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What Kind Of Bird Don’t Fly?

    Did a judge take liberties by taking away Chad Johnson’s for 30 days for a little pat on the ass? OK, once was enough and 2 seemed over the top, but still, 30 days? Worst people walking the streets than Chad. Just saying.

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Crying Game

    We wondered how long it would take for the cesspool that breeds scumbag sports agents would start bubbling over with envy and hate after Jay-Z entered the game. Didn’t take long at all.
    We’ll withhold judgement until we see and read evidence he and his firm might have broken rules, but some of the things being written about Kimberly Miale, Jay Z’s new partner in crime, reeks with sexist overtones.
    “And if the NFLPA doesn’t look at the Jay-Z/(Geno) Smith relationship closely, what’s to stop (Drew) Rosenhaus from partnering with, say, Miami rapper Rick Ross?” Ben Volin writes.
    Who’s to say Rosenhaus hasn’t? Granted, many African American male athletes are drawn to rappers and hip-hop personalities but since when has anyone cared how the sleezy Rosenhaus preys on some of the misguided athletes? For every Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco there are more educated athletes who have passed on Rosenhaus’ tired act.
    Plenty of black athletes prefer taking a page out of the playbook of say a Kevin Durant, Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Derek Jeter, Torii Hunter or Larry Fitzgerald, just to name a few. We just don’t always hear more about them because they don’t generate the tabloid fodder clowns like Owens and Ochocinco frequently do.
    We just find all the whining, and timing of it, about Jay-Z curious, particularly after he added the lovely Skylar Diggins and Jets QB Geno Smith after his initial signing of Yankees star Robinson Cano.
    Never heard writers and other agents jumping up to defend agents like Eugene Parker and the Goodwin brothers when Rosenhaus was slandering them years ago (and still could be for all we know) with blatant stereotypes and other nonsense. But it just doesn’t work that way, huh?

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Party Like A Rock Star

    The best thing about Super Bowl week is the non-stop partying. And since it is all in New Orleans, you know it is going to be off the charts.
    A quick-hitter of some of the best in the Big Easy.
    USA Today

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Prop Bets? Yes We Do!

    Cousin Sal delivers more great lines (all pun intended).

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Sign Of The Times

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Ain’t Changing Horses In Middle Of Streak

      We keep hearing the “genius” of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady won’t allow the Giants to defeat them again. Why is that? People who know more about this than us, those experts in Vegas, are betting the Patriots and giving away 3 points. Still, we’re not buying it.
      Our call: Giants 31, Patriots 20.
      And here’s a few other predictions.

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Hammer Time: Nailing NFL Picks

    That’s Matt Millen landing a haymaker on the jaw of former Patriots GM Pat Sullivan after the Raiders were eliminated from the ’85 playoffs by New England in L.A.
    Can the ‘Boys end the Lions unbeaten run? Can the Steelers win in Houston? Can the surprising Raiders hand Tom Brady and the Pats their 2nd consecutive loss?
    We do know this: Either the Vikings or Chiefs will win their 1st game.
    We peek at Peter King’s crystal ball for his NFL picks.

October 1, 2011   No Comments

InvisiBills No More

    The Bills, Lions and Browns are among the big surprises of the NFL season so far. Even the Raiders, who ran the ball down the Jets’ throats, are making some noise.
    But Buffalo and Detroit have earned considerable attention, particularly the Bills, who knocked off Tom Brady and the Patriots on Sunday.

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Doubling Their Pleasure

First, the Patriots obtain Albert Haynesworth from the ‘Skins in a move earlier today, then they deal for Chad Ochocinco in another move with the Bengals.
The only thing better would be if the Jets grab Nnamdi Asomugha, enhancing the rivalry with the 2 clubs with some chess moves in the passing game and secondary.
ESPN Boston

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Cereal Killer

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