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Who’s That Lady?

Much attention has been focused on Matt Kemp, who along with the hot rumors of dating Eva Longoria homered as the Dodgers spoiled the Padres Opening Day on Thursday. But inquiring minds wanted to know who was the new lady hanging out with Frank McCourt. It appears McCourt has made a major league upgrade from ex-wife Jamie McCourt.
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April 6, 2012   No Comments


    Maybe Prince Fielder’s buddy Matt Kemp is a better recruiter than we know.

January 22, 2012   No Comments

Holy Artie Moreno

The Angels win the Albert Pujols sweepstakes, inking the best hitter in baseball to a 10-year deal worth more than $250 million. They also land pitcher C.J. Wilson.

December 8, 2011   No Comments

Dodgers: A Handsome Sum For Prince?

    With the Dodgers locking up Matt Kemp with a new deal, maybe they’ll consider Prince Fielder with another 1. It’s not like Frank McCourt will be on the hook for all that cash.
    Fox Sports

November 15, 2011   No Comments

Speaking Of Good Riddance…

    Thanks for coming. It’s been unreal.

November 2, 2011   No Comments

Just The Angel They Need In Anaheim

    Why not? Bet she wouldn’t have traded Mike Napoli.
    L.A. Times

October 26, 2011   No Comments

How Much Again For That Pony?

      The truth as I know it. I’ve sat in Bill Burke’s office for an hour or 2 and listened to his bullshit back in the day. The fact that he gave me a couple of hours should tell you he’s not qualified to own a Major League Baseball club, particularly the Dodgers. And these guys refused to allow Mark Cuban in their clubhouse? Oh doctor.
      Burke’s wife is former L.A. Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, a former member of the House. I bring that up because as much as she achieved historically, she began to go the Leonard Tose route in her later years. Still, 1 of my favorites quotes came from 1 of the janitors at the L.A. Times. “She thank she big shit.” I couldn’t resist. “And you don’t?” “Hell nah!!!”
      Burke is best known for starting the L.A. Marathon, but since my cousin Mo is a serious marathon runner and hasn’t run in this 1, at least to my knowledge, probably tells you all you need to know.
      Frank McCourt throwing MLB a curve ball here. Or what are we missing here?
      L.A. Times

September 1, 2011   No Comments

Sure, It’s The Hitting Coach’s Fault

    Where’s Bill Cizek when you need him.
    The Dodgers fired hitting coach Jeff Pentland after last night’s loss to the Giants. How about canning GM Ned Colletti? He’s the 1 who signed leftovers such as Juan Uribe, Tony Gwynn Jr., Marcus Thames and Dioner Navarro. Colletti, with an assist from the wonderful baseball writers at the former world champion, also was the 1 blaming Matt Kemp for last season’s woes.
    How about taking some responsibility for your own shabby work?
    Granted, the Dodgers don’t have much to work with since Frank McCourt has no money, but blaming the hitting coach before he can finish his 1st season is just bush league.

July 20, 2011   No Comments

Still Can’t Hit Water If They Fell Out Of A Boat

    Giants 5, Dodgers 0.
    Another night of hitting hell for the Dodgers.

July 18, 2011   No Comments

Could We Actually Witness L.A. Fire Sale?

    D-Back 3, Dodgers 2.
    There’s Matt Kemp and then there’s the Dodgers. 2 different planes. And there’s Major League Baseball running the Dodgers. So does Bud Selig give the Dodgers a boost like he did the Rangers, going on a trade-happy run before the deadline? Or is it a fire sale to put the Padres to shame and drop the value when Frank McCourt is forced to sell?

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July 16, 2011   No Comments