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Thieves In The Temple?


    According to a joint statement from DraftKings and FanDuel: “Nothing is more important” than the “integrity of the games we offer.”
    Right, right.
    N.Y. Times

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Game 4: Sights & Seen



Jamal Crawford gives props to the great George Raveling, while Dwight Howard and Josh Smith get loose on the other end of the court.


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    Our favorite Clippers beat writer Ben Bolch, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with, called Blake Griffin and the Clip Joint in 7. We could see it possibly happening, but we figured they’d result to their old habits and Spurs would win in 6. Ain’t happening, dawg. But who knew, particularly after the way the Clippers bombed twice at home and lost in crushing fashion, Game 5 being the worst. Now it’s the Spurs on the ropes, and it doesn’t look for good them. I’m paying $100 (like a few other people I know) to TIVO the fight. But we ain’t mad. It’s Game 7 in the Wild, Wild West.
    L.A. Times

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We’ve Seen This Movie Before



      Xavier was impressive. So was center Matt Stainbrook. In crunch time though, the big dogs started to hunt. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson was 1 of them. He went top shelf and snatched a rebound that sealed the deal for me.
      The Sports Xchange

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On Wisconsin


    Great game. Carolina was game, but in the end it was Wisconsin that had the best game.
    The Sports Xchange

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Haven’t Totally Crashed & Burned, But…

TaShawn Thomas


Did we mention our UCLA friends said Doug Gottlieb could fuck himself? Didn’t think so.
Lost a finalist (Virginia, what were we thinking?) and another Final 4 pick (Iowa State). We drank the Kool-Aid on these 2. Shame on us, Mayor Fred Hoiberg, and what’s this about Tony Bennett being the Coach of the Year again?
Wichita State, though, has really done our brackets proud. And don’t get us started on our Sooners. Had them in the Sweet 16 but its all gravy now. Jeff Goodman picked them for his Final 4, and we knew he was smoking better shit than us.

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Blue Magic


    Excuses, excuses, excuses…
    I’ve watched fewer college basketball games this season than any I can recall. Like it would make a difference if I did, right?
    Still, when we were fortunate to catch some games, 1 team stood head and shoulders above the rest. The Kentucky Wildcats are long and they can ball, Mr. Obvious said. We wanted to justify picking Arizona to win it all. Or maybe Virginia. Gonzaga is the pick of many, but we just couldn’t go there. Truth be told, we’re kind of rooting for Kentucky to run the table.
    Anyway, this is how we see the greatest sporting spectacle of all time unfolding.
    Final 4: Kentucky, Arizona, Iowa State and Virginia.
    Kentucky defeats Arizona and Virginia beats Iowa State.
    Champ: Kentucky 74, Virginia 71.

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Jerry Tarkanian: 1930-2015


    Lots of legends leaving the building past couple of weeks.
    First UNLV home game I saw was against Stacey King and the Sooners in the early ’90s. Stacey went for 49. This was the Stacey Augmon-Greg Anthony-Anderson Hunt Rebels. This was the year before they got Larry Johnson. But what stood out more, at least to me, was the fireworks and lights show at the Thomas & Mack before the game. Shit like that is common now, but back then? Nobody did that.
    Did we mention Mike Tyson was shooting baskets before that? Yep, with a grinning Don King standing nearby. Probably still stealing money from Mike as we speak.
    Of course there also was ‘Tark’ pacing the sidelines. And Billy Tubbs. Best of friends. 1 helluva game too, which OU won by a point.
    A legend before his time. RIP.
    USA Today

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Dean Smith: 1931-2015

Dean Smith

    The legendary coach passed Saturday at age 83. As much as Smith was known as the longtime coach at North Carolina, many knew little or nothing of his civil rights’ stands. An appreciation.

    Billy Casper: 1931-2015: We also lost one of the great golfers of the world Saturday.
    UT San Diego

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Charles Barkley Approves This Message


    Doug Gottlieb has never been the smartest tool in the shed. When he was at Notre Dame, where he played ball before transferring to Oklahoma State, Gottlieb got in a little trouble, just a bit, when he stole a fellow student’s credit card and charged up some purchases. That led to him heading to Zero State.
    As proof that Doug still has some education issues to work on, this was his response to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers wearing the “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts Tuesday night.

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