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Idiots’ Pool Not Limited To Gabby Tweets

    Lawd have mercy. What’s gotten in to these morons? Let me guess, he was just kidding?

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In Case You Wondered About Her Dad…

    Tip of the cap to writer/blogger/ Evan Barnes for pointing this out.
    Nothing but praise should be showered on Gabby Douglas’ mother, who sacrificed so much to allow her daughter to become a 2-time gold medalist at the Summer Olympics. You can’t say enough about Natalie Hawkins, who we watched with emotions (I’m a parent, too) last night as she twice mouthed “Oh my God” from the bleachers after Gabby captured her 2nd gold medal.
    But if you watched the developments on NBC, you had no clue her father existed. Air Force Staff Sergeant Timothy Douglas is alive and well. Even better, he’s a huge part of his daughter’s life and 1 of her biggest supporters.
    Black Like Moi

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Hair Piece

    Did we mention we love us some Nappy Roots? Didn’t think so.
    Initially, I found it incredible people were bagging on Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas about her hair. But then I started hearing and reading that many of those critics (or would those be idiots?) were sisters with hair like Gabby or even worst. I didn’t care about her hair. Last time I checked Gabby was celebrating winning a gold medal instead of lounging in bed watching “Basketball Wives” or the latest episode of the “Kardashians” draining a big bag of Cheetos and sucking down sodas.
    This didn’t surprise me. Some of our people just can’t be happy for someone experiencing the ultimate level of success. Or share in their glory. Makes them feel better to crack on another sister, even if it’s a 16-year-old girl who just happens to be 1 of the darlings of the Summer Olympics and now 1 of the most recognizable people in the world.
    And I’d be willing to bet the farm that some of those same sisters spend half their paychecks on weaves, perms or whatever chemicals their hairdresser uses to tame that nappy shit in their heads and make them believe they look like a million dollars.
    We used to joke about women like this growing up in Boley. Back in the day, they wore wigs to hide their tangled mess; girdles to hide that extra baggage tucked below those sagging big titties; cheap perfume; and make-up caked so thick you couldn’t believe this was the same woman you went to bed with when you opened your eyes the next morning. Did I really get that drunk? Some brothers were even bolder: “Damn baby, what happened to you?”
    But let another black woman, particularly 1 with much more style and class, they envy or hate dress up and use the same tricks of the trade and they would bag on her like a crack ho on skid row.
    “Look at her. Think she looking good. But she ain’t shit.”
    Y’all ain’t either.

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Gold Standard

    America’s new sweethearts, the five members of the U.S. gymnastics team, achieved the gold standard last night by capturing the team championship at the Summer Olympics in London. Which brings us to this question: Which 1 of the 5 cashes in when the Games end?
    As much as Gabby Douglas played a huge role in the team’s success, she won’t be the 1 who benefits most from it. And it won’t be because of her hair, which became an issue with some serious haters on Twitter last night.
    But putting that nonsense aside, Jordyn Wieber will make a ton of coin, but our money says Aly Raisman will be the 1 who rolls a Brinks’ truck to the bank on a frequent basis.

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