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Rounds On Us: Bartender, Hurricanes

    Bottoms up:
    Gonzaga over Southern; Wichita St. over Pitt; Wisconsin over Ole Miss; K-State over play-in winner; Arizona over Belmont; New Mexico over Harvard; Iowa St. over Notre Dame; Ohio St. over Iona; Iowa St. over Ohio St.; New Mexico over Arizona; Wisconsin over K-State; Gonzaga over Wichita St.
    Gonzaga over Wisconsin; New Mexico over Iowa St.; Gonzaga over New Mexico for Final 4.
    Louisville over NC A&T; Colorado St. over Missouri; Oregon over Okie St.; St. Louis over New Mexico St.; Memphis over St. Mary’s; Michigan St. over Valparaiso; Cincinnati over Creighton; Duke over Albany; Duke over Cincy; Michigan St. over Memphis; St. Louis over Oregon; Louisville over Colorado St.
    Louisville over St. Louis; Duke over Michigan St.; Duke over Louisville for Final 4.
    Kansas over Western Kentucky; North Carolina over Villanova; VCU over Akron; Michigan over South Dakota St.; UCLA over Minnesota; Florida over Northwestern St.; Oklahoma over San Diego St.; Georgetown over Florida Gulf Coast; Georgetown over Oklahoma; Florida over UCLA; VCU over Michigan; Kansas over North Carolina.
    Kansas over VCU; Georgetown over Florida; Georgetown over Kansas for Final 4.
    Indiana over play-in winner; NC St. over Temple; UNLV over Cal; Syracuse over Montana; Butler over Bucknell; Marquette over Davidson; Colorado over Illinois; Miami over Pacific; Miami over Colorado; Marquette over Butler; UNLV over Syracuse; Indiana over NC State.
    Indiana over UNLV; Miami over Marquette; Miami over Indiana for Final 4.
    Final 4
    Miami over Georgetown; Duke over Gonzaga.
    Miami 78, Duke 74.

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The Powers That Be

    Where’s Arte Moreno? Magic Johnson?
    The usual suspects such as Roger Goodell, David Stern and Bud Selig are among a list of the 50 most powerful people (only 3 women) in sports. But Ed O’Bannon? That’s right. The former UCLA star could change the landscape of college sports with his suit against the NCAA.

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About Last Night

      I was wondering why Carmelo, D-Wade, Chris Paul and the King of No Rings were hanging out Saturday night at the USC-Oregon showdown, but then someone reminded me about them all being Nike clients. Oh yeah, duh. Still, I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear them joke among themselves about Michael Jordan’s punk-ass and the lockout.

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Fight The Power

    Ed O’Bannon, the former UCLA standout forward who led the Bruins to its last national championship 15 years ago, could leave a bigger mark in college sports than any game he’s played. O’Bannon and his legal team earned a substantial victory last week when a judge denied the NCAA’s request to squash a class-action suit by O’Bannon and other former college players. It means that O’Bannon and others could one day share in the massive profits the NCAA makes on their likenesses and images, such as the ones exhibited on video games. “The key to this order is that it opens the door to the discovery process,” Jon King told columnist Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. Daily News. King is the lead counsel representing O’Bannon. “We soon can begin collecting evidence from the NCAA, taking depositions and uncovering everything that it wanted to hide and keep from the public’s and athletes’ view. To our knowledge, no one has ever gotten behind the scenes to examine how student-athlete’s current and future rights in their images are divided up and sold.”
    L.A. Daily News

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