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Ball Don’t Lie


    Surprised our favorite headline got squeezed.

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Rachel Robinson-Magic Johnson-Rob Manfred 4-15-15

    Humbled to be in the house. Still, couldn’t help thinking how pissed Magic Johnson would have been if someone asked “Hey, how’s that TV deal going?”
    For those who don’t live in L.A., the Dodger games are not broadcast to 70 percent of area residents. Like a lot of people, we’re in that 70 percent. The difference, though, is we work the many of the home games.
    It’s a power struggle between Time Warner and the majority of cable operators, DirectTV, which we have been a long-time subscriber, among them. We side with the cable operators because anyone with a brain knows Time Warner is full of shit.

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Gem Dandy

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End Of An Era

    Dick Enberg will call his final NCAA Tournament game Saturday during the Butler-Kansas State and West Virginia-Kentucky doubleheader on CBS. Oh my.
    Enberg, 75, isn’t retiring just yet. He’s too young for that. He’ll be the play-by-play announcer this season for San Diego Padres’ games and he’ll also continue to perform his broadcast duties at Wimbledon and the Aussie Open for ESPN. And he’ll work the U.S. Open on CBS. He might mix in some occasional NFL games. Still, the end of his run for college basketball is significant since he started working the sport in 1961.
    USA Today

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