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Blue Magic


    Excuses, excuses, excuses…
    I’ve watched fewer college basketball games this season than any I can recall. Like it would make a difference if I did, right?
    Still, when we were fortunate to catch some games, 1 team stood head and shoulders above the rest. The Kentucky Wildcats are long and they can ball, Mr. Obvious said. We wanted to justify picking Arizona to win it all. Or maybe Virginia. Gonzaga is the pick of many, but we just couldn’t go there. Truth be told, we’re kind of rooting for Kentucky to run the table.
    Anyway, this is how we see the greatest sporting spectacle of all time unfolding.
    Final 4: Kentucky, Arizona, Iowa State and Virginia.
    Kentucky defeats Arizona and Virginia beats Iowa State.
    Champ: Kentucky 74, Virginia 71.

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A Happy Father’s Day

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs - 2014 NBA Finals Game Five

Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi Leonard’s father was murdered at the Compton car wash he owned in 2008. Six years later, Leonard captured the much-deserved MVP of the NBA Final after the San Antonio Spurs dispatched the Miami Heat on Sunday.
    L.A. Times

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You Say ‘Over’ We Say ‘Rated’

    You knew Carlos Boozer would be on the list, but Amar’e as the top dog?
    The Hoop Doctors

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Favorite Sons

    Do the Clippers vote David Stern a share of playoff coin if they win it all?
    In a poll of 30 ESPN writers and personalities, 25 of them picked the Heat to win this season’s NBA title. Three of them picked the Bulls and 2 predicted the Thunder would win it all.
    Us? As much as Miami is the safe pick, we’re rolling with our homies (Thunder). Now beam us up Scottie.

December 23, 2011   1 Comment

‘It Was A Shakedown’

Forget the Lakers getting the shaft in the Chris Paul deal. The Rockets are reeling too. And the reputation of Hornets’ GM Dell Demps. Can you spell s-l-a-n-d-e-r?
Adrian Wojnarowski pens 1 of the best pieces I’ve read so far regarding this hijacking by David Stern and the NBA.
Yahoo Sports

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Season’s Greeting

    The NBA lockout has come to an end, with the players and the owners agreeing to a tentative deal early this morning. The season will tip off Christmas Day with a tripleheader, including Derrick Rose and the Bulls visiting the Lakers.
    N.Y. Times

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NBA: Less Is More

    Watching David Stern politic and play on the ignorance of many NBA fans who solely blame the players for the lockout, we’re reminded of a solution the commissioner chooses to ignore. It’s called contraction. The league would be better off if they contracted teams such as Michael Jordan’s Bobcats or the NBA-run Hornets, among others. Instead, Stern and his misguided owners believe strong-arming the players for millions and hijacking the game from the fans is a better tactic.

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Players’ Club

    Just shopping, not buying anything. Damn, I thought she was hotter than that Mike. Just another reason Wilt is the greatest of all time.
    I’ve been with the NBA players since Day 1 but I’m not the only 1. Here’s more reasons why.
    SB Nation

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Game Changer

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Stern Test Part Of Owners’ Plan

    The public perception is the players are greedy. David Stern and the owners know this and will bank on it to negotiate a deal. They would prefer to put the players in their place and make them pay for the stupid mistakes owners frequently make by rewarding some undeserving players with lofty contracts when they should be earning the NBA minimum.
    You the fan? Seriously, do you really think they give a shit about you? They know you’ll be pissed about missing some games, but they also know you’ll eventually come back. You can’t resist.
    CBS Sports

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