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Fish Rap

    The stench that emanates from the Miami Dolphins’ locker room speaks volumes to the ignorance of many NFL players. We don’t know the whole story yet about what transpired between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, but we do know what’s been said by several Dolphins in support of Incognito just blows the mind. Seriously, Bryant McKinnie is your spokesperson?
    Plenty of folks also won’t agree with the analysis provided by writer Jason Whitlock. I have problems with some of it, but on the whole, it’s a good read and points out issues in the cesspool that reeks from the Dolphins. From top to bottom.

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Head Games

    Though the documentary is excellent and must-viewing, ESPN’s curious decision to pull out of it raised some eyebrows and increased its visibility.
    N.Y. Times

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Crying Game

    We wondered how long it would take for the cesspool that breeds scumbag sports agents would start bubbling over with envy and hate after Jay-Z entered the game. Didn’t take long at all.
    We’ll withhold judgement until we see and read evidence he and his firm might have broken rules, but some of the things being written about Kimberly Miale, Jay Z’s new partner in crime, reeks with sexist overtones.
    “And if the NFLPA doesn’t look at the Jay-Z/(Geno) Smith relationship closely, what’s to stop (Drew) Rosenhaus from partnering with, say, Miami rapper Rick Ross?” Ben Volin writes.
    Who’s to say Rosenhaus hasn’t? Granted, many African American male athletes are drawn to rappers and hip-hop personalities but since when has anyone cared how the sleezy Rosenhaus preys on some of the misguided athletes? For every Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco there are more educated athletes who have passed on Rosenhaus’ tired act.
    Plenty of black athletes prefer taking a page out of the playbook of say a Kevin Durant, Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Derek Jeter, Torii Hunter or Larry Fitzgerald, just to name a few. We just don’t always hear more about them because they don’t generate the tabloid fodder clowns like Owens and Ochocinco frequently do.
    We just find all the whining, and timing of it, about Jay-Z curious, particularly after he added the lovely Skylar Diggins and Jets QB Geno Smith after his initial signing of Yankees star Robinson Cano.
    Never heard writers and other agents jumping up to defend agents like Eugene Parker and the Goodwin brothers when Rosenhaus was slandering them years ago (and still could be for all we know) with blatant stereotypes and other nonsense. But it just doesn’t work that way, huh?

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Purple Reign Showers L.A.?

    Our money remains on the Chargers being the 1st NFL club to move to L.A., but with the City of Angels possibly accommodating 2 new tenants, the Vikings again on firmly on the radar. With Minnesota officials refusing to go along with tax increases to build a new palace for Adrian Peterson and the Vikings, we might just see them strolling in L.A. on Sunday afternoons.

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Body Up

Or butt naked as we used to say in Boley.
“Man you wouldn’t believe it, but she got butt f-ing naked and then…”
Right, right.
ESPN The Magazine does again with its Body Issue. Hope Solo is 1 of the stars of the show.
And how long before ESPN debuts a porn channel?

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Purple Reign

    Many eyes will be on Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier, who will open this season on Sept. 11 (they’re playing the ‘Boys in an exhibition on Friday) in sunny San Diego. Tony Dungy 2.0? Many think so, particularly since Frazier and Dungy are close friends. But Frazier’s success depends on how Adrian Peterson, Donovan McNabb and the Vikings jell this season.

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Trade Winds Blowing

    Donovan McNabb appears headed to the Vikings, where he could be a factor in and offense with Adrian Peterson and if he can bounce back after last season’s horrendous performance. If nothing else, it frees the quarterback from the heavy-handed ways of dictator Mike Shanahan and his brain-dead son, the Redskins’ offensive coordinator.
    Washington Post

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Thug Nation

    Though they aren’t as ruthless and heartless as some of their good friends in the Republican Party, Roger Goodell and the NFL owners are close. Even before the players got a chance to see the proposed collective bargaining agreement, the owners paraded in front of the cameras to pat themselves on the back. Many in the media bought their line of crap and pressured the players to approve the deal.
    Not so fast.
    Oakland Tribune

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We Like Pascal

    It’ll be a boring fight unless Jean Pascal decides to go gangster on senile-ass Bernard Hopkins. If not, we like Pascal to be a little quicker to the punch and win a decision.
    Besides, Hopkins is no George Foreman, mentally or physically. Oh, and we’re still steaming from his idiotic comments about Donovan McNabb.

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Speaking of Idiots…

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