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There Goes That Man Again

    Remember Marc Davis? He’s the NBA official Rajon Rondo bumped in Game 1 of the C’s-Hawks series. Davis is at it again with horseshit calls.
    CBS Sports

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What Are The Odds?

    With the NBA playoffs tipping off Saturday, the Heat remain the favorites to capture the title. The Bulls are the No. 2 pick at 3-1 odds, while the Thunder come in at 4-1. The Thunder are tabbed as the favorites to claim the Western Conference title, meaning they will meet the Heat in the final.
    Vegas Insider

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Billy Goat

    Billy Hunter is making the NBA players executive committee look like buffoons, particularly Mo Evans. Evans, once a teammate with Derek Fisher with the Lakers, has been the most vocal committee member about forcing Fisher out as president despite the union paying almost $5 million to Hunter’s family for union-related “work.” Please.
    The committee went as far as dropping the name of Chris Paul, who also is a member of the committee and voted for Fisher’s ouster, as a possible successor to Fisher. Wonder where that came from?
    Seriously, the stench is becoming unbearable.
    Rick Fox was a guest on the “Petros & Money” show this afternoon on Fox Radio in L.A. Fox said the wackiness is just beginning. And though he didn’t elaborate, it’s a good guess more skeletons will be falling out of Hunter’s closet.

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Loaded To The Gil

    Gilbert Arenas opens up to writer Sam Amick about his daily routine and playing at the Y in the 1st of a 2-part story. Could we see Arenas in a Laker uniform after the All-Star break? As awful as guard play has been for them, you’d think the former All-Star would be welcomed with open arms. But the Lakers’ front office has performed worst than the club.

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What Took So Long?

    So, the Lakers are interested in Gilbert Arenas?

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Best In The West?

TNT analyst and former GM Steve Kerr, among others, is sold on the Blazers, who hammered the Lakers again Thursday night in Portland. They have the best mark in the Western Conference at 5-1, their only loss coming courtesy of Chris Paul and the Clip Joint on Jan. 1 in L.A. One of those 5 wins came courtesy of the Thunder, who are everyone’s favorite flavor in the West.
“They are a scary bunch,” Chris Webber said of the Blazers Thursday night on the TNT studio show.
Speaking of the Lakers…: Happy 30th birthday to Gilbert Arenas. That brings us to the Lakers. Did Jim Buss or Mitch Kupchak consider signing Arenas instead of the defenseless Jason Kapono? Didn’t think so.

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Favorite Sons

    Do the Clippers vote David Stern a share of playoff coin if they win it all?
    In a poll of 30 ESPN writers and personalities, 25 of them picked the Heat to win this season’s NBA title. Three of them picked the Bulls and 2 predicted the Thunder would win it all.
    Us? As much as Miami is the safe pick, we’re rolling with our homies (Thunder). Now beam us up Scottie.

December 23, 2011   1 Comment

‘It Was A Shakedown’

Forget the Lakers getting the shaft in the Chris Paul deal. The Rockets are reeling too. And the reputation of Hornets’ GM Dell Demps. Can you spell s-l-a-n-d-e-r?
Adrian Wojnarowski pens 1 of the best pieces I’ve read so far regarding this hijacking by David Stern and the NBA.
Yahoo Sports

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NBA: Less Is More

    Watching David Stern politic and play on the ignorance of many NBA fans who solely blame the players for the lockout, we’re reminded of a solution the commissioner chooses to ignore. It’s called contraction. The league would be better off if they contracted teams such as Michael Jordan’s Bobcats or the NBA-run Hornets, among others. Instead, Stern and his misguided owners believe strong-arming the players for millions and hijacking the game from the fans is a better tactic.

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Game Changer

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