million and other athletes have contributed tons of money individually. And former NBA star Alonzo Mourning, who has as big a heart as anyone, hitched a ride to Port-au-Prince with a medical team Friday.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is, But For Sixers’ Center, It’s Torn With Grief Watching Haiti

    Since we’re touching on sadness in Philly…RIP Teddy Pendergrass. The love we lost. 1950-2010.
    For the the past few days, I’ve been almost speechless, like many, watching the horror and tragedy in Haiti. I wasn’t sure how (or if) I should address it here since this is a sports site and we try to keep the coverage on the games and the people who play them. But for some people, the devastation hits closer to home. There are many athletes in the U.S. who have roots in Haiti. Samuel Dalembert of the 76ers is one of them. As much as he loves his native country, which is one of the poorest in the world, Dalembert counts his blessings he was able to get out as a youth and become financially secure playing in the NBA. But that doesn’t help the loss and despair he feels watching the tragedy unfold.
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