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Thieves In The Temple?


    According to a joint statement from DraftKings and FanDuel: “Nothing is more important” than the “integrity of the games we offer.”
    Right, right.
    N.Y. Times

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He Talks: Another Round Of Beast Mode

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Miko Don’t Play That $hit



Miko Grimes goes off on the NFL and becomes an overnight sensation. We love it.
Sporting News

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Spread ‘Em

    Got your bets in for Week 4? It frequently looks like a jigsaw puzzle when looking at the spread and picking the winners before the weekend’s NFL games. Then, everyone is a genius by Monday morning.
    Our pick of the week: We like the 49ers to bounce back and cover against the Jets. I mean how good could the Jets’ secondary be with Joe McKnight earning a spot?
    CBS Sports

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Welcome Back

    Cheers greeted NFL officials such as Wayne Mackie working tonight’s Ravens-Browns contest in Baltimore. It was the 1st time the real refs worked a game since the chicken shit NFL and Roger Goodell locked them out.

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Enough Already

    It will take much more than Joe Flacco crying about the officiating.
    You know Roger Goodell isn’t going to do anything about the replacement refs until 1 of them cost Jerry Jones or some influential owner a game. Then, all hell will break loose and the muzzle the commissioner imposed will be tossed like a bad habit.
    These scabs are blowing big calls on a weekly basis. The lack of holding penalties called on offensive linemen is off the charts.
    What gives, Roger?

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Best Running Back In The NFL?

    Well it ain’t Chris Johnson. Despite the Titans running back claiming such a few years back, Johnson hasn’t even been a good decoy in his 1st 2 NFL games this season. On Sunday in San Diego, the Chargers limited Johnson to only 17 yards on 8 carries. In a Week 1 rout by the Patriots, Johnson finished with 11 yard on 4 carries.
    Asked if there was anything he saw Sunday about the Titans’ running game improving after a 38-10 rout by the Chargers, Johnson said:
    “Not really, it’s the same old same old and we didn’t really look good at all. Not just the running game, but the offense as a whole did not look good and we didn’t look like an NFL team.”
    We’ll cut Johnson a little slack. His great grandmother passed Sunday.

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Experts Say…

    It’s a Heat-Thunder NBA final waiting to happen. Can’t argue with that.
    Fox Sports

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Rest Of The NFL Picks

    Selfishly, we were so excited to give you our upset special, we neglected the rest of the NFL. WTF? In our haste, we forgot to mention some of the other matchups of note, particularly the Steelers and Ravens. You can never go wrong there.
    And for the good folks in Denver, where they still have mad love for Tim Tebow, be careful on your trip to the Black Hole. It could get ugly Sunday.
    Peter King’s picks.

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InvisiBills No More

    The Bills, Lions and Browns are among the big surprises of the NFL season so far. Even the Raiders, who ran the ball down the Jets’ throats, are making some noise.
    But Buffalo and Detroit have earned considerable attention, particularly the Bills, who knocked off Tom Brady and the Patriots on Sunday.

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